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Harvestmen Training Jun 2017

AJ, Rorschach, Beatrice, Byron, Alex, Leo, Damion, Paige

22 June, 2017

The Harvestmen meet to do some combat training.



Ahh, training. With no hollow just yet, the broken hearth has been used. Furniture has been pushed out of the way, and someone has brought a 6' tall cabinet that looks a lot like a gun safe. Next to the cabinet are two coolers, one full of beer, the other full of water and Gatorade.

Paige is here too, dressed in workout pants and a tank top, her hair pulled up into a ponytail. She's leaning against the wall near the coolers, sipping on a bottle of water while she chats with Alex. The lone mortal, all prepared to train with crazy faeries. "So some of these guys are /beasts/ as far as fighting goes. You know, like Byron in size, and equally as strong. But it's good. So is the fact that they all seem to specialize in different types of fighting. Gives a nice balance to things, you know?"

Into the hollow comes Damion. The Dragon looks different than some people might remember. He's taller his scales are darker his eyes are a molten orange and horns curl along either side of his head. He's wearing a gray tank top and sweatpants along with sneakers that all still mostly fit. A little snug. He glances around the area then heads towards where the harpy and the mortal are standing. He raises a hand to the former. "Hey Paige."

"Okay," Alex nods a few times. She shifts her weight from left to right and then bounces slightly, turning to look around as she does. "I am ready for it at least. Ill do my best not to get turned to- you know, um. Crushed tomatoes.... Use it in sauces.. Oh whatever. Dust." The honey-haired, dark skinned girl is frowning as she is looking over those surrounding her. Damion gets a blink and the diminutive young woman waves slowly before self consciously adjusting her pink t-shirt.

It reads, "Stand back. I'm An Engineer!"

"I'll work on dodging," Alex continues simply. "Lots."

Leo enters after Alex, hand lifting up, "Hey everyone! Is it time to train? Everyone ready?" He asks, his constellation a bright, lemony yellow as he moves into the room. He's dressed in a blue ADIDAS tracksuit, and he's got a bandana wrapped around his hair, partially blocking the view of his constellation. He's also got on a pair of flip flops, and he has a pair of beat up running shoes, one with the sole broken, tied together by the laces and hung over his neck like a pack mule.

Paige grins at Damion. "Hey Damion. This is Alex. New recruit, and ensorcelled. Alex, that's Damion, and that's Leo," she says, looking over when Leo wanders in. "It /is/ time to train. If you're strictly hand to hand, you're fine. If you wanna use a weapon." She moves over to the cabinet, resting her hand on the door for a moment before she pulls it open. She reaches inside, pulling out a freaking war hammer. Yes, it is nearly as tall as her, given that she's a shorty. "Then just grab yourself a weapon. You can go full out with these." She looks to Alex, explaining. "You can get stabbed with a sword from this cabinet and you'll just feel something like an electrical shock. Might have a faint line where it hit. But you can't be killed with one of these, or even really hurt."

"Alex..." Alex glances down briefly at the charm bracelet on her left wrist. it's a blink and you'll miss it sort of movement but then she comes up with, "White," the girl finishes, shaking Damion's hand. She's tiny as well as colorful, but rather strong for her size. It's a good, firm shake that one can be proud of. "Nice to meet you," the girl offers, still watching as Damion is wandering away from her. Paige gets a brief nod when she mentions selecting weapons and Alex goes to collect a weapon for herself. She eventually emerges with an arming sword. It's waved about a couple times and then the girl rises on the balls of her feet. "The one thing 'm good at it in a fight is running away," she notes sheepishly. "I'll do my best to avoid getting grabbed."

Byron listens for a moment then seems to reconsider his seat, lumbering back to his feet so he can stand out of the way. When Paige calls out the weapons and for volunteers, one dark brow goes up and his attention shifts to the weapons she's indicating, then to Paige. However, he doesn't seem entirely willing to be the first one to volunteer. Yet.

