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Finding the Quake Hammer Part 2

Scritch, scritch, scritch


Paige and Eden with Flatirons as ST

27 April, 2017

Given information on where to find the hammer's head, Paige and Eden set out to harry a hob and land themselves a token. Things go... interestingly.


Fanwood Fen


It's a nasty, nasty day in the fens. But then it's always a nasty, nasty day in the fens. The bugs, the thick pollen in the air, the hanging mist. It all makes for a rather, rather unpleasant trip. But that's where these two have found themselves, as they travel to find Skrit's lair.

-> >> Eden to Here << <-==============================================

Rolled 1 Success 
< 1 2 2 3 4 5 6 6 10 >

===============================-> >> Dexterity + Wyrd No Flags << <-

GAME: Eden spends 1 Glamour

-> >> Eden to Here << <-==============================================

Rolled 3 Successes 
< 1 1 4 4 8 9 10 >

=======-> >> Dexterity + Athletics.Acrobatics + 1 - 3 No Flags << <-

-> >> Eden to Here << <-==============================================

Rolled 2 Successes 
< 3 4 5 6 6 9 9 >

===========================-> >> Dexterity + Wyrd - 1 No Flags << <-

GAME: Eden spends 2 Glamour

-> >> Paige to Here << <-=============================================

Rolled 7 Successes for an exceptional success.
< 1 2 3 3 4 5 5 5 8 9 9 10 10 10 10 >

===============================-> >> Dexterity + Wyrd No Flags << <-

GAME: Paige spends 1 Glamour

Through the bog travels Eden, doing her best to stay out of the water and muck, her scarf of elemental flame worn about her neck like some sort of kerchief, and flickers of flame dancing about her body like a little cloak. Her pantslegs are testement to her inability to keep completely dry, however, as they're quite wet from spots where she's had to dunk herself in the wet.

Paige got some waders somewhere, and surprisingly, they fit. Maybe they're kid waders? She's also wrapped her backpack in a trash bag to keep it dry, and her bird? Yeah, he's opted to fly. Far away from the icky water. "Thanks for coming with me, Eden," she says as she pushes through the water, nose wrinkling a little.

-> >> Paige to Here << <-=============================================

Rolled 1 Success 
< 2 3 5 5 5 7 10 >

============================-> >> Resolve + Composure No Flags << <-

-> >> Eden to Here << <-==============================================

Rolled 2 Successes 
< 1 5 8 9 >

============================-> >> Resolve + Composure No Flags << <-

The pollen in the air might as well be some kind of noxious gas. It invades the eyes, the mouth, the nose, the lungs. It's everywhere. Fortunately, the two women are able to brush aside the effects... for now.

-> >> Eden to Here << <-==============================================

Rolled 4 Successes 
< 3 4 4 8 9 9 10 >

=======-> >> Dexterity + Athletics.Acrobatics + 1 - 3 No Flags << <-

"Oh, think nothing of it, that's what friends are for afterall." Eden says as she continues to prance across the water, from stick to leaf to other detritus. "I wish I woulda known more about this part of the hedge." She admits, "I feel woefully underprepared, but I'm sure we'll previal!"

"I know right? I feel like I should've gotten one of those blow up boats or something," Paige says, wrinkling her nose. "Wonder if I have a bandana or something in my pack that I can tie over my mouth. Remind me to get a gas mask or something for later. Or at least one of those face masks?"

-> >> Eden to Here << <-==============================================

Rolled 1 Success 
< 1 1 6 8 >

============================-> >> Resolve + Composure No Flags << <-

GAME: Eden spends 1 Glamour

-> >> Paige to Here << <-=============================================

Rolled 6 Successes for an exceptional success.
< 1 1 2 4 7 8 8 8 9 10 10 >

========================-> >> Resolve + Composure + 3 No Flags << <-

On ward, on ward. Through haze and the bugs and all that nasty that is the Fen. They follow the hedge-powered map, which is quite nicely becoming more and more details as they approach. There's a turn up ahead, though it'd be nearly impossible to see were it not for the map. Through some brush, duck under that tree branch, and then there's a clearing up ahead. And more than a clearing, there's dry land. It rises up out of the fen, a hunk of rock, very large, with moss growing on it. There's clearly a doorway in that rock, and a wooden sign that reads 'Skrit's House' in a very crude hand. Must be it!

