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Doc Hope

Hope grew up in the area with her single mom and attended pre-med in Boston. She was about to begin her residency when suddenly she dropped out and all things went awry. Now, almost no one knows her, even though she's from around here.

RP Hooks
  • Back-Alley Surgeon - Need a bullet discretely removed? Need something treated that you don't want anyone to know you have? Only those in the know might know where to find her and how to get in touch, but for those who do, she will patch almost anyone up for a price. (Inconspicuous 5)
Past Contacts
Full Name: Doc Hope
Played By: Silverrr
Appears As: Hope
Date of Birth: December 10, 1990
Apparent Age: Late 20s/Early 30s
Occupation: Back-Alley Surgeon (Inconspicuous 5)
Virtue: Loyal
Vice: Stubborn
Template: Changeling
Keeper: The Chronicler of the Shifting Sands
Court: Spring Court
Seeming: Wizened
Kiths: Chirurgeon
Weisse Frau
Entitlement: The Pilgrims of the Endless Road
Freehold Fate's Harvest
Motley: TBD

The Real Tuesday Weld ‑ & Mr. Wolf

I have the thing you love
But the need in me is way too much
If I open wide
One of us may get lost inside
Me, or you
One of us is going to

Rasputina - Little Shirtwaist Fire

Girls work hard for small rewards
Or invitations to dine
One kind word from one who loves them
But what I have earned is mine
The terrible flames are all that remain
Of my little shirtwaist fire