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Captain Sir Pietr Czcibor Kowalewicz der Landeswehr
Czci chair.jpg
On Game As: Czcibor
Played By: James Purefoy
Concept: Steadfast Tin Soldier
Date of Birth: Feb 11, 1980
Apparent Age: 25
Occupation: Hot Air Balloonist
Virtue: Kind
Vice: Wrath

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: Die Landeswehr

Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Manikin Metalflesh
Court: Spring
Keeper: The Twins

“You don't make the rules. You only choose which to follow and which to break.”
– Czci, definitely


Kowal, Czcibor. Kapitan i Rotmistrz. Powiat Inowroclawski. KAT. 2342021190.

      Bearing a remarkable resemblance to the beloved former striker of Śląsk Wrocław -- as if America cares about soccer -- Czcibor Kowal, the semi-retired COO of multibillion-euro corporation Strassen Enterprises is freshly arrived in Tamarack Falls. There are more than a few one-percenters in Vermont. Probably not that many of them don't drive an expensive car. Probably not many of them fly a hot air balloon more often than driving a car at all.

RP Hooks

  • Apparently, word travels when you kill Gentry. It just doesn't necessarily travel that far. If you were in or around Austria eight years or less ago, then yes, you would have heard that Captain Czcibor Kowal der Landeswehr killed one of the Gentry and participated in the deaths of two others.
  • Likewise, the Captain has Fame 2 in both Healing and Tactics; he is also known to have been, though a former Spring Crown himself, primary tactician and strategist for the freehold of Entzweite Erinnerungen (later Eisenbastion), through multiple bearers of all the seasonal crowns; he also created Spring's Ministry of Relief there, organizing all those with medical skills, through contract or seeming or training or goblin fruit curation, into a force for keeping a whole bunch of violent crazy Lost alive through a number of wars.
  • Star Trek novels. He almost always has one on him.
  • Hot Air Balloon: yeah that's him overhead with the fancy hat in the giant sparkly purple star-spangled balloon.
Striking Looks 2: Apparently Dreamy
Wyrd 7
Presence 7
Mantle (Spring) 4
Clarity 8
Inspiring (i make a mean speech, too)
  • In both the Harvestmen (Captain's Second, Lieutenant) and the Greenies (Master Healer), so totally up for your hedge-spelunking needs.
Romance is bad for me, so eff that noise. goddammit
Politics are worse, so eff them too be a hobbyist, not a lobbyist.
Sticking my nose in other people's bidness will get it cut off.
Volunteering individual help creates dependency, so--
Stop being so goddamn nice.
Gentry-killing is the cure for ennui.
If in over head, get out of the water.

The First and Most

  • Petra Hirsch - The most devoted and loyal a friend and oathmate anyone could ever hope for, Petra has followed the Captain from Vienna all over the world, keeping him sane and taking care of him. He would do literally anything for her.
  • Pietrek - The Captain's fetch, arguably more sane, reasonable, well-adjusted, and put-upon than Czcibor himself. Yes they are friends/brothers. No if he visits you may not eat his heart or whatever. Yes he lives very far away and is under guard. It is a sekrit.
  • Dielle - The Harvestmen Lieutenant that recruited Czcibor, who's decided that the Polish translation of the type of Kapitan he is -- Rotmistrz -- is going to be a lot easier to use when the guy in charge of the Harvestmen is, you know, a Captain. Of the Harvestmen. XD
  • Vorpal - A crazy, crazy Lost Pantheon guy who considers himself the God of the Hunt; Czcibor is not at all surprised that they get along when they both have little patience for Court and lots of fun killing monsters in the Hedge.
  • Dross - this is HIGHLY INCONVENIENT when can I see you again
  • Lolly - Best flower. Czcibor has become stupidly attached to her, even when she's super mean.


Cz-tux.jpg Cz-armored.jpg Cz-grin.jpg Chee-balloon.jpg Cz-orly.png Czci chair.jpg Czci-chair2jpg.jpg


Beirut: Scenic World; Nantes
Iron & Wine: Passing Afternoon
The Bravery: Time Won't Let Me Go
The Arcade Fire: Intervention
Bad Religion: Marked; Sorrow
Bit Shifter: Charm, Beauty, Truth and Strangeness
The Clash: Straight to Hell (live); I'm Not Down; Justice Tonight/Kick It Over
Elliott Smith: Can't Make a Sound; Memory Lane; A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to Be Free
Elvis Costello: No Action
Envelope: Store In a Dark Place
Gogol Bordello: Troubled Friends
The Good, the Bad, and the Queen: History Song
Joe Strummer: Machete; Straight Shooter
(& the Mescaleros): At the Border, Guy; Ramshackle Day Parade
Long Beach Dub All-Stars: They Harder They Come
Muse: Knights of Cydonia
A Perfect Circle: Fiddle and the Drum
Phantom Planet: Something Is Wrong
Pink Floyd: On the Turning Away
The Pogues: Turkish Song of the Damned
TMBG: Climbing The Walls; No One Knows My Plan; Cyclops Rock
The Weakerthans: Reconstruction Site


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