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Coffee Conversations

Amity Millikan, Mavis Octavia Baines

3 November, 2019

Amity and Mavis have a heart to heart involving coffee and tender words in the cold.



Mavis' truck is at the base of the hill leading up to the Baines' Manse. Someone has left the porch light on and someone is also sitting outside on the screen-in porch. Mavis waits for Amity, bundled up in her jacket, knitted beanie and gloves, and fuzzy socks. There's a woolen blanket thrown over her lap and she seems... anxious. Quiet. Cold, despite the pains she has taken to retain body-heat. Doing nothing at all to distract herself save from staring off through the screen at the wind twisting the tree-swing hanging from the willow.

Amity hauls herself up the steps to the house. It has been a long day at work and she is... tired. The same had been true yesterday and she wished, not for the first time, that her schedule was a bit more regular. She'd come home late, not bothered to make dinner--just gone straight upstairs to bed. This morning she had run out the door without stopping for much more than hot water and a tea bag for her thermos. She was... really tired. But she had had the presence of mind to stop and pick up a fresh thing of coffee on the way home, along with a few other things the house needed. Nothing major. As she clambers up the stairs to the porch, she comes up short, stares at Mavis. Like the other woman, she'd bundled against the chilly winter evening, has her hands in knit mittens, a beanie she'd knit for herself like the ones for Mavis--though hers are in a sky blue and grey color instead.

"...Stargazing?" She asks, letting her grocery bag touch the porch as she sets it down. Smiles, weary as she is. "You're gonna turn into a Mavis popsicle out here."

"Stargazing?" Mavis turns her face to peer at Amity and smiles at her, sadly. "Nah, can't see him from here. Better on the from the roof." She lets a bit of silence follow that statement, staring at Amity from head to toe. She sure was cute all bundled up against the winter. Carefully, Mavis asks, "You got a minute to talk about some stuff?"

Hm. That wasn't quite the answer that Amity expected. There's a brief change in her stance, her normally impassive face not quite revealing what she's feeling, only a twinge of worry. Then she nods and moves to sit down besides Mavis with a grunt. "Ah, yeah. We can talk, any time. And it must be important if you've been sitting up waiting for me..."

Mavis scoots over to share her seat with Amity. There are benches on the porch, lining the walls with a porch swing stationed against the wall shared by the house. The mortal is sitting there and, when Amity joins her, she throws a bit of the blanket over the Changeling's lap, never-minding the groceries for now. It's cold enough outside that they probably weren't in any immediate danger, unless Amity got ice cream.

"Yeah, it is kinda important. I didn't want to tell you over the phone or in texts," she says to Amity, nudging her knee to bump into Amity's leg. The contact was reassuring, but she didn't want to take too much from that well. "I, ah," stammers Mavis, looking down at her lap, ".. had someone over last night and things got kinda heavy a lot faster than I thought they might." She peers over at Amity, eyes squinting. "I don't really know where we stand?" The mortal gestures between them. "But I felt like it'd be worse if I didn't tell you."

Amity listens intently as Mavis speaks, her brow just barely furrowing as she looks at the other woman. Clearly, something is not right. And then, as the conversation continues, it becomes much more obvious what, exactly is wrong. She takes a small breath. In. Out. Her face remains impassive, not real outward sign of whatever she's feeling. She wants to show it, but... it's terrifying to think of.

"Oh." They'd talked about this. The poly thing. And yet this feels... it hurts in some way. A little twinge of hurt and betrayal. Maybe they weren't official? Or something? It still hurts. Just a little. "I see." What else does she say? "Um... I mean we're not like official yet, or anything so..." She trails off. She needs to put others first, right? But she wants Mavis to say that, no. No, Amity is important.

She tenses, waiting to hear Amity's verdict. Mavis is watching the blonde very closely, peering through the lenses of her glasses into the guarded, blue eyes behind them. It was hard to get a read on Amity and Mavis listens to what she says, biting her bottom lip and chewing on in a display of nerves. By the sounds of it, it seems like Amity doesn't care at all. Mavis shrinks, pulling her knee back as she fidgets on the porch swing.

"Oh," is all she says for what feels like a long while. "Well, we had talked about /some/ things. It felt wrong to keep a secret, I mean.. Widget came over this morning and saw the kitchen." Mavis flushes. "She pretty much guessed. I asked her not to say anything til I could talk to you."

Amity flinches. Kind of. Vaguely. Maybe. She draws in on herself a little, tries not to freak out too much. Internally she wants to scream. They'd talked about poly stuff but it feels like being slugged in the gut. "...I just. Thought you would tell me before you. Did stuff like that." It's not judgmental, more flat. She doesn't trust herself to show emotion, doesn't think she /should/. It's not her place, right? To want things. She fidgets, toys with a stray lock of blonde hair. She needs to do /something/.

"You're right," Mavis admits in a voice that sounds small and young. She kicks her legs through the empty air then puts her feet on the ground to push the swing back. "I shouldn't be telling you like this.. after the fact. I'm sorry, Amity.. It was all sudden," she explains, turning to steal a bold look at Amity's face, trying to get a read on the impassive Changeling. "I mean, I knew that I was crushing, but I didn't think she liked me back and it was nice just being friends. That's.. really the last thing I expected when I invited her over for coffee.. and then we were out of coffee," she sighs, "so I made tea and then..." Mavis trails off, she didn't want to get into what happened after the tea.

"Yeah, I meant to tell you we were out. Sorry." That's something normal to talk about, something that isn't her dumb emotions and the struggle it is to try and figure out what she should do. What she's allowed to do. She exhales, then slowly leans over to rest her head against Mavis' shoulder. "I have more coffee," she adds after a moment, pointing towards the bag of groceries and trails off to silence again. She lets the silence fill up between them. She wants to say something or do something but she doesn't know what. And then... something snaps in her.