Damion rests his blade tip on the ground in front of him, watching the others. "Yeah. It stings a little, but that's about it." He smiles over at Alex. "Hey, learning is what this is all about. No need to be sorry about it." After a time, he steps forward and lifts his sword onto his shoulder. "Alright! Who wants to have a go at it, then?" He glances around at the various people assembled there. "Come on, don't be shy. It's not like we can hurt each other or anything."

Paige grins at Alex. "Not for long. You don't get promoted unless you're good in a fight. But I'll work with you, and you can ask others to help train you too, if you want." Next she grins at Damion and his way of asking for a partner. "Now this should be good," she says as she looks between Leo and Damion. "Given that you can't actually slice each other up, it's until someone calls it. Unless someone gets punched the fuck out. Whichever."

Beatrice shows a bit late, still wearing her uniform from working at the Miller lumber mill. She didn't bring any weapons, if you exclude herself. She looks around at the others present, giving a small nod of acknowledgment.

Damion winks at Leo and says, "Sure thing, Leo. Show me how you swing that thing." He takes up a ready stance, starting to seemingly almost lazily swing his big weapon around him, watching the starry-haired Lost through half-lidded eyes. He waits for the other man to make the first move. With how he's handling his sword, it seems like it's going to be hard to get close to the dragon without taking at least a minor hit.

Byron watches the others as Paige explains, and doesn't seem in too much hurry, but does take a step over and heft up the axe he brought with him. He critically eyes the blade, then Paige with a curious look, before stopping and putting the blade head down so he can rest his hands on the end of the shaft, "Should be interesting at least. If there are more interested in outmaneuvering a slow bastard, I think I'm up."

a few loose stones sprinkled from the ceiling of the cavern. Then a few more. It was hard to tell what was up there because it was so damn occluded, but there was little doubt it the likely culprits would be. Second highest on the top of the list was the shadowed Roach scuttling around up there watching like a lurking lurker who lurks.

"Hi Beatrice. You can grab a weapon out of the cabinet. Just think about the weapon you want and open it up. We'll be using only weapons from there for training. There's beer in that cooler, water and Gatorade in that one," Paige explains, pointing to the coolers. She notices the rocks and glances up, head tilting curiously, but apparently she doesn't spot the bug so looks back to the fighters even as she grins at Byron. "It should. And hopefully useful." She eyes his axe though before nodding to the cabinet. "I'll fight with you if you replace the axe. I don't wanna end up headless," she tells him, tone teasing.

"Hi Beatrice. You can grab a weapon out of the cabinet. Just think about the weapon you want and open it up. We'll be using only weapons from there for training. There's beer in that cooler, water and Gatorade in that one," Paige explains, pointing to the coolers. She notices the rocks and glances up, head tilting curiously, but apparently she doesn't spot the bug so looks back to the fighters even as she grins at Byron. "It should. And hopefully useful." She eyes his axe though before nodding to the cabinet. "I'll fight with you if you replace the axe. I don't wanna end up headless," she tells him, tone teasing.

Byron tips an imaginary hat when he spies Beatrice making her way in, and even a faint smile at the Roach if he happens to catch sight. At the moment, the gargoyle seems quiet happy standing up off to the side with the axe he brought with him, to watch Leo and Damion. Betting may or may not be getting considered for the evening.

Leo pulls his sneakers off his neck and tosses them away, then reaches down to grab his flip flops. He tosses them over aside as well before approaching the training area. He briefly sets the sword, point down with the handle leaning against his hip as he pauses to adjust his ADIDAS tracksuit, spiffing it out for a second to make sure it wasn't crinkled or creased. Then he lifts the sword up and salutes Damion. He grins brightly at the man's words and then he steps in, closing his eyes and relaxing himself, his eyes zooming in on the swings of the sword as they happen. Then his mouth starts to move subtly, Leo mouthing numbers to himself, his eyes shifting suddenly to targetting-reticule green before he suddenly darts forward. He's inhumanly graceful, his movements effortlessly mechanical as he flows forward to attack. The rapid, wild swings Damion is making catch him briefly, right as his own sword slips in, tagging Damion as well, though it is only glancing.

