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Aspire Arena and Obstacle Course


Aspire Arena and Obstacle course is a multi-activity sporting complex located in Fort Brunsett, Vermont. It is home to the Aspire Gym, the Aspire Indoor/Outdoor Obstacle Course, and the Fire and Ice Skating Arenas. The complex is open year round though the outdoor obstacle course is primarily available during the warmer months of the year and is closed during the heart of winter. The lobby features a juice bar and a small cafe with healthy offerings. Rentals are available as well as rink time for local teams that are looking to practice both ice hockey and roller derby. The Obstacle Course makes a great activity for celebrations and team building. Aspire is hiring and is always welcoming of new members.

OOC Notes:

It's fairly well known to the Lost that Aspire is owned and operated by the Lux et Umbra motley and that it is a place where other Lost are welcome to drop by, even during hours when the business is otherwise closed.

Business Features and Services

  • Obstacle Course - Indoor (Course and Rules)
  • Obstacle Course - Outdoor (Course and Rules)
  • Gym - Free Weights
  • Gym - Strength Training
  • Gym - Cardio
  • Gym - Aerobics Classes
  • Gym - Pool and Hot Tub
  • Skating - Ice Rink - Hockey
  • Skating - Roller Rink - Free Skate
  • Skating - Derby Rink - Roller Derby
  • Food and Beverage - Juice Bar
  • Food and Beverage - Cafe
  • Rentals - Ice Time for Hockey Teams
  • Rentals - Rink Time for Derby Leagues
  • Rentals - Equipment for Facility Use
  • Rentals - Obstacle Course
  • Facilities - Locker Rooms and Showers

IC Notes:

Aspire does not have a pro shop for purchasing equipment, equipment maintenance, nor do they provide ice skating lessons.
For these services, Aspire refers customers to FroZone.
Aspire also does not serve alcohol and does not have a liquor license.

Changeling Related Info

  • Known as a hangout and can be used to find a place to meet others. Still a public place though. Be subtle.
  • Jon is known for his medical skills. Been perforated in ways one oughtn't? Wanna fix that?
  • Zephyr is known as a maker of things. Need Hedgespun? Need a whirligig fixed?
  • Connor is known to help those fresh from the Hedge. Need a calm voice of reason? Need a job?
  • Dielle is friendly and knows people. Need a friendly face? Need someone to be stabbed by a rainbow unicorn horn?
  • Lost are welcome to stop by even during hours the business is closed and one can presume to have heard through the grapevine ICly where the buzzer is to reach those who live there.


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Upcoming Events

  • Aspire Obstacle Race - April 30, 2017 - +event/signup 57
    Aspire Arena will be hosting an Obstacle Course Race on the Indoor Course for individuals. This will be a time trial race to see who can get from one end of the course to the other in the fastest time. The contest is open to all and signups will be taken up to the date of the event. Details for all rolls that need to be made prior to the event for the sake of sanity and flow of the scene once it actually starts will be provided on the Aspire Arena wiki in the coming weeks. Rolls will be actually done and tallied near the weekend of the event. @mail will follow once everything is posted. Contact Mason if you have any questions.


  • (2017.02.17)
Community Advancement Through Spite
  • (2017.03.29)
Aspire Arena Open House
  • (2017.04.09)
Evening At Aspire
  • (2017.09.16)
Dinner and Dream Talks
  • (2017.11.25)
Aspiring Ally
  • (2017.12.02)
Harvestmen Report
  • (2017.12.03)
Thorns and Pledges
  • (2017.12.23)
Tin-Man Unicorn Attack
  • (2018.02.20)
Meeting At Aspire

Owner: Connor Mason as 'Mason'
Location: Fort Brunsett - Entertainment District (FB04)
Hours: 06:00 - 21:00 M-F
06:00 - 23:00 Sa - Su
Hiring: Yes - Contact Mason


Connor MasonIcon.jpg Connor Mason
Hockey Player
Winter Elemental
Zephyr1.jpg Zephyr Tarlington
Equipment Maintenance
Winter Wizened
DLProfile.jpg Dielle Henner
Personal Trainer, counter help
Dawn Beast
JohnIhrck1.jpg Jon Ihrck
Dawn Ogre