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H34 - Hedge - Rainbowside Markets

A bright and gaily decorated place, the markets are a tangle of haphazard aisles full of confusing goods and illusory wares, the contents of booths and stalls liable to change between one viewing and the next. Fruits are seldom fruit, and kitschy tourist toys sometimes look back, beady eyes glinting with unholy hunger.

Without the pattern, the oft-repeating patterns and unreliability of landmarks make the trod near-impossible to follow, but the trod-pattern itself isn't hard to keep in mind, even if it never stays the same direction and seldom starts at the beginning of the cycle: turn after red, turn after orange, after yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet... Eventually, there are no more stalls in evidence, path leading straight into the shadows of an alleyway between two concrete buildings.

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