Rorschach eventually, slowly makes his way down the wall bringing the darkness with him. First it was AJ that got a faint smile from his scarred lips as they pulled into a skeleton grin, and then the Roach came up to let his too long fingers scuttle up the back of Byron's shoulder watching carefully.

Beatrice eventually walks over to the weapon cabinet, gesturing towards it with a lifted eyebrow before shrugging and thinking for a moment. Then she opens it up stares inside. She gives a glance over to Paige, closing the cabinet, thinking for a moment, and opening it again. Still empty. Beatrice takes a deep breath and gives it a third go. This time something appears, a set of brass knuckles. She reaches in, pulling the brass knuckles out and inspecting them. "It will do."

Paige remains standing there, hammer resting on her shoulder while she watches Leo and Damion. She misses the look to her but does glance around, spotting Rorschach now and she smiles at him. "Hey Robbie. You gonna fight tonight?" She glances to the fighters. "No reason we can't have two going at once." Then back to the Roach. "If you open the cabinet over there, it'll have any sort of weapon you want. Except guns and bows. It doesn't seem to do those. Not sure why."

Damion keeps his weapon moving as Leo moves in, grazing him lightly with the edge of his blade before the starry-haired man swings at him. he grunts at the touch of his sword against his side, then swings his weapon at the smaller swordsman. However, the heavy blade isn't quick enough to catch the supernaturally nimble Lost, breezing by him. He tries to keep the momentum going, preparing for his next strike as soon as the first one ends, though of course he won't get it off before Leo further attacks.

"I'll... Fight if you want. Fight is the wrong word, I don't think I can hit anyone. Not using my, um, weapon of choice here." Alex shakes her head slowly at that, still holding her new found sword like she has no clue what it is supposed to be." She shifts her weight from left to right and takes a slow breath, blue eyes thoughtful while she scans every individual person in the room with care. "Which is what learning is for and all. But still."

"Hiiii Robbie, you sexy bug, you," AJ says, with a grin. She's in a good mood tonight! And so she starts over, to the cooler, to grab a beer. "Hey boss," she says, to Byron. "Hiiii Paige," she adds. Beer in hand, as ever, she just extends a claw to pop the cap right off. Then she moves, to get into position to watch Damion fight Leo. Her eyes go big, but she doesn't say anything yet. Just watches.

Beatrice adds on to Page's comment. "Is interesting trick, cabinet." Beatrice slips on the brass knuckles, tapping them against one another in a brief test. She looks over to the people fighting, seeming content to spectate for the moment.

"Hi AJ. Weapons in the cabinet, if you didn't hear. And just grab someone you wanna fight with," Paige says with a grin before she looks at Alex, Alex's sword, then her own hammer. "Okay, but not with this." She sets the hammer down, moving to grab a sword of her own from the cabinet. "It is interesting. Found it at the Market. Wasn't sure it was possible, but glad it is. Should be very useful," she says, grinning before she motions for Alex to move off to one side with her so they can fight without getting in Damion and Leo's way. Then she pauses, looking from person to person, her head tilting, expression thoughtful.

Leo shifts after that first hit of the blade, LED-green eyes moving to follow Damion's sword now, the numbers he's mumbling to himself unchanging as he takes a half-step back, casually tilting his body away from the strike. His own blade comes up, dancing between Damion's in a sudden series of rapid, stabbing strikes that don't ever seem to materialize into a hit. He takes a step to the side and starts to turn, trying to outmaneuver the much larger man.

Rorschach was absolutely not sexy unless you were interested in malnourished punkrock edgelords that wanted to cosplay as Jack Skellington with mandibles. He preesent at the compliment offering a wave to AJ moving over to join her. He signed something to her and looked back to the group working out training forms.

The enemy is definitely much faster than him. Damion manages to avoid his flickering blade, his attack flowing into another powerful strike at the man...which he again effortlessly avoids. Hmm. He draws back, readying his weapon and considering his next move, turning to keep him in his sight. "You're very quick."

