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FB01 - Fort Brunsett - Historical District

While nothing can truly stop time, the historical committee has done its best to maintain the past while respecting the needs of the present.

The district is located at the very heart of the city, east of the Tam, a picturesque glimpse into modernity's version of old pastoral life: old-growth trees, Vermont's famous maples, pines and more, dominate plots of carefully tended grass behind tall granite and iron fences, old-fashioned homes limited in the paints they are allowed to use, changes to the property and a number of other restrictions which haven't kept certain home-owners from subdividing their buildings into apartments...on the INside. Plaques on each building explain who owned it, their birth, death and why they were important to town history.

The fort around which the city grew stands squat and proud atop high Fort Brunsett Hill, with a number of other buildings key to the city's administration spread out to the south, east of the riverside markets.

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