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The Last Court of Autumn

"Oh good..."


Dielle, Etsy, Annapurna, Czcibor, Kelsey, Ziv, Aaron, Byron, Vorpal, vervanE, Esther, Poppy, Ashe, November


The last court of the Autumn Reign happens.


The Broken Hearth

It's the Last Autumn Court of the Season and well, it feels like the season has indeed died. The chairs that have been sat out have been draped in black and the only thing that reflects the heraldry of the Autumn Court is the crown on the Autumn Queens head. Ashe is dressed in a black dressed that's lined in dark grey.

Per the usual, there is a stone table off to the side that's filled with snacks and foods that have been prepared. As well as drinks for everyone. Because meetings tended to be boring and food and beverages at least got people through them.

November, being November, is where Novembers always are at fancy meetings of the Freehold: just inside the room, leaning idly against the wall beside the door, where her Mantle will overlap with that of every. single. person.

What else is the resident Trickster supposed to do with all that Dawny potential? Clad today in a classy, masculine-cut suit of icy white with flame-red and vermilion accents in the form of a neat triangle-folded pocket handkerchief and a silken scarf for a belt, the rainbow isn't particularly rainbowy tonight. Nor is she transparent, flesh presently formed of alabaster as snow-pale as her attire. Hair and eyes, on the other hand, are a blend of flower and flame. More flame than flower, really, given that the flowers -are- flame, for all that they refuse to stay properly flame-coloured.

Byron might have ACTUALLY dressed in something other than his sweats for once, meaning the gargoyle has on a huge black suit that's been spun to accommodate his size and those huge wings. He's found a spot off to the side of Ashe's perch to park himself on the floor, where he can fold his arms around his knees and watch the rest of the gathering space, occassionally glancing up to the queen while he waits.

Ziv is probably taken by the fact that her mantle virtually -sparkles- when she comes into November's, where it's usually incredibly, incredibly subtle. Winter and all. But the dawn light seems to catch the icy mist and snowflakes that hang around Ziv, and the batling pauses.

She's dressed in a lacy white dress, a cute cut without sleeves so it doesn't mess with her wings, and wearing a snowflake pendant. It's pretty simple, and not what a lot of Changelings would dare be caught in at Court. She seems oblivious to that fact, though, as she tries to look around for the source of the sudden radiance of her mantle - and notes November. There's a pause as she considers the Ancient, before offering up, "Oh, uh... hi." It's incredibly awkward. Has she ever even spoke to the Ice Queen before?"

Esther tromps into the room, looming. She wanders over to the snack table, grabbing a plateful, and makes her way to a chair, seat creaking a little under her weight. She settles in with a sigh, waving at all and sundry, with an extra nod to Ashe.

Aaron arrives to the show on-time this time. Attire fit for the ending of fall and the birth of winter of sweater and wool coat. Accompanying him is his mangy hedge-cat, and his spectral sister. He makes his way to the snack table, giving nods to familiar faces before he finds a place to sit befre the meeting commences.

Hey, November's absent her typical tiara of hoar frost today. Totally slumming it. Flashing a swift and, well, alabaster-white smile toward her fellow white-wearing Ziv, the not-a-rainbow-tonight replies with a perfectly polite, "Good evening." There's a hint of mischief in the dancing of her fiery gaze, and more than a hint of knowing amusement. "Your pendant is lovely."

The wind has a mantle! That mantle is Spring and it's just the scent of roses mixed with the gunmetal scent of Czcibor, but in passing November the scent of roses briefly shifts to that of fresh-mown grass. When that wind resolves into a toy soldier across the room, face impassively immobile, he's dressed in all black with his Autumn fealty pin on the lapel, and he's already seated.

