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FroZone is the local ice skating rink, providing both a social outlet for the small town as well as a locale for local hockey leagues and Olympic ice skating hopefuls. While admission is free during open skating hours, revenue is through other means; rink rental for hockey leagues, skate lessons, party packages, and use of the venue's additional facilities. These services include:

  • Skate Rental. If you don't own a pair of your own, you can rent a pair from the rental booth.
  • Skate Sharpening. Located in the same area as the rental booth, you can purchase this service to keep your skates up to par.
  • Locker Rooms. Lockers are free, though customers must bring their own locks. There are showers in the facility as well, but customers must bring their own soap and towels. A sign at the entry indicates that people are welcome to use the locker room that fits their personal identification, and complaints should be addressed to the management. (Note: Complaining to the management will result in being told to fuck off and possibly being banned from the rink.)
  • The Skater's Boutique. A small retail space which offers all manner of equipment related to ice sports including hockey gear, figure skating dresses, and of course, ice skates.
  • The FroYoZone. There's a small cafe area that offers a variety of mostly hand-held arena food and drinks. Beer is available for those over 21, and IDs are always checked. Anyone visibly intoxicated is not allowed on the ice. As expected, frozen yogurt is available along with other options.

Hiring Positions

  • Retail. At the Boutique selling equipment for ice sports. Skate sharpening skills required.
  • Rental Booth Operator. People give them money, you give them skates. Skate sharpening skills required.
  • Café Assistants. Usually one during off hours, two during peak time. Cashier duty, cooking and serving food, keeping the café clean and the equipment maintained.
  • Rink Assistants. Their job is to skate around during open skating hours and assist people if they fall down, need help, etc. Kind of like lifeguards, but for ice. Knowledge of first-aid a plus, skating skill required.
  • Coaches. Hockey, speed, and figure skating instructors. While the owner teaches the more advanced levels of figure skating, peewee and novice training spots are open to potential trainers.
  • Locker Concierge. Maintains the cleanliness of the locker rooms.
  • Maintenance. Fixes stuff, keeps the arena clean!

(OOC: The rink has been around since at least 2015 (and possibly before that but under different management). If you would like to have been an employee for some time, feel free to contact Hannah's player.)


  • Erik Hollard provides mechanical maintenance for the Zamboni.

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Upcoming Events

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Owner: Hannah Harper
Location: MT02
Hours: 00:00 - 00:00 M-F
00:00 - 00:00 Sa - Su
Hiring: Yes


RobbieH1.jpg Rorschach - Zamboni Driver
MekoMask.jpg Meko - Maintenance
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