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Name vervanE Cielo
Concept Time-Scarred Musician
Apparent Age Late 20s/Early 30s
Occupation Singer + Soundscape Creator
Fame •• Dark Music Scenes
Court Winter
Goodwill + Dusk
+ Summer
+ Autumn
+ Spring
Entitlement Bishopric of Blackbirds
Seeming Darkling
Kiths + Nightsinger
+ Moonborn
+ Leechfinger
Quote Je suis dans le noir,
et j'essaie d'y voir clair.
-Albert Camus







      They that sow in tears...

      ....shall reap in joy.

Once upon a time, there was a young musician rumored to dabble in magic.
Life, while never easy, had its ups and downs.
      Until everything went wrong.

                        Likes: Truth. Night. Esoterica. Experimentation. Cooking.
                        Dislikes: Lies. Bombast. Urges. Depression. Memories.

No one knows why his name ends in E. But he has his reasons.


The Past: In the late '80s and early '90s, classically trained musician vervanE Cielo (sometimes performing under the name Nicholas Nevermore) was a seminal figure in the Los Angeles-based cult industrial rock band Bombtime. Think Pigface, Ministry, early NIN and other similar bands of the time, with a sprinkling of heavenly female vocals, sardonic funk, shoegaze, and dance thrown in for good measure. Popular song topics: Time, Fate, and how these related to pain, both personal and towards others. They had a definite decadent occult vibe. vanE provided synths, songwriting, some vocals and guitar, and a violent stage act where he would strap himself into pierced manacles attached to his keyboards. The band signed with a major label and were hugely favored to break into the mainstream, as many "alternative" acts were doing at the time. Too bad a mysterious explosion during a Santa Monica concert in 1991 resulted in the disappearance of several members of the band. vanE survived, but was forever changed after that night and disappeared from the music scene -- there were whispers of intense drug addiction and drop-out. What a surprise, then, when he reemerged somewhat of a new man a dozen years later, reasonably sober and with new music in tow.

            Similar to Bombtime:
                  Stainless Steel Providers
                  No Time For Nowhere
                  Death Head Soup
                  Strike To The Body

The Present: Though he eschews concerts and public appearances and has not performed live in many years, vanE continues to produce music under the name herbasacra, released digitally and through specially-produced, limited-edition CDs, LPs, and cassettes. These days, he’s moved away from industrial rock and into the realms of post-industrial, dark ambient, neoclassical darkwave, and experimental electronic, weaving melancholy soundscapes with haunting vocals and samples. He no longer works with large commercial record labels, preferring his own imprints or small labels, often genre-specific or Lost-friendly (or both!).

Also, damn. He looks good (and quite young) for a guy who's got to be fifty-ish...

            Similar to herbasacra:
                  No One Left
                  Hallowed ground
                  The Bitter Potion

Lost: vanE's reasons for being in the area are unclear, but he is here, and not unknown to the local Lost as a Winter courtier, Radio Free Fae DJ, and Bishop of Blackbirds.

Magic: It is rumored that he knows a great deal about it, particularly in how it relates to music and song.


The Chameleons - "Swamp Thing"

When nothing's sacred anymore
When the demon's knocking on your door
You'll still be staring down at the floor

Not too many hours from this hour
So long?
The storm comes
Or is it just another shower?

Swans - "Let It Come Down"

There is a place with nothing to gain
There lies the lover who has broken no chain
He sits by the window and he stares at the dark
She feels for the knife that will split his heart
Now we are betrayed in the cold, black pain
And a fire will rain down again and again

Sha la la la la la la, let it come down
Sha la la la la la la, let it come down

Interlace - "Master"

Soil blackened water red wash the river bed
Turn to your master, what
Separates man from beast
Turn to your master
Hope lingers then expires
In the baptism of fire
Turn to your master
Freedom of choice, choose
Your master

And if you hesitate
Call it fate

Rome - "Les Îles Noires"

For we were not born to live their lie
In houses built to keep the TV dry
So to make you see, to make us heard
We'll have to rebuild our islands word by word

Take this vow with me
To stay close, to be near
To be oh so sincere
Take this vow with me
For you of all people must know
There's nothing left around here

Controlled Bleeding - "Words of the Dying"

These are the words of the dying:
Red and white in time of silence
Soul on fire, fog on the windscreen

Eternal violence of the mind
Time is remaining
Time is repeating
Life in waiting
Times are changing
Conflagrating tonight

Dead Can Dance - "Xavier"

These were the sins of Xavier's past
Hung like jewels in the forest of veils
Deep in the heart where the mysteries emerge
Eve bears the stigma of original sin

Freedom's so hard
When we are all bound by laws
Etched in the scheme of nature's own hand
Unseen by all those who fail
In their pursuit of fate