In stark contrast to November's fine white suite and pale, lit accents, the Hunter arrives in drabs and darks and shade. Worn black denim pants over brown workboots- dark grey button-up, tired at the elbows- long deepblue greatcoat in English military cut. He strides into the room in Ziv's wake, sweeping towards November and offering his hand in greeting, to be shaken or offered for an elegant kiss as November prefers. "A fine evening, my dear Trickster. She -does- have good taste in jewelry, doesn't she?" He turns to face the rest of the room, tipping deep nods towards Byron, Czcibor and Ashe, of those already in attendance, scanning unfamiliar faces and lingering on Aaron's surprisingly familiar one.

Ziv kind of... squints at November thoughtfully, with that look of knowing, amused mischief. It might even be a touch wary, especially after what Vorpal has to say about the other Pantheon member. She, however, does smash a smile in answer, reaching up to touch a claw against the pendant for dropping it. "Thanks, it was... an early Christmas present from an old friend. You look lovely tonight... November, was it?" She glances aside to Vorpal, as if for confirmation, but then he's looking at the rest of the room.

vanE enters in without ceremony, black coat swirling around him as a gust of cold wind heralds his arrival. He quickly steps off to one side -- perhaps the other side of the door from where November is standing -- and places his hands into his pockets, blue light shining deep in his hazel eyes as he scans the room. This is his first court, but there are several faces he recognizes. If they look his way, he will nod at them, but he does not go out of his way to wave or nod to anyone.

Ashe gives a nod of greeting to those that enter and there's a smile, "If everyone with get a snack if they'd like and be seated we'll get started. I have a few things I'd like to announce to everyone." she states.

Kelsey's Mantle does not sparkle under November's influence; it wreathes the Fairest in smoke instead, and the faint distant scent of burning leaves. Given that the slight Flamesiren's dressed in grays already, Autumn's deep overcast sky touched lightly with Winter's fog, it seems to fit. They blink for a moment, following Ziv's turn of attention to November; then they step aside where they won't block incoming traffic, and give a polite and somewhat theatrically embellished bow toward November. Not to the scale of the ones they've offered Ashe in the past, perhaps thankfully for all concerned. Then vanE's coming in as well, and Kelsey steps aside to give still more space, and turns their attention toward Still The Queen.

Come now, how could she resist? November opts to permit a kiss to her knuckles, of course, her bearing as nobility-slumming-it as always. There's nothing haughty about the way she carries herself; it is all in self-awareness and a degree of confidence which simply won't allow her to be anything except herself. "Hunter," she greets, flashing another smile toward Ziv. "Yes." Reclaiming her hand when Kelsey pauses to bow, the androgynous not-always-a-statue-with-fiery-hair executes a perfectly princely bow of her own, masculine tonight, to suit her, er, suit, but doesn't speak, straightening instead to observe Ashe and listen.

Since things are about to start, Ziv flashes an awkward smile to November and Vorpal - and vanE, when she notices him - before skittering over towards where the food is. She, perhaps surprisingly, doesn't seem to have her bat with her tonight. So there's no one to complain when she just loads her plate with fruit and vegetables instead of anything for someone else, as well.

Vorpal bends over November's hand and purses his lips from their expansive grin to brush a kiss to her knuckles, delicate as a butterfly's kiss, before straightening for his aforementioned perusal of those present. More familiar and unfamiliar faces. He notes each, then moves towards one of the tables and slings himself down, claiming a space for himself and any intent on joining the obscenely Wyrd, Sublime Godling at his table.

vanE gives Ziv a small, but warm, smile in return. Otherwise, though, his focus is mostly on Ashe, the light in his eyes darkening to purple before it fades completely. The expression he bears now is somewhat grim. He folds his arms as he leans back further against the wall, crossing his ankles as he stands there, the steel toe of one booted foot pressed up against the floor.

Esther has already cleared out most of her plate by the time others are making their way to the food. She eases back in contentment, with a quick glance over at November, realizing she's the reason the ogress momentarily flared out with a strong burst of gingerbread scent and a flurry of bare branches scraping like the devil's own fingernails.

November is, of course, the cause of precisely that. The unrepentant cause, who settles back against the wall by the entrance with no signs of selecting a seat.

