Log:The Wailing House: Part Three

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The Wailing House: Part Three

"You may use the house."


Tristan, Allen, Poppy, Logan, Dross, Teagan and ST


The Autumn Court and their Goodwill holders secure the Wailing House.


The Wailing House

Guess who's back? Back again. Autumn's back. Tell a friend!

The Wailing house has electricity! It's weird to see that when they've been going in at dark and the sunlight fading hasn't helped. They had a date with a ghost and his wife tonight. To see if she was alright with them being there.

No Teagan, no Teagan anywhere! Just occasional volcanic sand here and there.

"I'm not sure if this is becoming a good or really bad fucking habit," Poppy remarks to Allen as the two of them make their way back up towards the house again. Perhaps out of deference to the fact that they'll be meeting with the psychotic lady of the house, she's wearing slightly lower stilettos - or maybe it's just a coincidence. "I feel like it's kind of like a trainwreck in slow motion."

The Ogre merely grunts in acknowledgement as Poppy presents her theories. Whether or not he thinks it's a good idea to be here is an exercise for the observer; he's getting into character, and that character is the more and more common Hammerman.

Tristan has come to meet with the ghosts that they had encountered on their previous visits to the Wailing House, dressed this time in his usual grey suit rather than clothes for exploring The lights are on, and so the small flashlight is neatly tucked away as he approaches the house once more.

Logan returns to the house in that fancy REI exploratory gear, like he had on last time. Lots of ripstop nylon and wonderful bourgeois dreams of climbing mountains in Yosemite. He's here with Dross in tow, and he comes up alongside the others, dimming the light around him down so it's more subsumed in shadow. "Good evening, everyone. Tristan." The latter gets a big grin from him. "Well. This should be interesting, huh?"

Dross steps into the house after Logan. Quiet, watchful, he wears a black shirt with loose black trousers, a thin belt, and boots. Rolled back, his sleeves show a hint of the bone-white lining inside. He glances around the room as he enters, eyes pausing on each person in turn: Tristan, Poppy, and Allen... And that mysterious, intermittent whirl of black sand.

Eddie is actually waiting for them when they get there. When they get close to the door there's a wave to them, "Come on in." he's manifested. So everyone can see and hear him. Maybe helping people with some of the work.

Now and again, the sharpest of ear might hear an extra set of footsteps: perhaps that is a Teagan. Who can say? They did come and go last time, unseen. They don't say anything at all, though. Not yet.

Poppy gives Allen a thoughtful look at his lack of response, then is distracted as her shoe skids a little on sand. Muttering idly if harmonically under her breath, she regains her balance and turns her attention towards the others that are gathering, smiling warmly enough by way of greeting to all visible - including Eddie. "Hello!" She seems to be waiting for others to go first, however, perhaps wary of a woman who would shoot half her husband's head off.

The Stonebones stops when Poppy stops, curiously never more than a step or two from her at all times. Eddie gets a nod, but Allen stays by the Siren's side, fingers twitching slightly with... anticipation? Nerves? Excitement?

Regardless, he seems ready for anything, even if it's just a flying pencil.

When they are invited in, Tristan moves to enter with a dip of his head to Eddie in greeting. "Thank you for inviting us into your home," he says quietly an then slips insie, the pale quiet Darkling not having any trouble slipping inside when it is his turn to do so.

"Annabelle is gonna be down in just a moment. Come on in, we've got lights. That was nice of you guys. Now we can flick them on and off." Eddie chuckles. Dude was a strange ghost! "There's been kids in and out of here. No problems either. Been a good few weeks." he admits.

"Good to see you too, Eddie," Logan says, smiling to the ghost, his blue eyes bright. "I agree with Tristan. Thanks for having us! Maybe we should have brought a housegift?" He laughs, lokoing to Dross. "What do ghosts like to get as presents?"


Dross raises an eyebrow when Logan looks at him. "Company," he answers. Is that a deadpan joke, or is he serious? Then he looks over at Eddie, who's come down to greet them. Not at the blood and brains staining his jacket or the big gap where half of his head should be, but at what's left of the ghost's eyes. "What does Annabelle think?"

