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Paige Holland was a local girl. Some sort of acrobat or gymnast or something. An athlete of some talent, anyway, who spent almost all her time training. Except she disappeared in the early 70s when she was somewhere around 20, give or take a few years. Some say she was last seen with some friends in an arcade, and when she left she was just simply gone. Weird.

Now a woman who looks like that missing girl from decades ago is back in town. She opened a bar called Cyclone (which has a Lost-only back room) and seems very happy running it. She also joined the Summer Court and the Harvestmen, and seems very active in both. Especially when it involves protecting innocents.

  • Birds: She's got feathers in her hair and on her arms. Of course she likes birds!
  • Cheerful: She's definitely more cheerful than most would believe for a Summer.
  • Cyclone: This is her bar! Come in and have a drink! Need a job? Get one here!
  • Goblin Market: She's a merchant with her very own stall called The Roost. She sells gewgaws, trifles, cheap tokens/hedgespun...Shiny interesting things of no real power, basically.
  • Harpy: She is one, and she might reluctantly agree. Just don't ask about the bird feet.
  • Harvestmen: She's the captain of this group and seems to take it very seriously.
  • Impulsive: She may be a bit impulsive, and a bit too fond of shiny things.
  • Iron Adjutant: She's been named Iron Adjutant for the Summer Court, and serves as the Summer Crown's second in command.
  • Sweet-tooth: She definitely has one, and there is normally candy somewhere on her.
  • Summer: She's a Summer, despite her normal cheerful demeanor.
  • Waykeeper: She's a new member!
  • AJ: I can't.
  • Alex: Shocking. And trustworthy.
  • Beatrice: No trust.
  • Byron: He axed someone for me!
  • Cobalt: Harsh, but not altogether bad.
  • Eden: You tease, but maybe I need it.
  • Haruki: More than a little adorable
  • Hazel: Awesomely helpful. And feeds me!
  • Ian: Nice guy.
  • Itsuki: Shy, but nice.
  • Kip: We'll figure this out.
  • Lucky: Join and we'll see.
  • Max: Huh. Who knew?
  • Oberon: ...What?
  • Rorschach: Becoming a very good friend.

Paige Holland
Full Name: Paige Holland
Birthday: July 29th
Apparent Age: Mid-20s
Occupation: Owner of Cyclone
Height: 5'0"
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Wrath

Seeming: Ogre
Kiths: Airtouched/Razorhand/
Court: Summer
Iron Adjutant
Entitlement: none
Position: Harvestman
Motley: none
Keeper: Dread Commander Sof