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FB03 - Fort Brunsett - Business District

A sprawl of short side streets connects to the broad riverside thoroughfare which is home to the city's largest businesses and office buildings. The river itself, unprepossessing and walled in on both sides by man-made borders to its channel, has not attracted the hotels of the lake area to the north, but the skyline has its share of notable structures, the younger siblings of skyscrapers, a few glass-walled and iridescent buildings housing important business owners and their daily worker bees.

The farther south one goes, the fewer towers have been built, businesses smaller, more practical, including several specialists in quite peculiar fields. While there are no parks, per se, there are a few small areas with meticulously tended grass, a few artistic shrubberies and white-painted wrought-metal benches beneath young trees, paired, one on either side of the main street.

The Patterson Bridge abuts the Eastbank Savings & Financial Group, a local credit union housed in a deceptively old-fashioned brick façade. The bridge itself leads west over the Tam.

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