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LA01 - Lake Brunsett - Lakeshore

The jewel of the local landscape, Tamarack Falls plunges down over granite outcrops with wild ruthlessness into the basin far below, streamers of mist and fog rising hundreds of feet into the air along the cliff wall to the north. Upthrust fingers of stone vie with rocky hills around the ridged circumference of Lake Brunsett below, ten miles at its widest, and broadest just past three, following the lay of the land south toward its rivery outlet.

The southern shore is littered with wealthy homes and clifftop mansions set amidst the trees, lakeside resorts and rentals occupying every possible iota of viable land. Less convenient, farther from the city, the properties along the lake's far sides are smaller, the land rockier, harder to build on, but that doesn't stop determined settlers. A number of small wooded islands jut from the surface of the lake.

A popular marina on the southern shore offers public access not too far from the outlet for sail- and motorboats among others, unsafe areas marked with buoys. Beaches, too, are protected by a guideline of bright orange floating balls, marking safe distances to swim out where no vehicle may go.

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