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LA09 - Lake Brunsett - Open Water

The lake is big. Very big. While you are out on the water, it is impossible to see from one end to the other, between the ten-mile distance and the slight, but significant curving of the lake itself around the sloping landscape below the cliff. The average distance from one side to the other ranges from 1-3 miles.

Dominating the northwestern end of the lake, the Tamarack River, colloquially known as the River Tam, plunges down over three hundred feet of green-streaked granite to form the picturesque, mist-spraying falls which give the small town up above the cliff its name. The thunder of thousands upon thousands of gallons of water striking stone can be heard for miles, a low, background vibration even more audible after dark over the still, clear water.

Wildlife thrives in, on, and around the lake, certain areas protected as nesting grounds during portions of the year to ensure the survival of species in danger of losing ground against humanity. Buoys mark lanes for safe travel in motor vehicles, and laws are, admittedly, more strictly enforced during the summer than the rest of the year, given the number of idiot tourists who run aground or shred their hulls on the upthrust, often blade-like rock formations nearer the falls. Kayaks are popular nearer the shore, away from the rougher chop and waves found farther out, and during very cold winters, the surface of the lake in shallower sections is known to freeze entirely.

A number of islands dot the lake's surface, some little more than rocky outcroppings suited for gull-perches and the nesting of loons, some large enough to sport small wooded areas and homes. Property prices are absolutely obscene, and there are very strict environmental and aesthetic standards for all such purchases.

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