Leo is moving just a bit too calmly away from the strikes, his sword swinging in to catch Damion on the arm as he maneuvers away from the slower strike. He takes a half-step back though, as he continues to move around the man, his lips stopping their weird mouthing of numbers, his blade moving defensively now. "You got me too, though, -you're- pretty quick and you're a -lot- bigger. Or whatever." he says. His tone is conversational, not angry. "You wanna call it a draw? Both of us got good hits in?" He asks, seemingly ready to step back and end the spar.

Paige watches Rorschach for a moment before she looks around again. "By the way, anyone wanting to sign up for my squad, front lines, come see me after we're all done trying to pretend hack each other to pieces," she calls out with a grin before stepping closer to Alex. Her voice drops then as she helps adjust the ensorcelled's grip and probably gives a few basic how-to sword pointers.

Alex nods, glancing between the hammer and her own weapon before shrugging and stepping aside to follow Paige. "Okay. So, I have no idea what to do with, um, this. I was attacked with a knife once?" A beat. "I ran away. You see where I am going with that. But... Let's do this." She will move to stand just hwere she is placed and draw a big breath, capitalizing on her tremendous height of... Five feet. It's a start anyway. "Ready when you are," the girl observes while she studies Paige's features and checks her grip and stancce as told. "Front lines," she chirps. "I'm ready- sort of."

"I don't think that's exactly the plan, Robbie," AJ says, laughing softly at the man. Soon as he's in range, she slips in to wrap an arm about him, and kiss his cheek. No qualms about the skele-roach thing. "Though I am also not super into another spar," she admits, in a quiet voice. "Feel like it's just more work. Work, work. Hm."

Damion keeps his sword at the ready for a few moments, then shrugs slightly and lowers it. "Mmm. I'd say you won. You tagged me more than I tagged you. But fair enough." He rolls his neck. "I really need to learn Seperation at some point. It seems...useful." He bounces the weapon on his shoulder. "I could have used a few more tricks... but that wouldn't have felt right." He shrugs, then glances over at the others. "Hey Ror. Glad you could make it. And no... that's not really what tonight is about." He moves to join them.

Rorschach watched Leo but snapped his attention back to Alex watching curiously. What the Roach absolutely did not do was pick up a weapon and his that he'd generally have with him at all times was notably not on him. His arm lookoped around AJ in a hug before crouching to pull her up onto his back like a buggy Tauntaun. He signed to Damion <<You know you can ask. I can teach you all you need to know about separation and loathing of woodland creatures>>

Leo nods at Damion as the fight ends, relaxing back. His eyes shift back to their normal color as he eases away, breathing a little harder as he does. "Naw, like you said, Contracts. You should've used the tricks, I figured that was the point." he says with a cheery grin, before he reaches down to rub his elbow. "Plus, I could barely hit you anyway. You're -really- solid. I could help you out if you wanted." Then he moves to stand over kind of near but not quite in the group of Rors, AJ, Damion, etc., turning to watch Alex and Paige.

Paige steps back from Alex, to a more fighty distance. "Nice job guys," she calls out to Leo and Damion, saluting them with her sword before she looks back to Alex. "Whenever you're ready," she says, making a 'come and get me' gesture with her free hand and grinning.

AJ gives a squeak, as there's suddenly a bug pawing at her. A moment later, she laughs, as she figures it it. Fine, fine, she'll hop and pull herself onto the man's back, to get a piggyback right. "We need a way to /really/ train. And I can't think of anything that's at all even a little safe," she admits. "Like, people disappearing and shooting fire and... mmmmmmm..." her tail flicks this way and that as she thinks.

Rorschach signed to AJ, giving Paige an upnod now that she wasn't marshalling two things at once. <<Safety? Illusion. There's no such fucking thing, AJ> Moment you believe in safe they get you. It's done. At least monsters have the decency to advertise that they're unsafe.>>

"Okay. Let's see..." Alex makes an attempt. It's a laughable one of which the best one can say is that she does not fall into Paige, skewer herself, or damage her surroundings. A broad, poorly handled swipe misses Paige completely.. All it really takes is for the changeling to shift her weight sligthly. Other blows have similarly little effect and sseem to leave her wide open to a counter.

