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R01 - Tamarack Road - Wilderness Preserve

A single public road passes through the Preserve, a pleasant twenty-minute drive (at the speed limit), all things considered, and the only road into or out of the town of Tamarack Falls. A wooden sign at the base of the steep cliff's switchback cautions against falling rocks and, too, contains symbols to indicate that cyclists and equestrians are also welcome on the trail.

Thickly forested and prone to fog in low areas, the dense woods at the foot of the path are home to several protected species, managed by a private commission of local rangers. For seven miles, the road and the occasional ranger's cabin are the only proof of human life. Electricity for the town, too, passes through this area, though proof of that is more obscure, underground conduits carrying it where treefalls won't take it out.

Toward the southern end, the forest thins, gradually replaced by scrub brush and grasslands where deer are often found to graze.

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