Byron makes no move to gather snacks, but does shift his weight a little to make himself a little more comfortable, going so far as to rest his chin on his forearms, glancing over at November's table to watch for a few seconds, then his gaze down at people's feet while he waits for things to begin.

Ashe gives everyone a bit of time to get settled and then she looks around and there's a bit of a nod before she starts to talk, "Autumn is about to end and Winter is about to take over for their Season. We've had a lot going on this season." she starts off as she moves to pace a little. "What I'm about to say is about The Soundless. As you all know we've had them pop up from time to time. We didn't see them for most of the Autumn reign. Until one showed up at an Autumn Court meeting." she states.

Ashe then looks around the room, "The Freehold that used to be where we built our Freehold was called the Silver Tree. They were slaughtered. It's come to my attention that the Soundless are in fact the remaining members of the Silver Tree." she states. And oh boy. Is that look not a happy one.

Ziv, who is heading over towards Vorpal's table, turns an ear towards Ashe. The news she gives, though, doesn't seem to strike the little white-garbed bat as a surprise. She hardly reacts, though there is something of curiosity there, even as she puts down her plate and then sinks into a chair next to Vorpal.

Poppy slips in a little late, heels clicking quietly against the floor; she's wearing a dark grey sweater, black jeans, and black stiletto boots. The majority of her attention is focused on those front and center, given Ashe's announcement, but as her mantle shifts away from its usual salt-spray and petrichor to a seaweed-salt tinged with a metallic undertone suspiciously reminiscent of blood, she glances towards the Trickster next to the doorway, the corners of her lips quirking into an amused expression. Instead of properly seating herself, she joins the people holding up the wall, arranging herself on the other side of vervanE, apparently letting him buffer; she does offer a small smile to the Darkling, however, before her attention shifts back to the Autumn Queen.

Wall-holder vanE turns to glance at the arriving Poppy, reflecting her smile with one of his own. But Ashe has his attention. That grave look returns, if it ever really left. The wind around him blows a little colder for a moment, rustling his hair and coat, and a deep crimson light appears in his eyes.

The Councilors react to the news with varying degrees of already-knew-that. Winter is unreadable and calm, Charlie O's expression betraying nothing of his emotions. Moon is smug. Spring is studying his nails with an expression of mild distaste, while Dawn is speculative, eyes on Ashe, mind a mile away. Sun is sternly disapproving. Summer pounds the table with a fist and thrusts herself up to her feet to pace in a small circle, ridding herself of an excess of energy. Meredith has plenty of that. Dusk, too, is relatively unreadable, with a hint of weariness.

The tin soldier at a table by himself may as well be a statue; the only reaction he has is his roses shifting to briar and kudzu, even more bright color leaching away from him in the process.

November is a blend of Winter and Dawn, herself, a flicker of speculation dancing in her fiery gaze before her expression smooths back into polite inscrutability.

"Slaughtered? Forgive me if I'm rushing ahead of the story, but by -whom-? Or by what? If, that is, they deigned to inform us?" Vorpal inquires, lifting his voice enough to be easily heard without becoming aggressive. "If there's something in the area with a habit of bringing massacre to entire Freeholds, seems they could have shared that information a little sooner than they have. If they don't know, that's a different matter, clearly."

Esther reads the reactions (or lack thereof) of the Councilors with curious interest. She herself nods at Ashe's words, having been at the meeting in question.

For a moment, it looks like Ziv is going to contribute something. But she closes her mouth, ears twitching in circles a few times until she asks Ashe, "Um, is there more to that, your Highness...?" It has the stilted manner of suggesting she's not -quite- sure how to phrase that question.

Ashe gives every a moment to react and there's a bit of a look from the Councilors then to Vorpal when he asks his question, "The Silver Tree was taken out over 60 years ago." she tells him. "Their Winters that survived and a few others moved West, but we never found the exact location. The Custodians were researching this." she admits. "But, an Autumn from the Soundless attended the last meeting of the Court and well...did a horrible job of hiding himself. So last night he told us of the Silver Tree actually being the Soundless and how they are tracking their members via rings and a few other unsavory details. Basically it is not a free will thing. He left the Freehold, but he had to fake his on death." she frowns.

