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Bright One Kith

References: CtL 113, WM 80
Theme: Transformed by Light/Fire/Ice

Kith Blessings

Passive Blessing: Goblin Illumination

Bright Ones may illuminate an area at will, as explained on CtL 113. They also gain 9-again (/9) on Empathy rolls.

Active Blessing: Blinding Brilliance

Bright Ones may spend a Glamour to make their Goblin Illumination blinding, penalizing attempts to target them by -2. All rolls to Stealth and Subterfuge suffer -2 while within this brilliance, including attempts made by the Bright One.

High Wyrd Blessing

The Bright One's passive illumination doubles in scope, lighting an area up to 30' x 30' x 20' tall. She may choose to illuminate only part of that potential area. In addition, the penalty to target her while she exercises her Blinding Brilliance is now -3 instead of -2.

Example Frailties

Repelled by black candles, cannot speak at night, cannot eat honey, injured by pewter, counting compulsions (holes that emanate light, like a sieve held before the sun), cannot cut or break string.

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