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FB06 - Fort Brunsett - Tambridge

Stretching its ever so elegant wings over both sides of the river, the Tambridge area is not for the light of pocket.

To the west, the property values take a dip the farther out they go, eventually blending with the Delwood developments on Maple Hill a good mile away, businesses similarly dipping values to the south. Streets are broad and clean throughout, bicycle lanes provided on either side.

The sturdy bridge at the heart of the district is an ornamented masterpiece of carved stone and excellent engineering, gifted by a local family. A plaque on the east side denotes that sometimes, you do win the lottery, and when you do, it's time to give a few bucks back. Or a few million.

'A few million' describes the homes along the east and north sides of the area as well, lake homes tucked securely away within gated fences and long trails off through the trees around Lake Brunsett's gently curving banks. Mansions and expansive estates dwindle the farther east they go, leaving the lakeside behind.

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