Ashe then takes a breath, "As for what killed them. I have my suspicion. But I don't have concrete evidence. I am working to get that. For now, I don't think the Soundless are to be trusted. Nor are Samantha Whitaker and Marty to be given as much free reign in our territory as they have been in the past." she poses to everyone.

Given that he notably advocated against such freedom of access in the first place, back when Pook gave it to the duo earlier this year, Charlie O's satisfaction at Ashe's declaration is visible in a sudden narrowing of the eyes and a slight twitch of the lip.

Tracy MacGregor, the other option for the coming period of the yearly Cycle, seems almost disappointed.

"...Sounds kind of like they might be... waiting to either see what happens to us... or to see if they have a chance to move in," agrees Ziv after Ashe explains the situation, giving a small nod of her head in acceptance of the information. She chews at her lower lip, nibbling with the small sharp teeth and then frowning. "Maybe we should figure out a way to do the same to them."

vanE turns his head slightly to murmur something to Poppy. Otherwise, he stands very still, wind blowing the tendrils of his hair across his face. He's watching the faces of all the Councillors carefully.

Byron frowns quietly when Ashe talks about the Soundless needing to be restricted, setting his jaw for a moment while he glances around the area, as if making sure one of them hadn't actually shown up for this. His gaze ends up focusing on the entrance to the Hearth and lingers there, the furrow still creasing that obsidian brow. He still has nothing to say, eventually shifting his attention back up to Ashe's face within a few more seconds.

Poppy continues to listen quietly; it's difficult to say what she's thinking, but she doesn't look particularly surprised at anything being discussed - at least, not yet. The reactions of councillors are watched and noted almost absently, then she glances briefly at vervanE's aside, tilting her her head before responding briefly, if quietly.

"Perhaps we could speak later on your theory, Your For-The-Moment-Majesty? I imagine researching things that can wipe out freeholds to be rather dangerous work, and I'd be more than happy to offer my blades to safeguard those Custodians willing to delve into such matters- or into the Soundless themselves, should we turn our eyes that way." Vorpal nods his thanks to Ashe for the clarification she offered, glancing at Charlie and making no attempt to hide the amused curl of his Cheshire grin at the reaction.

"On the matter of safety, I'd like to make an open invitation once official business is done. It can wait, though."

Kelsey keeps quiet, not appearing to try to listen in on Poppy and vervanE's conversation. Studying the Councillors instead: the picture of a brand-new freeholder trying to guess at what the next season might wind up doing with the news.

"I have two more days are your Monarch. Then Winter or Moon respectfully can tell me that my opinion can be shoved up my ass." Ashe states. Then there's a look to Charlie O and Tracy and she nods her head. No offense guys! "Things with the Soundless have /never/ added up. I've never wanted to find reason to go to war with another Freehold, so I'm hoping there's not a reason to. But, these guys sound like they are holding people hostage as opposed to willingly joining. Apparently Dawn's aren't allowed because change is bad." she shakes her head. "As I get more information I will give it to new Crown and everyone else. We'll probably need to do recon as well." she admits. "But yes, Vorpal, we'll need to do more stuff on it later." she tells him.

Esther puts her hand in the air, as if this were a classroom. When there is enough of a lull, or if she is chosen, she says, "The Soundless is being run like some Cold War dystopia, if our witness is to be believed." Then she shuts up and eats some more.

The Council's reactions are as varied as before, though Meredith of Summer is, predictably, still simmering. Heather of Dawn leans in to murmur something sotto voce, but gets a jerk of the Summer's head and a sharp, "No!" in response, swiftly hushed.

Dielle sneaks into the Autumn Court, as much as she can with glitter skin and rainbow hair. She looks around real quick and sees Vorpal and Ziv at a table. She promptly sits down there.

