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This Place Is Such a Tease

In which an Ogre gets trolled by a market, and the earth and sky give her the secret of the rainbow.


Tasia, Adithan Varma

2 January 2020

Tasia's first scene!


H34 Rainbowside Markets

The Rainbowside Markets are right there! Right on the other side of the hedge gate, and they look busy as anything, and there are hobs hawking wares but when one turns to look, the booth is something else, and the wares are entirely different. The twisty narrow aisles get confusing quickly, and there are no landmarks but rainbow colors--

It's almost like a dream of a Goblin Market instead of a real one.

A tall, wiry prettyboy with pointed ears and constellations across his night-sky face, with vines creeping up from under the collar of his bright blue and yellow hawaiian-shirt-patterned parka, schleps around a corner casually. He's completely ignoring all the stalls and hobs, and they're cautiously ignoring him: his Summer mantle is a humid and heavy thing, roiling with the threat of monsoon and the foreboding quiet stillness that comes before it.

And yet-- and yet-- his glasses are super nerdy. He's carrying a backpack, and it looks decidedly flat and empty. He's also the first solidly consistent and real person in sight.

Tasia is smiling and looking to have a pretty good time, well amused at the oddity of this market. She speaks with a hob amid a cross road, tall demonette built like the silhouette on the back of truck mud-flaps, with stone hand gesturing about. Her contralto voice carries a laugh. "Well that makes rethinking a deal kindof a pain in the ass right? I mean, turn around and the stall buggered off. So unless /you/ sell a zombie themed t-shirt that actually moans..." The new arrival catches her attention, more so as his mantle mingles with her own heated breeze. "Hay Star-Guy, having any luck with this place?" She looks rather impressed at his mien, finding it terribly interesting.

"What?" blinks the apparent Fairest, stalling in his tracks. "Ah-- no, it is not real, per se." That's definitely a British Indian accent, and the lilt of his words is as startlingly smooth and melodic as the voice that speaks them. As he speaks, interestingly, his manner gets less confused and more polite, and there's something oddly regal about the way he stands when he's orientated himself. "I take it you are new here? My apologies. You cannot buy anything, not truly. This part of the Hedge is a reflection of the real city. Do you know how to get out, or would you like me to show you the way?"

Tasia tilts her head curiously at those first words then breaks into another smile while taking in his voice. One of the best accents to have and she has an ear for well toned and controlled voices. She blinks as he goes on, glancing about at the changed again stalls then breaks into deep, resonate laughter for how badly she was fooled. "Oh shit, really? Wow, lovely." Easily able to laugh at herself, she gives a mornful look at something she would have liked to buy while walking up to him. "Oh please do show me out then, this place is such a tease, which is great but not when lost as well." She offers her left/normal hand. "And hello. Tasia of Summer, Baroness of the.. hedge ones." That given more as a fuction than a title.

The grin offered in response to the demoness laughing at herself is a bright slow-blossoming thing, transforming the night-sky face beautifully; as the boy's smile grows, he relaxes slightly, and he takes Tasia's hand and shakes it firmly. His hand is made of smooth polished rosewood and feels like it, hard and ungiving, but moving the way a hand ought to. "Adithan Varma," he says, "of Summer." He says it 'Ah-DI-tyan Warma', and then he laughs and says, "Adi. I applaud your choice of path, Tasia of Summer."

He gestures widely at the place and explains, warm and deferential, "You have probably noticed the colors. Not only the stalls, but the trod itself: they follow the order of the visible spectrum. So since we are currently standing in yellow, the shade we ought to seek next is green, and after that blue-- you see? If you follow the rainbow in one direction, it takes you past the market into the hedge. If you follow it backwards, it shall eventually deposit you before the hedge gate. Do you wish to leave for the real world, or were you trying to go into the hedge?"

An odd handshake then, polished rosewood on polished red granite. Tasia glances down and grins a bit before regarding him again while semi mouthing the very new to her name. "A pleasure, even without you leading me from the maze." A wink. She nods at the explanation, rolling her eyes at how much sense that makes after explained. "Ohhh well that is rather creative." her nose wrinkles then she smiles again. "The real world is ok but I am so a Hedge Girl, rather meet a briarwolf than end up listening to some MAGA type. "So what do you do locally? Part of the Hold, I assume?"

