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Airtouched Kith

References: CtL 109, WM 74
Theme: Air, Wind, Clouds

Kith Blessings

Passive Blessing: Zephyr's Defense

Airtouched gain an inherent +1 Defense due to their insubstantial nature. They also ignore any penalties imposed by wind-related environmental tilts.

Active Blessing: Buffeting Wind

Airtouched may spend 1 Glamour and roll Wits + Resolve + Wyrd to attack with the air itself. This is a ranged attack to which Defense does not apply. Armor protects normally. Range is determined by adding your Wits + Resolve + Wyrd scores together. Their total in yards = short range. Medium range is Short range x 2. Likewise, Long range is Medium range x 2. The farthest you can possibly reach, straining your utmost, is Long x 2, but your roll is automatically reduced to a chance die.

e.g. Your Wits is 3, your Resolve is 4 and your Wyrd is 5, so your short range is 3+4+5=12 yards. Medium range is (12x2)=24 yards. Long range is (24x2)=48 yards.

Range Penalties:
Short: 0
Medium: -2 penalty
Long: -4 penalty

High Wyrd Blessing

Airtouched of Wyrd 7 and higher may spend 1 Glamour to impose the Heavy Winds environmental tilt on an area of up to Wyrd yards radius, applying penalties to everyone within the area, friend or foe.

Example Frailties

Cannot step on chalk, must sleep outdoors, cannot resist an offer of wind-fallen fruit, must wear the color yellow, repelled by burning hair, freshly turned earth is a bane.

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