As Dielle comes over towards the table, Ziv looks up and flashes a smile at the too-bright Beast. She does, however, seem to be mostly concerned with Ashe for the time being, her fuzzy dark brows drawn together.

Vorpal welcomes Dielle to her seat with a wave of his hand and a nod of his head, leaning over- presumably to catch his Captain up on the situation.

vanE murmurs something else to Poppy, but he remains quiet and still, as Winters often do. There's nothing still about his eyes, though. They're glowing deep red right now, like someone's shining laser pointers out of his pupils.

Trailing in Dielle's wake, if not exactly deliberately: the other Esther, that is, Etsy. The mermaid in the empire-waisted hedgespun dress made of ocean waves floofs in, trailing after the rainbowcorn and humming to herself. "Is not a good sound of a conversations," she murmurs to the table as she settles in alongside the Dawn.

Byron notes Dielle's arrival and even goes so far as to lift one hand to wiggle dark clawed fingers at her in a semblance of a wave, but the amusement does not reach his face. The subject matter still has him faintly frowning while he digests and shifts his attention to take in the Councillors' reactions.

Dielle smiles at Etsy, nods at Ashe, waves at Byron, and listens to Vorpal. Her eyes go large as he catches her up, and then she gets a /mean/ look on her face. Sign her up for the torches and pitchforks.

The conversation over at Vorpal's table has some sort of input from Etsy that involves the mermaid's webbed hand coming up in Katniss' three-fingered salute, and humming the four-note Mockingjay Whistle in her siren's voice. Some sort of explanation going on over there.

Ashe looks behind her to the Councilors and there's a bit of an apologetic look. "Not how I wanted to end my reign guys." she sighs. Then she turns back to the crowd, "Do any of the Courts have business that they would like to discuss?" she asks the crowd. There's a nod of greeting to those that come in. Not minding those that are wandering in.

...honestly, if Kowal's face weren't already an immobile thing, it'd've gone flat at the summary of what's going on in the next freehold over. But anything he's got to say he'll save for smaller meetings.

Poppy makes a face at Esther's observation, then glances sideways at vervanE's murmur; she considers for a moment before nodding in response. Those opalescent eyes return to Ashe's place at the front of the room, expression turning wry.

Vorpal lifts a hand, fingers flickering into curved, nasty sickles when he raises his hand through a beam of light. "Dawn's got a couple things. I'll fold my deal into that." He stands and turns to look at the rest of the room.

"Hello, friends, colleagues and those of you I've yet to meet. I'm Vorpal, and- as you've probably noted- I am -very Wyrd.- I have been for years, and I've got no plans to be otherwise anytime soon- nor will I be releasing my grip on parts of me that are -not- Wyrd, nor my sanity. I've had a lot of experience managing both of those things by necessity, and it's mostly for those reasons that I've been appointed one of Dawn's Agents of Awakening. What that -means- is," he explains patiently, presumably looking around despite the loss of his eyes within his caul of shadows, "If you go crazy and lose your shit, or somehow lose so much of your Self that you make ME look normal by comparison, the Crown has the option- instead of putting you down for everyone's collective safety- to put you in the mercy of my tender graces, to determine if you've still got a chance at clawing your way back towards sanity and humanity. If you do? Awesome! I'll help you do it. If not? It becomes my discretion to enact whatever solution the Crown was originally considering."

"I am -not- a Bishop. I am not a good choice for casual chatter about your feelings being stronger or missing how human you used to be. If you are sent to me, -you are in deep shit- and I am your last chance at clawing your way out. I am not secret police, either- if anyone's being put in my care, it's by the Crown's call, not mine. So if you are, and I give you advice on how to piece yourself back together? Please listen."

"Speaking of collective safety. I recently took over Aspire Arena, and spend a significant amount of time there. It's not officially open yet, but if you feel unsafe, or think you're being followed, or just want someplace to weather a bout of paranoia with someone you know can keep you safe? Come to Aspire. We'll let you in and watch your back. It's not an official freehold place, so if you're being followed, it's not gonna expose anything. Just get to us if you're afraid, and we'll make sure you're safe. Simple as that."

