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FB04 - Fort Brunsett - Entertainment District

Meandering its way through curves and cul-de-sacs meant to draw wanderers in, the entertainment district of the city is a lazy two-mile snake of road which gradually climbs a long, low slope. It takes effort to ensure the buildings here will pass the beer-bottle test, but then, in many of the buildings here, beer bottles are put to far better uses than measuring the slopes of floorboards.

A multiplex movie theatre occupies prominent real estate, filling an entire curve of the long road between itself and its expansive parking lot, carefully planted trees pretending to be forested groves around it.

Locally famous, the Dare ice cream shop is well known for its adventurous opinion of appropriate toppings and flavours, while the Desrochers bar, equally renowned, offers a more stable lineup of locally sourced liquor, the two buildings set on opposite sides of the same curve in the road with a shared lot for cars paved between.

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