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FB02 - Fort Brunsett - Riverside Markets

Serving the needs of three districts, the riverside markets are a two-mile tangle of brightly coloured buildings, eclectic and bold, which follow the gently curving eastern bank of the lazy Tam. Umbrellas and awnings advertising names and wares form a rippling canopy above street vendors' stalls. A number of popular ethnic restaurants make their home here, tucked among boutiques, salons and curiosities.

During the growing season, a stretch of grassy common land along the river is rented every weekday by a farmers' market, selling fresh produce from local growers and, when Autumn comes around, dried corn stalks and decorative gourds.

The brilliant white paint of the Riverside Hospital gleams from its sprawling lot on the Tam's other bank, the public park a splash of living colour and less frenetic energy down at its feet. Bridges can be glimpsed around the bend to north and south.

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