"You can bring us someone who's not freehold, too, that's fine- but we reserve the right to have them swear a hospitality pledge to be sure they aren't Loyalist or Soundless spies." He nods to Dielle at that- some part of that was probably her idea.

The conversation at Etsy, Ziv, Vorpal and Dielle's table remains somewhat animated, with all parties apparently contributing. The mermaid twists absently in her chair, and then turns her face toward the current monarch. She opens her mouth as if to speak -- and then stops, because Vorpal is talking. Absently, she fiddles her little webbed hands together, playing with a plain white-gold band perched precariously on the first knuckle of her left hand's ring finger. (Rings on mermaid fingers are awkward things.) The new fins at her wrists flutter as her hands do.

Heather Vale, Dawn Councilor, nods when Vorpal rises, making a vague yet semi-religious swirly-handed gesture of friendlily mocking benediction. From the looks of things, this is not news to her.

Ziv's ears twist a little and turn back as Vorpal speaks, her expression becoming thoughtful. She glances towards Dielle and Etsy at the table where she's seated, and then for whatever reason looks over at vanE. She had been speaking with the others, more animatedly, but right now she's largely still and quiet.

Ashe gives a nod to Vorpal, "Congratulations on your new appointment." she tells him. Then she gives a look around as he talks, watching everyone as he explains what the position does. Then it's back to Vorpal, "Thank you, Vorpal and Dawn." she states. "Did anyone else have Court Freehold positions or anything of that nature that have been appointed? Court news that needs to be shared?" she asks.

Dielle tips her hat at Heather and nods at Vorpal with a smile. She's gotten a lot more suspicious lately.

vanE's frown deepens as Vorpal speaks, for whatever reason, though his gaze does turn to meet Ziv's when he seems to realize that she is looking his way. Then his stern expression softens slightly and he tilts his head, watching her for a moment.

Ziv pauses after Ashe's words, seeming to consider, and then asking, "Were you ever updated on Winter's positions, Your-Current-Majesty? I think Cornelius was supposed to do so, but I don't think... well. I haven't heard from him at all, lately. Paperwork has been lacking."

Esther clears her throat, brushes a few crumbs off, and stands up. "Hello everyone. I'm Esther Buckingham. I've been appointed Witch of the Bitter Wind by the current Monarch, and I hope that the new Monarch will allow me to serve under their rule as well. I know a bit about the occult, but I'm always willing to learn more. If you need a little help, please let me know." Then she waves, and sits down.

Vorpal tips a grin Heather's way, bowing deeply in a similarly parodical response to Her Holiness' benediction, before moving to take a seat, showing that Dawn's business is concluded.

Poppy tilts her head at Vorpal's speech, then glances briefly to vanE even as Ziv does before looking back towards the assembly as a whole. Esther's announcement is met with a sharp-toothed grin, but the siren otherwise remains silent.

Ashe gives a look to Ziv and there's a shake of her head, "No, Cornelius never communicated with me about a position update sadly. Selina did, but Cornelius I have no seen since he joined the Harvestmen." she admits. Then there is a look to Esther and a smile, "You'll do Autumn proud." she dips her head to her.

An illusory cricket begins to chirp.

Dielle speaks up then and says, "Unfortunately, he hasn't made it past Recruit in the Harvestmen, since he hasn't been around to do any missions." She shrugs a bit, then shakes her head. "We'd know if he was dead through the freehold oath, right?"

"He's not dead, I can confirm that." Ashe states. "I've not felt his oath break." she tells Dielle.

"Um," offers Etsy softly, "Is not a Springs business exactlies but -- " She fiddles her fingers together, and the mermaid's sea-change eyes shift through several shades of brackish green. Her small, slippered feet swing under the table, and her head cants toward the conversation at her table for a moment before her delicate-featured face turns back to Ashe, perhaps seeking permission before nattering on as a floof will do.

Ashe gives a smile to Etsy, "Go ahead, Etsy." she tells the Mermaid.

