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FB07 - Fort Brunsett - Sweetwater Hilltops

Northernmost of the lands claimed by the city down below the cliffs, the thunder of the falls at the head of the lake is a dull roar amidst the thickly forested settlement on the banks, their distance from easy access making the small homes and cabins there less prone to the excesses of the Tambridge residents. Nearest the lake, asphalt gives way to bumpy dirt and gravel interrupted by a good half dozen small bridges, the freshwater brooks which give the area its name running toward the lake.

Traveling east through a good four miles of sparsely populated woodland rife with tamarack and pine, the land rises, a popular campground tucked away on northern June Berry hill. Just to the southwest, Hawkeye hill sports a small nunnery, largely self-sufficient, the bells in its tower tolling gently through the flatlands and rocky farm country to the south.

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