"Likewise," the Goddamn Pretty Summer Courtier says with a very, very slight bow and a smile. He raises his eyebrows, then. "Ah, I would rather not meet a briarwolf, personally. I entered only to replenish my stock of hedgefruit, as it is abysmally low. I will accompany you at least that far, but my partner has a tendency to fret when I say I am going into the Hedge, then do not return in the expected timeframe. If we should run into trouble, I shall be more than happy to assist, should you need it." As they start walking, he answers the last question. "Technically yes, though I have yet to re-swear. We have only just returned from a year in my home country. I have no especial title, but I help where I can. Primarily I cook and catapult bullies into the sun."

Tasia mms and nods, raising brows at being in a similarly fruit-low state. "Awww they can be fun if in low numbers.. Sometimes.. Ok not so much but still, at least them I am allowed to pummel when they get too annoying." She nods at the partner's worry. "Understandable, lucky them then. Have to say you are freaking gorgeous, enough to make me almost self conscious." She moves along with, lifting a brow. "Catapult into the sun? This I have to see sometime! And a cook, lovely. I am good at foraging but suuuuck at trying to make preserves/juice. And good timing to return with the season just turning."

There's just an amused continuation of the smile at the commentary on briarwolves, and at the compliment, Adi ducks his head and laughs. "Ah, it gets me in trouble, but I am quite vain, so I would not trade my looks. I thank you." Then there's a quick sidelong grin; they're nearly to the end of a second rainbow, and a dark, plain alley is in sight. "Not literally catapult into the sun. It just seemed like it." He slows down a little as they leave the market grounds, going silent as he slips into the alley ahead of Tasia; he's remarkably hard to track when he wants to be, but fortunately for Tasia, he's not going to much effort and she was already looking anyway.

Once they're through and into the wastes of the reflected city, he starts looking for sidewalk and corner weeds. "My partner is better at preserving goblin fruits and such; my skill lies more in absolutely delicious mundane food. As you can tell, I am very humble. And it is actually terrible timing, the cold is mean and the lack of sunlight is worse. We should have stayed another season, alas!"

Then he stops and crouches, glancing around the base of some really unappealing-looking weeds, looking for spoor. "There is not much that grows wild in winter and is useful and delicious both, but useful is there nonetheless."

Tasia laughs and nods in agreement about trouble and being vain, making a 'just so' gesture with her normal hand. "Well sounds fun to see either way, was a colorful description." She ewws softly at mundane food. "Must be nice, I find completely mundane food to lack any taste at all of late." A little shrug then another smile. "Well now that you mention it, all your humbleness is overboard and I think suggests a inferiority complex." She carefully keeps laughter out of her voice.. Through most of that. And then catching the searching, begins doing the same, taking slow breaths through her nose by way of searching. "Cold, what is cold?"

"Well. Can you taste spicy food?" asks Adi with a mischievous glance in Tasia's direction, picking weeds from the concrete and the pavement. He pffts at her armchair psychology, grinning and rolling his eyes. "Cold is something that sleepy Autumn court flowers do not like in the slightest. Not everyone is so fortunate as to have anger keep them warm." It's more complicated than that, but that's also Kelsey's story to share, not Adi's. "What fruit are you looking for? I may be able to help."

Tasia waggles a hand. "Pretty much I tend to goblin season or dressing whatever, even just a bit to bring out the flavor." She chuckles at the pffting and begins to poke through a number of small flower/weeds, collecting some pee like parts. "Well.. That is a good point really. There is always oddiment hunting." Then answers. "Looking like some Catseye Clover here, maybe. But help is always nice." She tends to search with her rock-hand, just in case.

"That sounds unfortunate," Adi says sympathetically, moving on to the next clump of weeds. "If that is a side effect of growing closer to the Wyrd, I am all the more glad that I have chosen to be cautious about power. I would miss it too much." Buried in among them, he finds something that startles him, judging by how taken aback he looks. His hand hesitates over a couple of tufty-looking blades of grass, then decisively picks them. He sits back on his heels, then unfolds back into standing, tucking everything into his backpack. "Well if you have found-- ah, I see. That is the only glamour fruit I have seen much of anywhere near here-- but if you contact the Spring Court, they have a large communal garden and may let you harvest from it, I cannot recall their policy. THey may wish to trade."

Adithan pauses, then pulls up his sleeve to look at his (wind-up) watch. "I should return. The alley is just there--" and he points "--in case you have got at all turned around. I wish you exciting and successful fights, and luck in your hunting, Tasia of Summer."