Raymond Rhodes

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Full Name Raymond Robert Rhodes
Birthdate 16 July
Apparent Age Early 20's
Place of Birth Boston, MA
Occupation Owner of Out of the Box
Sphere Changeling
Virtue Righteous
Vice Hasty
Seeming Faierst
Kiths Weiss Frau
Court Summer
Entitlement Squires of the Broken Bough
Motle The Knights of the Harvest



  • Sara - Relove, Relax
  • Logan - Out on a Limb
  • Lolly - Can't Call It
  • Ashoka - I Am Rock
  • Nathania - Doce Seria
  • Charlene - Look Alive
  • RaymondBanner.jpg

    Snapshot Observations
  • Raymond was the youngest child of a janitor and secretary in Boston, Massachusetts. His youth was full of ignorance, arrogance, and one stupid mistake after the other. Things didn't turn around until the news of his newborn child reached his ears. He never really had a chance to turn it all around as he was taken shortly after. By the time Raymond escaped he missed the birth of his daughter, any chance of his childhood ending with any amount of normalcy, and a newfound reputation someone else earned. He had to right his ship once more, and things were going well enough until Spring's approach. Ever since he's largely been on the move every few months until his arrival in Vermont.

  • RP Hooks
  • Out of the Box - Raymond is the the latest owner of the supposedly haunted toy store Out of the Box.
  • Horses - Raymond has an affinity with horses that he can't quite explain. After some training in dealing with them magically he has a tendency to talk with them of their travels and life.
  • Changeling - Taken by Hobomock, The Dread Lord in the winter of 2014.
  • Summer Court - Raymond has been a member of the Summer Court for the last year and a half. His ire shines when others are endangered or under duress, and he stokes the fires of others when the time for conflict comes.
  • Winter Goodwill - He knows how to keep his mouth shut, but beyond that Raymond has gained the goodwill of the Winter Court by his willingness to provide housing and aid to those in hiding or newly escaped from the hedge.
  • Knight-errant - Raymond is a man on a mission, although that mission changes very often. His greatest purview is the survival, safety, and happiness of all he knows and the innocents of the world. He has a special place in his heart for kids, and will defend them above all else.
  • Squire - He's a newly minted squire, and he's marked as such by that big, fuck-off sword of his.
  • Waykeeper - He's recently joined as a recruit.
  • Harvestman - He's recently joined as a recruit, and searching for a lieutenant to serve under.

  • Logs
    • (2018.05.17)
    2 Fairest, 1 Food Court
    • (2018.05.19)
    Waykeeper Meeting - May 2018
    • (2018.05.20)
    Welcome Home
    • (2018.05.23)
    Dawn Court - May 2018
    • (2018.05.29)
    Harvestmen Chat
    • (2018.06.16)
    Raymond's New Place
    • (2018.06.25)
    Rescue Rangers - Ariana is Kidnapped!
    • (2018.06.29)
    Luke at the Wayhouse
    • (2018.10.26)
    NSP Halloween 2018
    • (2018.11.29)
    Wait and Bleed
    • (2018.12.05)
    In Formation
    • (2018.12.05)
    Where There's Smoke
    • (2018.12.06)
    There's Fire

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