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Chirurgeon Kith

References: CtL 122, WM 93
Theme: Doctors
Helpful Reminder: Healing mortals with magic can put you and the whole Lost community at risk, but a Chirurgeon's blessings improve normal medical care and look a lot less suspicious.

Kith Blessings

Passive Blessing: The Analeptic Charm

Chirurgeons gain 9-again (/9) on all Medicine rolls and never suffer equipment penalties. Daily visits from a Chirurgeon downgrade wounds as intensive care treatment.

Active Blessing: Expeditious Recovery

Chirurgeons may spend a Glamour to allow a patient to heal wounds four times faster than normal and to add their Wyrd to a patient's rolls to recover from disease.

High Wyrd Blessing

Gaining a steadily deeper understanding of the body and how to relieve what ails it, the Chirurgeon's passive bonus improves to a /8 on Medicine rolls. In addition, after being tended by the Chirurgeon, a patient may subtract -1 from any wound penalties they are suffering for the remainder of the day.

Example Frailties

Cannot injure a former patient, repelled by rue, may not cut dead flesh, bane of bird's bones, repelled by the image of a black skull, cleanliness compulsions.

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