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Cyclone is a nice, normal bar. A place to come and hang out, drink, meet new people, possibly throw up in the bathroom after a few too many. It's a relaxed place, one that welcomes the person who can only afford the half priced beer at happy hour or the big spender who people want to convince to buy a round on them.

Back Room

There is, however, a back room. Even employees aren't allowed back there, which might lead to some speculation about shady deals. It's just a place for local Lost to go hang out and have a couple drinks without being overheard by non-Lost.

Those who aren't Lost, or ensorcelled/enchanted accompanied and/or vetted by a Lost, will be turned away.


This bar is a bit dim, as these places tend to be, but despite the name, it's clean. One side of the room is almost entirely taken up by the bar. It's L shaped and runs the length of the room, dark wood gleaming, while bottles of liquor are reflected in the mirror behind it.

The rest of the room has been filled with the booths that line the other walls, and the square tables that are spaced out around the once empty floor. Waiters and waitress mill about, taking orders, while dressed in their 'uniform' of black tee-shirt with the bar name on it, and jeans.

At the end of the room there's a hallway. A door leads to the kitchen, another to a room marked 'Employees Only', another two to the bathrooms, and one labeled 'Private'.


Opened: 2017
Location: MT03
Owner: Paige Holland
Hours: Sun-Sat, 2pm-2am (usually)
Hiring? Yes


Currently Hiring:

  • Bartenders
  • Servers
  • Cooks
  • Maybe even a bouncer!
  • Possibly the occasional entertainment!