Damion smiles at Leo and shrugs. "I suppose." He smiles over at the roachman. "Mmm. Yeah, yeah. You're very good at being munched on by animals, I know." He considers the bug. "I won't say you're entirely wrong. But you're not entirely right, either." Then he says to AJ, "Well. This is more about training weapon skills than training...you know. Contracts and stuff. Though we do use Contracts IN the weapons training, some." He turns to watch Alex and Paige curiously.

"No one's safe?!" AJ hisses out at Rorschach, and animal-like quality to her voice. Then she leans forward, and bites down on his shoulder. Not hard enough to damage, but enough to hurt. Of course, it's easy to do. She's on his back. He can't get away! She then pulls away, looking smug. "That's what I'm talking about!" she says, to Damion. "I mean, that and other stuff."

Paige does dodge Alex's hit, true, but she grins. "Good first try," she says, waving to Rorschach when he nods. "Keep trying," she encourages the other woman, even as she's calling out, "This part is weapons training, yeah. But if someone wants to set up a thing to teach shooting fire 101, I strongly encourage it. Not at each other, mind you, but..." Then she stops and flat out frowns at AJ. Or Rorschach. It's hard to tell which she's frowning at, really.

Leo nods idly over at Damion, looking aside at AJ with a grin, "Right? I want that training too. -Way- too dangerous though." he says, with a purse of his lips. Then he leans in to Rorschach, "Can we do uh.. a day pledge again? I'm learning ASL but it takes a minute." he says, glancing at the man then back over to Paige and Alex, easing in just a bit closer to the group, like he's trying to sneak in to join it.

Damion smirks a ilttle over at AJ and Rorschach. "Careful AJ, that's squirrel food. Not fox food. You might get sick." He reaches out, and rubs the foxgirl behind the ears with a big hand. Then he looks at Leo and laughs. "Man. Most of the Freehold is going ot know sign language at this rate."

Alex looks confused still, making more awkward strikes as she shifts back andforth in front of Paige, testing her defense without a clue of how to capitalise. That's why it might be surprising that when the blonde does finally take a real swing at her the diminutive Ensorcelled- simply isn't there. She darts abruptly to Paige's left and around, getting in behind the Lost warrior. If she were a competend swordsman Alex might turn that into something. As it is she fails utterly and they are back to tussling back and forth.

Rorschach screeched with a utterly inhuman rattle of a cicada screeching. That was insect for ow...ow...Stobbit! Muscles tensed and his antennae twitched but the result was him squinting first and signing <> To Leo though he held out a fist to bump in agreemen. Daypledge on.

Paige grins when Alex avoids her first swing, looking a little like a proud parent. "That's good! Not all of fighting is about making hits. It's about avoiding them, too." She pats Alex's back, grinning. "You'll get the hang of it. I'll teach you some training moves, maybe find a place for you to practice by yourself, just to get comfortable holding a sword and swinging it. But don't overdo it today. You'll be sore as it is tomorrow." Then there's the screeching and she looks over toward the sound, shifting to hold her sword like she's ready to use. Nevermind that it's a useless weapon. She relaxes when she sees it was just a Rorschach, and she frowns. Again. So she turns away to look toward Damion. "Damion, you got a squad yet?"

AJ keeps her arms around Rorschach - around his neck, really - as he flails. Of course, she scrunches up her nose, and her ears go back, as if it might help against the screeching. "You are so loud," she complains. Then gives a huff. "I'm no good with English let alone other languages... but, ya know. Pledges. Super easy," she says. Of course, somewhere in there, she catches Paige's frown. "What?" she asks the other woman.

Leo winces at the sudden bug-chatter, but recovers enough to fistbump the bugman a moment later. "Phew dude. Is that what bugs sound like when they curse?" he asks. Then Alex ninja dodges around Paige and Leo's attention shifts. "Good job!" cheering her on. He turns to keep Rorschach at least partially in his view so he can catch the sign language, and says to Damion, "Seems like it might be useful if we can't talk anyway. Plus I might incorporate it into Mads' show or something. Be inclusive. Or whatever."

