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R03 - Tamarack Road - Olde Market

Located at the heart of the town's old mercantile district, the quaintly named Olde Market is a series of small plazas strung along the west bank of the River Tam, though very little of the architecture is 'old' beneath its sweet facade.

Built to encourage browsing, each small plaza is ringed by a series of small shops, bakeries, tourist goods, boutiques and craft nooks tucked among book stores and raised planters of native trees and greenery. Flowers perfume the air in warmer seasons, planted in window boxes outside shops and placed where they might attract butterflies to tables outside public eateries.

Several roads lead away from the area, the higher-end shops and housing of northerly Tambridge competing with the Patterson townhouses and office buildings to the south and, west, the more eclectic gathering halls and shops of Singers' Circle. Tamarack Road leads the way out toward the suburbs to the northwest through the Delwood development.

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