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H21 - Hedge - Deep - Fanwood Fen

The gradual descent of the land plops down, with many a mud-splat, into a reeksome, soggy fen, increasingly wet trod narrowing on its way out of the spider-trees upslope as undergrowth is interspersed with bloodhungry grasses and tall, will-seeping weeds. The buzz of insects and the calls of strangeling birds echo over the maze of deceptively open land, small creatures flitting place to place.

The hobs of the area are unwontedly bold, as well they may be, ferrymen that they are: the only paths within the fen are those formed by the waist-deep channels of water themselves. The traveler weary of being wet, the traveler who only wants a bit of flat ground to lay down upon, will find only the wilds of the deep Hedge around him off the path.

Too, the fen is not without its own queer predation. The hobs are overfond of telling tales of changelings led astray by the lumpy broad-trunked fanwood trees, their pollen thick over some sections of the path. Lacy protuberances on the trunks wave gently in the breeze in lieu of blossoms.

<< Mechanically: roll Resolve + Composure every 5 mins. to fight effects.
Fail once: -1 to Perception; your head is feeling fuzzy.
Fail twice: -3 to Perception; drowsy, sight blurs, starting to see things.
Fail thrice: lost in your own hallucinations. Clarity 7 sin.>>

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