"So.. what are we supposed to do?" Eden asks in a hushed little voice, ducking beneath the branch and pushing through brush as they trudge through. "What was the exact bargain I mean. That's important isn't it?" she murmurs, coming to stand nearby the littlest ogre.

"Gotta find the hammerhead, then harass the one who stole it, before we take it back to the Market so she can put it together," Paige says before she grins. "I figure we can probably harass him okay, don't you?"

There's no signs of life at Skrit's House. But then... would there be?

"Yeah, I suppose we probably can." Eden says with a little laugh, she does however undoe another button on her shirt, and fluff things up just so as she says that, gesturing towards the door, "Would you like to do the honors?"

Paige takes a moment to shake herself off, almost dog like. "That water /reeks/," she says, but she heads for the door and raps on it firmly. "Hello? Anyone home?" she calls out, carefully not mentioning Skritt's name. Just in case.

The door looks thoroughly patchwork. Random boards, nailed together, hung with leather hinges. It's at 45 degree angle, and it likely goes down inside the rock. There's no initial reponse, not for a long few moments, before there's a shuffling inside. "Who is it?!" hisses out a nasty, raspy voice.

"Yeah it does.." Eden agrees with Paige's assesment of the water, her hands coming to rest on her hips as she takes up a position behind Paige a bit, letting the little Ogress take the lead on hounding the occupant of the little hovel.

Paige doesn't een hesitate before answering. "It's Paige. Looking for Skritt. Are you him?" she calls, her head cocking. Now it's just a birdlike fashion. No more canine Paige. Which is probably a good thing.

Quiet. A long moment of quiet. And then the voice comes again. "What does Paige want with Skritt?!" The door doesn't open.

Eden gives a little brow lift at Paige at the response offered the knocking on the door. While the Ogress chats at the door, the Fairest takes a minute to look around the exterior of Skritt's house.

Paige shrugs a little. "To talk! Can you open the door? It's kinda weird talking to someone through a door! I'm not going to hurt you, though!" She doesn't promise about Eden, though.

More silence. Longer this time. Long enough that Paige might think that Skritt (or whoever this is) might have left. But then more words come. "Swear it! Swear that Paige will not hurt Skritt!" he demands.

Eden comes back from around the side of the little rock, frowning a bit at Paige then shrugging her shoulders ever so slightly at the woman at Skritt's request.

"I swear that unless you attack me or mine I will not physically hurt you today," Paige promises easily. She's not promising about tomorrow. Or harassing. Or Hunter or Eden hurting him. She's careful!

Silence. Silence. Silence... Then the door finally swings open, quickly. Paige better jump back in time! What she finds behind the door is a... rat? Rat man? Man rat? A skaven-looking creature that might have come out of a Redwall book. The rat even as a knife on it's belt! "What do you want!" the rat hisses out, staring up at the pair. Stone steps lead down into whatever sort of home Skritt has here.

Eden's cat ears involuntarily perk up at the sight of a rat emerging from the hole and, a little grin creeping to her lips, flashing little teeth at Skritt. She doesn't say anything however, not yet.

Paige smiles brightly at the rat-man. "Hi! Wanted to talk to you. See, I'm looking for this thing, and someone said you might know something about it. A weird looking rock thing. Could be part of something else. You seen it?"

Skritt had been worried about Paige. Because, well, birds are not particularly kinder to mice. Though he's probably too big for Paige to carry back to her next. The cat, however. Well. That gets his attention! He stares at Eden for a long moment, before looking back to Paige. "Skritt sees lots of things," he tells Paige. "Paige is come seeking information? Seeking to buy?" he asks her. "Show Skritt what you bring!"

"You didn't tell me your friend was a little mousey!" Eden exclaims, the forked tongue of hers dragging across her lips, in some combination between seductive and inviting, and hungry. "Hello little Skritt!"

"I didn't know," Paige admits to Eden with a shrug. "And nuh uh, Skirtt. I gotta see that you have what I'm looking for, first. /Then/ we'll discuss what you'll get for it."

