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FB12 - Fort Brunsett - Four Hills District

One of the older districts in the city, the Four Hills area has served the Fort Brunsett elite since the land was pacified, a number of historic homes still lived in today, passed down through local families. Roads are broad and well-maintained, old-growth trees shade clean white and brick manor houses and more lawns than not are guarded by high walls with gates to deter the idle from trespass.

There exists a measure of genteel decay in the aging suite tenements atop low Chicken hill, southmost of the four and most closely aligned with the twixt to the southeast, Pine hill immediately to its west, tallest and most spacious of the four. A well-known local vineyard has attempted, without any great success, to establish its own vintage on the south side of Pine for well over a century and a half.

Northmost, church-bearing Lewis hill is second-smallest, with Dayton to the east, nearest the river, second-largest of the four. While they aren't riverside property, the homes on Dayton tend toward large windows and grand lawns.

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