"Sore? From this? I'll be okay. I train way harder than this on my own. Just, yknow. Not with people swinging stuff at me." Alex is laughing and when Paige pats her back she relaxes before glancing down at her sword. She shrugs her shoulders slowly. "I'm good for a long time from here," she promises. "I mean, it's this or run a couple mmiles and maybe climb something." That smile only grows as she looks around at the people surrounding her. "...Okay. My arm might get kinda sore."

Damion winces at the hellchittering. Christ, that's loud. He says to Ror, "You could scare a demon with that sound man." He seems more amused than anything though. Maybe he's used to it at this point. He looks over at Paige and shakes his head. "A squad? Not yet, no. I should probably get on that, I guess." Then he nods to Leo. "Right."

Beatrice wiggles a pinky in one ear, squinting at Rorschach.

"Different muscles," Paige mentions to Alex with a smile. "It takes time to build those muscles up. But I have no doubt you can keep up with me on a run." She nods to Damion then. "I'm looking for people on my squad. Like I said, it's front line, and I know you're a good fighter." She grins. "No one could beat you in hand to hand, which was very frustrating. Impressive, but frustrating."

Rorschach signed to Damion, "Demon? Yeah I fought Yorik. We came out in a draw, remmeber? Paige is right though. You'd make a mean tank and keep folks alive. I'm breathing cause of you>> For Beatrice's benefit at least the screaching stopped. Let it not be said that Shadowsouls were not crazy ass mofos.

"I like the idea of standing behind Damion," AJ says, with a foxy grin. "And not only because he has a sexy backside," she adds. Then her gaze turns to Paige. "Hey, P, what do you think about like... collecting a list of what all contracts and tricks people know? Is that too invasive? Might really help..." She then squeezes her thighs against Rorschach's sides. "Aren't you supposed to be taking me for a ride?"

Damion tilts his head at Paige and thinks. "Front line? That sounds about right. I could give it a shot." He glances over at Rorschach, and smiles. "You'd do the same for me, man." He holds out his fist to the bug, then says to Paige, "Heh. Well, I might be a little better at unarmed fighting than most. But I did do it professionally, so..." He shrugs. "Mmm. I've been meaning to do more with the Harvestmen." The words from AJ make him quirk a brow at the fox, and he smirks. "Oh yeah? Is that so? I'm gonna start thinking you have a thing for me, AJ."

"See? Robbie thinks it's a good idea," Paige tells Damion with a grin. "Happy to have you on board, then," she says, beaming at him before she nods to AJ. "Not just contracts, but specialties in general. It's a good idea. I'll have to make up a list of people and visit with each one. Which isn't a bad idea in any case. Not just for recruiting for my squad, but since it's likely that people'll work with other squads, doesn't hurt to get to know them better. Not just their skills."

Alex seems content to listen to everyone speak, blue eyes wandering oer the people gathered. that effusive grin doesn't die, she just withdraws slightly. Really, the girl stays beside Paige and periodically fidgets while she considers the room at large. Finally she asks in a quiet voice, "We need to find a way for me to, um, "train". With the thing. Err, you know, it...." She lifts her hands and extends her fingers in a classic 'Darth Sidious" pose. "Wait. You, um. Don't know. Darn it..."

Leo blinks and looks up at Damion, "Yeah man, you're the most front line lookin' guy I've ever seen. Or one of." he says with a grin. Then he turns to look over at Alex as she talks, tilting his head just a bit as he does. His constellation kind of lazily swirls about, yellow-white as speaks up "What thing?" He starts to walk over toward the cabinet with his sword as he asks, apparently intending to put it away.