Skritt's eyes shoot back to Eden. "Not a mouse!" he hisses out at her. Then he looks back to Paige. "Paige doesn't see what Skritt has until Skritt gets something for his wasted time!" Skritt explains to the woman, and eyes her like she might well just be new at this. Or, at least, maybe. It's hard to read his expression.

"He's soooooo Adorable. I could just eat him up!" Eden exclaims to Paige, that bright toothy smile remains as she casts an eye towards Skritt again. "Why don't you invite us in so she can show you all of her tasty things she has to offer! You wouldn't want your neighbors to see what she might be giving you, would you?"

Paige bites her lip at Eden's exclaimation, trying not to laugh. "See, you're wasting /our/ time though if you don't have what I'm looking for," she says, shifting a little closer and sliiiding a foot forward, trying to make it so that if he tries to slam the door in their faces he's blocked from doing so easily.

Skritt eyes Eden, then Paige, then Eden, then Paige. Good thinking, Paige, because that's exactly what he does! Slam! goes the door, right on Paige's foot. Not totally closed, but closed enough that the two Lost cannot see inside.

"HOW RUDE!" Eden exclaims as the door is slammed on Paige, "We were trying to be nice and civil, and he just slams the door in our faces." Wether the anger is real, or an affectation she's adopting for the act is hard to say, bit a little snarl forms upon her face.

Paige winces a little at the door hitting her foot, but she was prepared and afterward just rolls her eyes. "Skritt we know you've got the hammer head," she says, shifting to put her shoulder against the door to try to shove it open. Not trying to slam it open, but push it open. Can't knock him over and hurt him and break her promise, after all!

The door opens out, and when Paige pulls it open, she'll find... nothing. Well, stairs, leading down into the dark. But no signs of Skritt. He's apparently already scampered off?

"We've harassed him now." Eden says, waiting to enter the house behind Paige, "We can now bargain with him, if you'd like without going back on our end of the bargain, I suspect. But it is your quest, I shall back you however you wish to go! But, some good will with little Skritt couldn't hurt."

-> >> Paige to Here << <-=============================================

Rolled 4 Successes 
< 2 5 6 7 7 8 9 10 10 >

=======================-> >> Wyrd + Investigation - 2 No Flags << <-

Paige stops and focuses for a moment before she grins. "May not need to. I think there's a cave down there with all sorts of junk. May be able to just take it. But you're right. We have harassed him. She didn't give a degree." She fishes around in her backpack and pulls out a flashlight before heading down the stairs.

-> >> Eden to Here << <-==============================================

Rolled 1 Success 
< 1 9 >

=====================-> >> Strength + Occult + Mantle No Flags << <-

GAME: Eden spends 1 Glamour

Eden becomes a light, rather then pulls one out, one can never trust batteries in the hedge after all. She begins down the steps behind Paige, smiling brightly to herself. "Well, we should at least leave something behind should we pilfer it. I'll find something in my satchel, at the very least."

Down, down, down they go. Down into the not-darkness, lit by the fiery glow cat. Down here, it's clear the cave complex is a bit more complex than some tiny den. And it's clear Skritt lives here! There's even a sitting room, with ratty, half-broken chairs and a rug made out of God-knows-what. Thanks to the walking light, they are able to explore further, room by room, until they come to one that, hey. Paige recognizes this room!

"I don't think I have anything really worthwhile, unfortunately," Paige says with a sad look, which brightens when they get down into the cave. "it's here! I don't know where Skritt is, but it's here somewhere. Help me look?"

"We'll figure something out." Eden says with a little smile, "So, it looked like a big rock, right?" She asks, peering just a little bit acros the room. "If I were a rock, where would I live.."

