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R02 - Tamarack Road - Delwood and I-89

Sweeping down from the northwest, Tamarack Road carries traffic through wide, rolling grasslands and several miles of farmland, local roads linking broadly separated neighbourhoods on either side.

A good-sized mall has built up around the on- and off-ramps of I-89, the largest highway in the area, toward the northern end of Stockford Hill. Big box stores, warehousing and fast food restaurants service those heading into or out of the area, car lots and lots for farm vehicles sprawling out over a good mile and a half of stop lights and busier traffic before petering off again on the way south toward the city proper and more residential streets.

Little Maple Hill, just off of Tamarack, is home to a number of family housing areas built by the developer Devin Delwood, locally famous for his picturesque Dutch gables and steeply pitched roofs.

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