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H19 - Hedge - Deep - Eight-legged Endings

Aromatic and deadly, this segment of the trod is what happens when mad gourmets are set free to grow gardens on faerieland's borders. Trails wind through vicious, thorn-riddled briars interspersed with queer dark trees, leafless, whose sole blossoms harden to tough and clove-like buds at death. Finger-thick, the stems are tough to break, but the price the buds fetch at the market is well worth the effort -- that is, presuming would-be adventurers can manage the buds' guardians.

Camouflaged, many-eyed spider-like beasts lurk in the branches and the briars, their webs the same dark sepia as their own bark-streaked, half-herbaceous forms. If the sleep their venom draws down doesn't kill their prey, the smaller creatures lying in wait amidst the mazes surely will.

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