-> >> Flatirons to Here << <-=========================================

Rolled 2 Successes 
< 2 3 5 5 6 7 7 8 10 >

==============================================-> >> 8 No Flags << <-

-> >> Paige to Here << <-=============================================

Rolled 3 Successes 
< 4 4 5 7 8 8 10 >

===============================-> >> Wits + Composure No Flags << <-

-> >> Eden to Here << <-==============================================

Rolled 2 Successes 
< 3 5 6 7 8 9 >

===============================-> >> Wits + Composure No Flags << <-

There it is. The big rock. It's just like they'd seen in the picture! And it's just set in a pile of other random rocks. Is this really it...? Whateve the case, both women will surely be aware of the sounds. Scritching... scritch scritch scritch... It seems to be coming from everywhere, ever so faint, but entirely there.

"It looks like that, I think. That's how it looked in the--" Paige breaks off, her head cocking as she tries to pinpoint the sound. "Not sure what Skritt's doing, but...I think we should maybe hurry. Think he's got it booby trapped?"

"Skritt. You come out here this instant and be a fair bargain friend." Eden says, "We tried to be, but you were incredibly rude to us! We'll give you one more chance." The glowy cat lady exclaims, she nods to Paige a bit, "Or has an army of littler rats to come at us!"

The scritching stops.

Paige hesitates for a moment, glancing to Eden, before she moves over to the pile of rocks. She holds her breath for a moment before she reaches out to grab the stone, then waits a second to see if rocks fall and everyone dies.

Eden's hands rest on her hips as she stands fairly nearby where Paige scavenges, her gaze continues to scour the room, looking at the nooks and crannies, up towards the ceiling of the cave. "Well?" she asks.

Still, not but silence. No falling rocks. No crossbow bolts firing. Nothing.

"So...should we get the hell out of here?" Paige asks as she tucks the rock in her backpack and starts easing back toward the stairs.

Into Eden's satchel, her hands go, and after some rooting around she pulls out a small chunk of stinky cheese, which she moves to place where the rock Paige has taken. "A Rock, for a Rock. Cheese is the stone of the moon, they say." She calls out, gesturing at Paige, "Let's go, I suppose."

-> >> Flatirons to Here << <-=========================================

Rolled 2 Successes 
< 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 >

=============================================-> >> 10 No Flags << <-

-> >> Eden to Here << <-==============================================

Rolled 2 Successes 
< 1 5 7 7 8 9 >

=================================-> >> Wyrd + Resolve No Flags << <-

-> >> Paige to Here << <-=============================================

Rolled 1 Success 
< 2 2 3 4 4 4 5 6 8 >

=================================-> >> Wyrd + Resolve No Flags << <-

The noises start again. Scritch scritch scritch. It's coming from all over. Impossibly omnipresent in their movement about the cavern. Shadows, here and there, cast by Eden's light. But like a rat-filled building, they're always just at the corner of your sight. Always just a flash before they're gone.

The exit is clear, though. Save for more than few pair of eyes glowing. And as the pair of women start out the door, there's a foul scent. There's a tingle that runs out the back of their spines. But, then, nothing happens. The scritching stops.

"Works for me," Paige says, nodding before she smells that smell and her nose wrinkles. "Sooner rather than later," she says, motioning for Eden to go ahead. Clearly she wants to get Eden's back. But then, it is what she does!

Eden takes the lead when gestured by Paige to, nose wrinkling a little, "Alright, let's see if we can't find our way out of this rat's nest then.." She says, nice and bright. "Think he'll like the gift I left him? Prolly not, with that stink.. huh.."

Victorious in their endeavor, the two women exit Skritt's House, leaving behind the scritching and the eyes and that horrible smell and worse feeling. From here, it's much the same as what they went through to get here. Stinking swamp, woozy feeling from pollen, fear of things that might eat you. Overall, though, it's no worse than what they went through to get there.

Out of the and up the trod, they'll spend what feels like hours walking, but maybe it's not. Maybe it is. How can one really tell out in the hedge? Eventually, though, they make it back to Wild Roses, and to Badb Catha's stand. This time, she's not hiding in her hut. This time, she's standing right there, at the counter, looking annoyed as ever.

"I think I'm going to burn these waders as soon as I get a chance," Paige mutters, the smell clinging to them. But it's into the market and to Badb's stand. And this time Paige brightens and she reaches into her pack and pulls out the stone. "We harassed him and got the head of the hammer," she says brightly.

