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FB13 - Fort Brunsett - Singers' Circle

A cobbled circle of age-worn granite forms the central plaza of a busy, but not frenetic district, large enough to seat a fair audience. Broad walks to either side of the paved roads invite dalliance at the tables set outside tea shops and tarot readers, New Age trinkets and instrument repairs, with the occasional electronics store bringing a dash of modernity to the step back in time.

A number of garret apartments exist on street corners, some buildings whole, some let to multiple renters, local stone and tired wood more common by far than steel.

Toward the far west end, an old theatre and playhouse stands in a lot of trees, the land next to it, broad and flat amidst the encroachment of the forest, often used by Renaissance Faires in the proper seasons, undergrowth scanty and far between.

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