"Well, firstlies, am not certains on the persons of Soundless who is comings to us, but, if we are havings a concernings about being watched, and persons that is coming to us is knowings a Soundlesses, all or manies, is maybe good ideas to having a dreamings with one of us Watchers? Because," explains the mermaid, slowly kicking her legs until the slipper comes off first one, then the other foot and her fins unfold from where they'd been stuffed into the shoes, man that's gotta suck, "Because see... then can show a faces and also be doing a truths if asked laters if did tell us. Because did not do a tellings. Am not certains what, um, strictures, pledges, bindings, worries is having this person? But this persons is a resources of knowing faces who could do a watchings."

"Also, um, I am not seeing a Lulus, did an updates on dreaming problems be given by someone elses? I did do a meets with a Lulus and she did have tellings of me but I am not ... I cannot meet with a Rorschachs to telling him this or ... organizing a defenses. Have been working on a bastions for Adventure Time! with exclamation point very important but really should also be ... is a big problems." Etsy's fingers continue to fiddle together, and then she brings both hands up, smoothing them over her riot of black, salt-stained curls and the attendant lilies blooming in them. "So, um, is an updates on that givens or needing ones, Majesties?"

"I'm going to see what he's planning on doing when his pledge lapses when Winter settles in. Maybe he'll swear to Fate's Harvest. He is worried about the number of High Wyrd Changeling we have here due to them being potential 'Baby Gentry'." Ashe sighs. "Yes...they have been watching that as well." she shakes her head. "I will see if they will meet with one of the Watchers to let them see into Dreams. He is very adamant about not selling some of his friends out as they are still there, so probably still in some sort of danger." she states.

Then the Monarch gives a frown, "I have not spoken to Lulu or to Rorschach." she states. "The Watchers that I've seen around are Tom and then you and Dielle." she adds. "So if anyone has seen Rorschach and can kind of point him back this way, please do so." she states to the crowd. "So no, no updates been giving on any dreaming situation." she tells her.

\The only opinion that Calm's motleymate gives on the matter of 'baby Gentry' is a cheerful smile with her blue lips pressed firmly together, and a fluttering of her webbed hands. It's not precisely dismissive, more 'well, what can you do, that's just how it is', that gesture. "Yes, would needs to be consentings to showings the faces willings to shows. Do understands those concerns." Etsy takes in a deep breath, and adds, "Am willings to do a helps with that, in a Winters."

Her pale blue tongue wets her lips, and the mermaid sits still for a moment, looking for, apparently, the thread to pull, or where to begin. "Well, firstlies, probably not seeings so much of a Lulus because is so tireds. She is doing so much works for looking after the two peoples is looking afters. Do not know about a Robbies, not seeings him in forevers, did askings to seeings." Another little flutter of her hands follows. "Lulus is finding that dream infections is spreads. And as gets colds, is pushings all the peoples togethers that is a homeless, in a shelters. Which meanings that the infectioned peoples is seekings out these peoples, to spread infections. Which is getting pretty bads, did have a sleepwalkings, Lulu sayings. Only things Lulu is seeings is to do a scours. She does knowings which Gentries, and did tells I thinks but mrbl remembers these things and he is angeries with me and did not comes with me. I will asking hims to be sures. Anyways."

Spat with her hedgebeast aside, the mermaid refocuses, twiddling her fingers together, gnawing on her lower lip with her tiny sharp pirhana teeth. She finds the thread of her thoughts. "So, these humans infecteds is lookings, is a Lulu sayings, for other humans to sleep by, see? So is going to shelters for homelesses, and sleepings theres, and doing a spreads of contagions. So... is needings to have, am thinkings, ways to get into dreams of those that are infectioned and theres, which should not be too hard to get dreaming pledges, because are wanting to spread infections, but then can do a scourings of a dreams and hopefullies not have any more spreadings of the infections." She frowns, wrinkling up her forehead. "Am thinkings that is corrects, all things. Anyways is going to get worses over a wintertimes as people all smooshed insides togethers if is not doing a thing about."