"Does being able to fuck with the lights scare the kids off more easily?" Poppy asks curiously. If she's noticed Allen's rather fixed proximity to herself, she doesn't comment, instead seemingly more interested in the ghost's response. At the question about ghosts and presents, however, she glances towards Dross as well. His answer is met with a wry look, and his question with an equally thoughtful one.

Those footsteps drift along, quiet, but not completely unheard by the sharp of ear, and Teagan -- if they were there which of course they're not -- might be drifting alongside Poppy, chilling at the side of the blonde siren, getting black sand under her feet.

Does Annabelle's name unhinge a memory for Allen? It's hard to tell when he's in Hammerman mode. (Why does he do that, anyway?) He's just taking in the sights and conversation at them moment, since there's nothing to bash yet.

Tristan is silent as the questions are asked of Eddie by those who have gathered. Those black glossy eyes with the constellations slowly turning within them could be looking at onyone present, but it seems that his interest is mostly for the ghosts at the moment, the occupants of the house.

"Annabelle wants to speak with you all." Eddie states as he looks to them. Then there's a look to Poppy, "We actually expend a lot of energy to do that. But it does help." he chuckles. Then Eddie goes silent as something starts to move down the stairs.

Behind Eddie and coming down the stairs is a severe looking woman with pinned back black hair and wearing a black dress that heralds the later times. Her eye sockets are empty, but she heads right over to her husband and stands next to them, "Edward tells me you'd like to use our home." she states in a clipped tone.

A scattering of black sand across the otherwise clean floor, and here is no one, only a subtle set of footsteps alongside Poppy, and perhaps an unseen presence, listening.

Allen's fingers twitch when he sees and hears the woman without eyes address them. Otherwise, he remains as close to Poppy as he can without seeming... well... weirder than usual.

Logan takes a step forward, after an amused look Dross' way. "We were hoping you'd help us," he says. "There's such a thing called a 'haunted house,' and we would be honored if you'd let us use your home for this purpose. It means you could move about as you normally would, we would use the house temporarily, and keep others besides us at bay, after we were done." He looks to the others and laughs. "At least, I think I've got it right. Please chime in if there's something I've missed."

"Fuck all if I know, I'm just here in case someone tries to actually hurt you lot," says a rather recognizable, rough voice from, you know, right next to Poppy. So Teagan is here after all.

Dross looks for a while in silence at Tristan, Allen, and Poppy, who haven't had much to say so far... When Logan speaks, though, his attention moves back to the Fairest and the two ghosts. He stares hard at Annabelle, in particular, pale gaze still fixed on the empty sockets where her eyes used to be when that voice starts up out of thin air.

Annabelle gives a nod to Logan when he steps forward to speak. A bit of a pursing of her lips. "When the season changes to Winter, you will vacate the property. If you keep to this and don't damage the house, you will be welcomed back next Autumn." she tells them. "We've refrained from hurting anyone. But you must understand how you would react if someone came into your home and damaged it. Tried to drive you out." she states after that.

Poppy gives a shrug at Logan's request for clarification; apparently being newer, she doesn't consider herself in a position to comment about right or wrong. "Certainly your house has become /extremely/ well known for the...unusual...things that have been happening here. Seeing as how it's the season for the otherworldly, it's pretty undeniable that it would be an ideal location." Amazing, she can actually manage not to swear. As Teagan speaks, however, she does a double-take at the voice from next to her, not /quite/ jumping; that said, her weight shifts enough that her shoes slide in the volcanic sand that's now underfoot that she then has to scramble for her balance, unfortunately ruining the illusion of propriety as she lets loose with a veritable torrent of swearing under her breath. Thankfully, given the odd harmonics of her voice, it's difficult to make out the exact details of who is doing what to whom.

Logan...blinks at the spot Teagan appears to be in, but he continues to smile. Very few things can stop that smile, and his focus is soon back on Annabelle, and also Poppy when she adds to his words. He nods, seeming to appreciate them, then turns to Annabelle. "Thank you very much. That's incredibly generous of you. We only want to show you respect, and to keep your house from being damaged in the future. We'll take good care of it now, and make sure it isn't harmed after Autumn ends." His smile is wide and bright.

An invisible hand steadies Poppy. The invisible hand of the market may not be much, but the invisible hand of the Darkling can keep a siren from falling on her butt. Teagan doesn't say anything else, though: they're just chillin'.

