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FB11 - Fort Brunsett - Stag Run Farms

South of the historical district, farmland spreads in all directions in a loose patchwork of greens and golds and dark, rich soil. And rocks. That would be the problem with farming where glaciation had its fun with the landscape. Simple rock walls form lines over the rolling hills to separate the fields, with broadly spaced barns and silos, rolled hay and the lazy ambling of dairy cows adding splashes of colour to the endless rows of green during the growing season.

Certain of the farms are open for parts of the day to tourists, earning money with petting zoos or by offering a Historical Experience. How DID the original settlers tend their hogs?

Snake Creek winds through the fields south of the main road, leading the way back toward the river Tam with a glint and a number of low, musical falls where rocky land drops down into the bank beside the southernmost of the three bridges. A few businesses have sprung up on either side of the road nearby, the industrial district and shipping concerns nibbling away at the farms' edges.

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