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LA02 - Lake Brunsett - Western Woodland

Traveling a mile or so westward along the lakeshore, the wealthy, glitzy houses and hotels are left behind in favour of the occasional cabin and a great, great deal of forest. In the appropriate seasons, hunters can often be found prowling the woods farther from the lake, and there are two separate boat launches for fishers on the shore itself, though 'beaches' are few and far between, and pebbly at that, larger rocks brought in and stacked to help prevent bank erosion.

For those who appreciate the earthier side of life, the city does make the majority of its money from tourists: want to rent a bike/motorbike/snowmobile? Want to rent a fishing boat? The businesses here have just the thing.

This far away from it, three miles across the open water, the thunder of the distant falls is a dull rumble, but a beautiful one, if you can find a spot with few enough trees to see it properly.

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