Without saying anything she turns and straddles Mavis and slides into her lap, leaning forward with her hands linked behind the other's neck. "...Is t okay if I kiss you?" Consent. Consent is important.

"It's okay," Mavis says about the coffee, shrugging about it. Didn't seem like that big of a deal to her anymore and she leans her head against Amity's when Amity rests her own on her shoulder. This is was nice, talking about normal stuff like coffee. "Thanks," she tells Amity, chuckling. "You're a life-saver." Mavis didn't have the heart to tell Amity that she only kept tea in the house for her.

Then, suddenly, the chains of the swing are swayed and the wood creaks as Amity makes a lunge for the mortal. Not a lunge, per say, but a /straddle/ that leaves Mavis wide-eyed and peering up at Amity, shocked. "Y-yes," she blurts, consent given without second thought, but then she turns her head and tacks on, "Wait.. Wait, Amity." Hands move to the blonde's thighs, sliding up to her hips. "You don't gotta do this just because... you know."

Amity's weight is warm and soft, pressing down into Mavis' lap. Just like Amity's lips are when they press to Mavis' for a quick, clumsy kiss. It's fervent, seeming to contain all the emotion she is unable to express otherwise. Amity can herself feel the warmth radiating from beneath Mavis' clothing. Her hands feel clumsy, trapped as they are in mittens and she awkwardly tries to tug them off while still embracing Mavis. Mavis' words sting just a little and she actually lets the emotion show on her face for a moment, tries to make her thoughts leave her mouth in a way that makes sense. The sensation of hands against thighs and hips, though, is distracting.

"It's not because of that," she says weakly. Then she gives up on the mittens and just brings a hand up to her face so she can tug one off with her teeth and drop it to the side, heedless of the sudden sharp nip of cold night air at bared skin. "I want..." She takes a breath, a rising wave of nauseous anxiety threatening to overwhelm her. "...You're important to me and I want you to know that. It's... I'm worried, that's all. There's... a lot about me you don't really know yet. I don't want you to get hurt by any of it." She's silent, then adds in a quiet, almost child-like voice, "I just want to be close to you, Mavis."

She's kissed, beset upon by Amity and the mortal leans up into it, eyelids fluttering closed, and her fingers giving the hips in them a squeeze and then Mavis winces, trying to hide it. She grunts a little noise of struggle or pain in her throat and fidgets under Amity, squirming her hips to get them comfortable. "Sorry," she murmurs abashedly, sighing. The human was a little, ahemhem, sore in places and Amity's added weight to her lap was making her very much aware of these aches and pains.

It's hard not to smile at Amity's struggles with her mittens. Mavis bites down on her grin and collects the blonde's other hand in hers, pulling the mitten off with ease, and setting in next to them on the swing. She's listening to Amity, though, and when Amity's finished talking Mavis just gives her head a little shake. "That's the thing, though.. I don't care about any of that, Amity. I like you, whatever you've gone through.. whatever you've done?" She arches a brow and leaps up to steal a quick kiss. "It doesn't matter, I dunno how to make you see that. You didn't kill any kids, did you? Or puppies? Or old people? No?" The human shrugs. "Can't be that bad then."

Amity has to smile, just a little, when Mavis helps with her other mitten. Lets her hands fold into Mavis' for warmth. She sighs quietly, then leans forward to rest her forehead against Mavis', content to rest there for a moment as the other woman replies to her. Her words are kind and yet they cut. Amity can't remember what she did except for brief flashes and vivid imagery that means little, if anything to her. What if she had done those things? But...

"No," she says after a moment. "I didn't." Not that she knows of. "And... I..." Her cheeks flush bright pink, not just from the cold. You can do this, Amity. Set honesty to on. The silence drags out for a long, long few moments but then she takes a breath and steels herself. "Okay, I kind of want to sleep with you because of this whole thing and I--I really would prefer it if you would tell me before you. Have sex with anyone else. If we're going to do this whole thing--It helps me, um. Deal with it? Kinda? I'm okay with sharing you. If I know that I'm sharing before hand." An awkward pause. "Also I want to sleep with you because it was a really long day and I want to forget about it and you're really attractive, okay?" A deep breath follows. "I think that's the most open I've been about how I feel with anyone in. Like. A really long time." She sounds almost exhausted by the effort it took to do that. Better be grateful, Mavis.

Mavis nudges her forehead back against Amity's, stealing comfort from the contact, and she opens her eyes after a moment. The mortal tells Amity something that she believes with her whole heart when she says, "You're a good person, Amity. I know you are." She just wished the woman felt like she could be more honest with her. It was easy to forget about those things, though, with Amity so near and with her fresh confessions rolling out. Mavis turns shy at some of the things Amity says to her, admitting, "Yeah, I know.. I'll be better about that.. There's no one else, for whatever that's worth." Right now, anyway.

She grins again, listening to Amity go on to talk about the two of them and the prospect of sleeping together. "Must've been some day," Mavis notes wryly, grinning and rolling her eyes. She might've said something then about being objectified, but Amity's ego seemed too fragile for such flippancy. Instead, she asks, "Do you.. want to go inside?"

"Thank you," Amity murmurs quietly, her head still resting against Mavis' for the moment. Having someone say that, say that and /mean/ it makes her heart flutter. Perhaps because it is so hard for her to convince herself at times. Her cheeks are a brighter pink and the question does, finally, drag a smile from her.

"Yeah. Let's go inside."