"What, like, you think I have a poster of you up on the wall of my trailer?" AJ asks Damion. "That's ridiculous. Of course I don't," she says. She turns to look at Paige, and nods a few times. "Would be good, yeah. Just get things organized. If anyone else is like me, then... revealing what we can do in a fight is... scary. But... seems necessary," she opines. And then, Alex. AJ squints. "Are you doing Thriller?"

"I checked. Box will not make lightsaber." Beatrice sounds a little disappointed as she glances over towards Alex. Apparently she recognized the pose.

Paige grins at Alex. "I know what you mean. But if you want people to know about that, you'll need to tell them," she says, giving the woman a pointed look. She nods to AJ. "It is scary, but we work better as a team when we know strengths. And the lieutenants can more properly put people to tasks when we know what they can do and what their weaknesses are."

Damion tilts his head at Alex curiously. "What sort of thing?" he considers the pose. "...what, are you gonna start shooting lighting at people or something?" He glances over at AJ and grins. "That's an oddly specific denial, foxy."

Rorschach looked to AJ and said of his roommate <<See? Being a scout has total perks.>> He wasn't even apologetic, but no Moon Courtier ever appologized for much. At AJ asking about Thriller he did start in teh lurching dance side to side bringing her along for hte ride. <<Also Fox Force Five is not wrong>>

"Your face is an oddly specific denial!" AJ fires back, at Damion. Because she's so very mature. Nevermind it's a fox riding a bug who's currently doing the Thriller.

"I'm here, I am going to end up telling them, Alex responds with a shrug. "I mean..." She shifts her weight from left to right. "You're putting me on a frontline unit and I can't swing a sword. You're either stupid, really trusting me on the whole scout thing, or I've got a trick." Alex turns slowlly toward Damion and- nods. "Right. There you go. Um, kind of." She shrugs her shoulders gently. "That's the one."

Finally Alex rolls her eyes and adds, "Go ahead and tell everyone you think should know. I can't even remember what to call it."

Paige grins and gives Alex a comforting pat. "She can control electricity. Including, yes, shooting lightning at people, essentially. She's gonna learn to use a weapon too," and Alex gets a pointed look, "but she's dangerous without one," she explains.

Beatrice lifts her eyebrows, giving Alex an impressed look. "Electricity." She gestures to Alex. "I wish to see this. Will you show us?"

Damion rubs at his neck with one hand. "Huh. I didn't know mortals could do something like that. Guess you learn something new every day." He looks at Paige, then at Alex. "But, yeah. you should learn how to fight without using that too. You might not always be able to. Or, since it's the Hedge and anything can happen, you might run into something that's immune to electricity. Can't be too careful. Honestly, not going itno the Hedge at all is the safest bet. But that's not always possible." He looks over at the dancing roach. "Well. I guess you are about pale enough for Michael Jackson."

"Ooooh... fancy!" AJ says, with a smile. She then nods eagerly. "I, too, would like to see!" she says. There's then a curious look sent over to Leo, to see what he thinks about... shooting lightning.

Paige grins at Alex and motions for her to go ahead. "Just uh...point it away from us. Because I'm /not/ immune to electricity, as you know," she teases, moving over to the cooler and grabbing a beer. "Anyone else want one?"

Rorschach looked to Alex and then to Leo and then to Alex rubbing at his jaw. There was a LOT of thought going on upstairs and it was a tad disappointing that his antennae didn't zap together like a Jacob's Ladder. sad day, right? He signed where Leo and AJ could read him easily. <<Need to tell Maddox that this may mean we need water balloons of some sort. Amp up her usefulness in that regard.>> Everything, and to him eeeverything, was a weapon.

"I get it. I am expecting LightningRod Mon to pop out at me at any moment. But it's handy so far..." Alex doesn't comment on speculation about mortals instead taking another slow, deep breath. She is scanning the people gathered around her with a thoughtful expression and rolling her shoulders. "Okay. Sure. I mean. The hardest part is actually making it visible. And not frying my cellphone. Okay!" Alex turns toward one of the more empty corners of the room and points toward the ceiling.

It doesn't start from Alex but instead gathers, a flicking, sparking glow of blue and white, almost like lightning. This forms an orb, then splits into two, starting to spin. They extend outward and combine gain, forming a fairly decent falcon carved from raw electricity.