The Stonebones whips his head around at the "Fuck all" etc., and reflexively reaches out to steady Poppy as she slips on... something he can't really see well. But then she seems to already be steady.

So, yeah, it's safe to assume that Allen is just perfectly calm or whatever. Totally cool. Easy does it.

"We would be pleased for the use of the house," Tristan says to Annabelle, "And of course we would treat it with the respect that it deserves with no intent to damage or to leave it in a condition worse than we found it." His tone is quiet and respectful. The otherwise quiet Darkling seems content enough to make that promise.

Dross continues to watch Annabelle as the others speak; from time to time, his attention flicks over to Eddie, too, checking on him. The little skirmish with the swearing and the invisible hand doesn't seem to distract him. When the others have finished, he says only, "No one will drive you out."

Poppy doesn't seem to notice the lack of visible source for the initial assist by Teagan, apparently simply accepting the help from both Darkling and Ogre alike in her haste to make sure she gets her feet firmly back under her. Once that's sorted however, she does offer the pair a quiet thanks, regardless of the fact that the former is essentially invisible, perhaps looking not to cause more of a disruption.

Annabelle gives an eyeless look to each of them, something that gives a chill because even without eyes she can still somehow see them. "We thank you for that. Other that visit do not respect the house. Nor us." she tells them. Apparently she wasn't as talkative as Eddie was. "Edward will see to anything if you need it. Though I trust if you are using it as a haunted house you will not need much." she tells them. Then she's turning to head back for the stairs.

And... is that it? Allen's eyes get hard as topaz as he Annabelle shifts his gaze to him, but otherwise stays quiet.

"Thank you," Tristan says to Annabelle with a dip of his head respectfully to the woman. "We will work with Edward." He seems content with things remaining short and sweet. The ghost's demands seem reasonable enough. He glances to the others gathered, listening, perhaps, for what they might have to add or ask. There is a glance for Dross and Logan as he studies each for a moment.

"Thanks again, Annabelle. You won't regret it," Logan says brightly, folding his arms across his chest. He looks to the others. "Well? I don't think we need anything else here right now, do we?" Yep, sometimes Logan likes to be the Fred Jones in any given Scooby-Doo scenario, sans ascot.

Eddie gives a look to everyone and there's a sigh of relief, "Man, you guys caught her on a good night it seems." he tells them. "Now. If anyone actually wants to stay here...that is also fine. We don't have any food or anything, but the fridge works and stuff." he points out.

There's a slight whistling sound from where Teagan's standing, and then the Darkling fades into view, absently spinning that rusty, forever-bleeding machete that they can't be separated from. "Welp. Yinz ain't bleeding, so it's time for me to fuck the entire way off," Teagan opines ever so politely. They sling the machete back into its ring holster at her hip. "I'll bring some booze by next time I visit. Speakin' of... " and then they spin on their heel to go, apparently at ease sliding a bit on the volcanic sand...

Dross returns that brief, curious look... Then Teagan appears and disappears with that flourish of blood-dripping steel, drawing his attention, after which his gaze travels over the others, each in turn: quiet Poppy, hard-eyed Allen, and Logan, of course, taking charge as usual. He answers, "No, nothing." To Logan or to Eddie? Both, perhaps.

Poppy tilts her head at that permission from Annabelle, then simply nods at the instructions before glancing to the others. It seems she's more than happy to let Tristan speak for her for the moment. Logan's question is met with a shrug, then she grins at Eddie. "That's kind of you; I think I'm good." As Teagan finally materializes, Poppy arches an eyebrow at both the Darkling and that spinning machete before her gaze drops to the sand. There's a moment of consideration in those opalescent eyes, then she gives them a sideways look. No comment yet, however, on whatever she may be thinking; instead all she says is, "Booze is /never/ a bad fucking plan."

Logan smiles at Teagan. "Thanks for dropping in," he says, rather neutrally, and then he nods to Eddie. "We will definitely keep that in mind. Be well, Eddie!" Then he turns and begins to head back towards the door, not really waiting for Dross. He'll keep up, won't he?

Ever the granite-colored shadow, Allen simply takes his lead from the siren and follows Poppy out when she leaves.