Eden's shirt, this time, doesn't have a red flower on it, so she's able to actually remain dressed as they enter the Goblin Market, flashing a little grin at Paige. "I'm going to take a reaaaaaally long bath, I think, myself. Maybe not alone, we'll see." She says as they make their way up to Badb Catha's stand.

"Show me," Badb says, holding out both hands for the stone. She doesn't actually greet the pair. Who has time for that sort of thing? She's just busying making grabby hands. "You'll need to speak Lady Day if you want company," she says, off-handedly, to Eden.

"Not alone? Do you need someone to wash your back?" Paige asks, and she sounds like she means it. No inuendo here! She holds the stone out, looking pleased with having it. "That guy really didn't want the company. Tried to slam the door in our faces!"

"Oh, I'll keep that in mind, Thank you." Eden says, inclining her head towards the Hob, and flashing a grin at Paige, "Hopefully more then just washing it!" She exclaims, "But, business here first of course!"

Badb stretches out and grabs the rock. For as scrawny as she is, she has no problem holding the thing. She eyes it, she considers, then she nods. It's set on the counter. "Skritt is unpleasant," she says. Then a pause. "And now, proof that you harried him?" she asks, and then she holds out her hand, eyes locked on Paige.

Paige gives Eden a quick, confused look, before her cheeks flush with color. "Oh." She looks back to Badb and blinks once. "Does my bruised foot count where he slammed the door on it? He didn't do that because he was happy to see us." But she looks down at her foot and frowns, a lot. Not the foooooot.

"You should be able to smell the anger and fear and rage on Paige too, if you took a reaaaally big whiff of her." Eden says, gesturing at the little Ogress, "Take a sniff and tell me that you can't smell it!"

Badb looks between the two, and looks rather displeased. She's quiet for a long moment, before she shuffles to the side. "You do not have evidence of the task," she declares. "But... I like the one with the ears, so..." she declares. She grabs up a piece of paper, then turns and shuffles back over. "Here," she says, and holds the paper out at Paige. "Free. No charge. The look on your face will be payment enough."

And the page? Well it looks like an old fashioned Wild West Wanted poster. It even says 'WANTED' at top. And then it says 'THIEVES' in the middle. And between those two words? There's a rather accurate depiction of Paige and Eden.

"I'll accept that as proof. That will settle our deal," Badb says.

Paige blinks at the poster. "But...you said it was yours and he stole it, and you can't misrepresent your items, so how can he say we're thieves! And how can this be here already?" she asks, looking concerned as she looks to Eden. Very concerned.

Eden leans in just a bit to eye the poster that is flaunted, "They didn't make me look as pretty as I am in that poster." she says, a bit dismissive of it, "I thought I remembered the Hammerhead being advertised as your property though like my friend says." She hmmns softly, canting her head ever so slightly towards Paige.

Badb focuses on Paige. Her eyes twinkle with delight as she watches that reaction. The one she knew was coming. She drinks it in. She even giggles! Or, well, cackles. Oh, yes, it's wonderful. It takes a minute or two, but Badb does suck in a few breaths and calm herself. "Goodness, children... Been a while since I laughed like that!" she says. Would be that others suffering is what brings the mean old hob joy. She then waves a hand dismissively. "It's not my poster!" she says. "It is my hammer. Skritt's the thief," she says. "And a liar, too, as evidenced by that," she says, pointing at the poster. "No one here believes a word he says," she says. "Anyways, some little rats came by carrying them. As if anyone here would care. Except to laugh," she says. Then a pause. "Oh, but... you know. Someone else might care... Let me get to work," she says, and she lifts the stone back up, and turns away, to head back into her hut.

"Who? Who might care?" Paige asks as Badb starts to wander off before she looks back to Eden, throwing her hands up. "This is ridiculous! He's calling us thieves? Did you see that cave? I've never stolen a thing in my life!" She acts entirely too innocent and naive to be a thief, but then, looks /can/ be deceiving, right?

Eden shrugs her shoulders at Paige as Badb starts off towards the hut. "Well, I mean, he did have a lot of stuff in there, and we paid him for the rock too, fair trade!" She says with a grin, "I'm sure if we want to we can prove our good name and all that. But at least you've got your hammer huh?"