After a moment the feeling of static is obvious, as the charge draws forth the charges in clothing and people. The scent of ozone, briefly. Then Alexandra shrugs and the bird flying overhead vanishes abruptly.

Leo's eyes widen a bit at Alex, "Oh, that's legit." he says brightly. Rorschach gets a quick nod, "Yeah, water balloons are an idea. Or some sort of hose with a tank. Or a way to cause storms in the Hedge." he says rapidly. Then Paige is talking beer and Leo moves over toward the cooler to scoop a beer out of it as well, just in time for Alex to electrify the world. His eyes shoot up to the gathering spark that orbs then spins, pausing with his beer unopened to stare. "Dude." he says, tracking the bird to its abrupt disappearance. Then he looks over at Rorschach with widened eyes, "Did you see that?" he calls out toward the man, excitedly.

As if anyone didn't just see that.

AJ stares, wide-eyed, waiting eagerly. And then it comes, and she is a very happy fox. "Oooooh!" she coos out. As the performance continues, her hair, which is a massive mess most days, starts to grow bigger and bigger. Static is not her friend. Not that she minds terribly. When it concludes, she squeezes Rorschach tight with her thighs, then leans back, so she can clap. She's ridden horses plenty, she knows how to do this!

Paige gives Leo a beer, before she cocks her head. She doesn't look to the light show, but then, presumably, she's seen it. "Storms in the hedge are doable. Or rain, anyway. But she..." She trails off and shakes her head, opening her beer and taking a drink before she grins at Alex. "That never fails to impress. And makes me very happy I've never pissed you off. You could zap me before I could smack you silly with my hammer," she teases.

Beatrice claps for Alex. "The bird was excellent touch! Very nice trick." She gives a broad grin. "There is Radio Shack in next town over. Owner is asshole. I will pay for lunch one day, we take drive, yes?"

Damion turns and watches as Alex does her thing, eyes drawn up to the lightshow by the ceiling. His brows raise at the sight, and he lets out a low whistle. "Well, that's...impressive. I've never seen anything quite like that." He gives his head a shake. "Hmm. I imagine it takes some focus? Probably a good idea to have people watching over you while you do it. Keep to the back in a fight."

Alex wags a finger at Beatrice and flashes the room at large a grin as she nods. "I'll think about it. I never pass up a free lunch anyway." Then the girl iss turning to each person in turn, taking a deep breath as she does. To Damion the girl offers seriously, "I can do enough to severely injure a human being while dodging and running or climbing---" A pause. "A light show like that takes some focus but I can just poke someone and. Zap." She takes a deep breath then, closing her eyes. That seems to slightly dampen the smile. To Paige she adds, "But if it didn't stop you I'd lose my head. Y'know how it is."

AJ finally slips off Rorschach's back, to the ground. "Just be careful, Alex! Sometimes stuff doesn't work right in the Hedge, if it's from this side. Also, weird powers - weird to Hedgefolk - earn you attention," AJ warns. Then she takes a look around. "Alright, all... I think I'm going to get going. Need to check on my babies."

Paige moves over to Alex, bumping her lightly, shoulder to shoulder. "You'll learn. I'll teach you. And other people here have other skills. You can learn whatever you wanna learn. I have faith in you. But uh...yeah, no coming in the Hedge solo. You do that and I'll whack you upside the head to knock some sense into you," she says, but she's smiling when she says it.

Rorschach stood watching where the 'bird' left a light burn. Finally, finally he looked away boggling at Leo, <<See what?>> Did he? Yes he was messing with the Satellite. <<Thaaaaat is a lost talent>> Turning to Alex he extended an index and little finger. Yeah that was pretty rock n roll. He did tell Paige << HAve some things for you. Leo, I'll see you and Mads tomorrow. I promised AJ I'd ask the colony by her house to relocate.>> And with that he turned to Damion with a nod that seemed to carry a bit more info with it, but in teh end followed AJ out.