Ashe looks to Etsy and there's a moment where she was going to say something, but she just nods to her, "I'll see if I can find the Watcher-Elect and other Watchers to give Lulu some backup as she doesn't need to be working this alone. It's too dangerous, not to mention she needs to rest." she nods to that. "If the things are going to get worse come Winter we'll need to make sure we get more Oneiromancers on the case, whether they are in the Watchers or not." she adds. Then she turns to the crowd, "So if you've got talents with Dreams and things. Let us know and we'll be needing your help to get some stuff cleared up before it spreads like a wildfire." she states.

November, having been silent for a long while, speaks up to suggest, "It may be worth searching out records of tokens used to aid in the detection of such things, or hunting them down at the Market. Or creating them, if nothing else, though that would likely require an unfortunate quantity of time." Her tone is neutral and polite, expression likewise.

Dielle gives Ashe an odd look and says, clearly, "Etsy's already helping Lulu, Ashe, and is, in fact, a Watcher. She's doing what I don't have time to do." She sounds puzzled.

The mermaid's lips compress into a thin line, and then her pretty doll's face returns to still-water-calmness. "Yes, that is exactlies what a Reggies said," Etsy offers sidelong to November, and then she shrugs. "I am not so much a tokens, Billy Rays is a one to looking for those things." She flutters her hands in Dielle's direction, and reaches to pick up half a grape from in front of Vorpal, squishing it in between her fingers.

"I'd be willing to aid in searching for tokens of the sort, or guarding those who're willing to hunt for them or barter," Vorpal offers, lifting a hand to lazily indicate his offer.

Ashe gives a look to November and there's a nod, "The Waylady is right on that, yes." she tells her. Then there is a look to Dielle, "I mean no offense. We don't have enough Watchers. If the new Winter Crown promotes someone in the group to Watcher Elect due to him not being around. Then that's up to them to decide." she states. Ashe seriously looks frustrated that she can't do anything on it for the moment. "But, we can do this is smaller groups. We have starts. We just need plans. If anyone else has pressing business please bring it to my attention." she states calmly to the crowd. "Etsy and Lulu are doing spearheading Dreams. If you want to help with that contact them. Token help would be appreciated as well." she nods.

A fluttering of the mermaid's hands, and silence. Etsy picks up the other half of the grape in front of Vorpal and squishes it, too. Squish. That was, apparently, all of her business; her eyes continue to slowly shift between various shades of brackish.

Vorpal waves towards Aaron at his question and nods, mouthing, "Later!" to the inquisitive Autumn, to let Ashe close out the Court with all appropriate aplomb.

Dielle grins at Ashe and tips a hat to her. "Thanks, Your Horniness."

For her part, Ziv just bites back a bout of snickering at Dielle's quip.

Ashe gives a look around to everyone and it's clear that the Autumn is in need of a good strong drink. And probably not going to get a lot of sleep due to going home and writing more freaking plans tonight. "If no one else has business this now closes the last court of Autumn. Thank you all for coming out." she states. Then there's a bit of a laugh at Dielle and she shakes her head as she steps over towards Byron where he is on the floor, "You ready to head home?" she asks her husband.

The mermaid disappears. Like a mermaid sometimes do. Floof away!

November dips Ashe a graceful, if somewhat ironic bow. "Thank you for your service. The paintball range is open late, and I can guarantee the owner will look the other way if you've an inclination toward drinking with firearms."

And heated paintballs. Because OW. No. So no.

Byron might have actually been making a very good impression of an ACTUAL gargoyle statue up to the point when Ashe approaches him. He finally shifts a little in movement and even smiles at her, "If you're all caught up, of course." With that said, he slowly lumbers to his feet, shifting his wings to stretch them, and offers the Queen an arm to climb up if she should so desire.

Ziv just kind of sits there for a moment, at the table, poking her tongue out... And then she grabs the rest of her fruit off the plate and shovels it into her mouth without much decorum. Quick way to get rid of leftovers!