"Rose Wardens deal in information!" Badb responds, to Paige, as she walks away. Because to Badb, everything is a transaction. Once she's in the hut, there's some shuffling around. There's some clattering. And then there's some bright flashes of light. She's working, it would seem!

"True, you did leave that...uh...what did you leave again?" Paige asks Eden, her brow still furrowed. Seems the thought of being thought a thief is very upsetting to the harpy! But at least she didn't have to show anyone her feet. "And yeah, I'll have my hammer. Should be better than my knives."

"Oh, a piece of stinky cheese." Eden says with a smile, "Mice like stinky cheese, don't they?" she asks with a little shrug of her shoulders at Paige. "Plus, he didn't actually come out and bargain with us like a friend, so.."

"Oh, you didn't call him a mouse, did you?!" comes the voice from inside the hut. "Oh my, oh my," says the old hob, as she emerges from the hut. And there it is! The hammer! Rock attached to stick, and somehow looking so much more magical and wonderful than its component parts. "You girls are really something," she says, slowly shaking her head. Then she steps over, to the counter, and holds the hammer out. It's as big as she is, yet she holds it without any strain. "Your hammer. This concludes our transaction!"

It's not much smaller than Paige is, for that matter, but she takes it like a kid who just got their birthday, easter and Christmas presents all at the same time. It's an almost gleeful reverence and she damn near cuddles the thing. "Oh! Thank you! I looks amazing! And good and heavy! And you did want him harassed, right?"

"Oh, of course I did! And I said he looked delicious, and I could eat him all up!" Eden says with a toothy little grin, "He needed to be harried, what better way then to cut him down with words!"

For all she's a mean old hob, Badb does look a touch pleased that Paige looks so appreciative. She's not in this job for nothing! She watches for a moment, before she turns her gaze to Eden, and she gives a nod. "I wanted him harried," she confirms. "That he's sour enough to put up wanted posters..." She barks out a laugh. "You two did well. Just hope you can sleep tonight," she says. There's a moment's pause, then she just turns, and head back inside to her hut.

Paige gives Badb an odd look before turning to Eden. "What do you say we get out of here and shower the stink off us? I hope she didn't mean anything about sleeping tonight..." she murmurs, turning to start walking, to leave the market. And yes, she's still doing her best to cuddle the hammer.

"Messing with our dreams usually isn't a super smart thing to do though, not really." Eden says with a little smile as she moves to step in line with Paige on their way out, "I feel like we did too much for what we got though, don't you?"

"Well, if this hammer really does what she said it does, it isn't too bad. Though I don't want to go back to that stinky place anytime soon," Paige admits. "But you did do a lot just to help out a friend. Let me know if I can ever return the favor, okay?" She grins brightly. "Or if I can use my hammer to keep you safe."

"You know my Motley does some hedgespinning, and other crafts related things." Eden says as she walks along, "If you ever need other things, I can try and point you in the right direction. And I shall, but true friends always help each other out without asking for payback. But, if I need help, I won't hesitate to ask!"

"You're not wrong, but they also say one good turn deserves another," Paige points out with a smile. "And I'll definitely keep that in mind! Never a bad thing to know a hedgespinner!"

"Yep! Well, just come calling when you do, you know how to find me." Eden says, continuing off out of the market with Paige and on their way back to the regular world.

A complete success! Paige has her hammer, both women are alive, Badb and the Wild Roses seem pleased with the transaction. That there's some wanted posters laying around, well, that happens, doesn't it? No matter, right? The rest of the trek out is uneventful, and the two women are able to go on their ways.

Soon as Paige is alone, though, she'll start to hear faint noises. It's so faint at first that it's easy to ignore. But as the night goes on, the noises get louder and louder. Scritch, scritch, scritch. Rats. They're everywhere. They're in her walls. They're under her bed. Out of the corner of her eye, she'll catch a shadow moving. As she lays attempting to sleep, she'll feel something crawling up her legs. It's inexplicable, and it's near endless. No, this isn't a dream. She might wish it was. But sleep will be so very hard to find... especially with those beady rat eyes watching her...