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Moonborn Kith

References: WM 71
Theme: Madness

Kith Blessings

Passive Blessing: Luna's Blessing

Moonborn gain +1 to three skills depending on the moon's phase as follows:
  • New Moon: Larceny, Stealth, Subterfuge
  • Crescent Moon: Animal Ken, Medicine, Occult
  • Half Moon: Empathy, Investigation, Politics
  • Gibbous Moon: Crafts, Expression, Persuasion
  • Full Moon: Brawl, Intimidation, Survival

Active Blessing: Lunatic's Kiss

Moonborn may spend a Glamour once per day to kiss a victim in the hopes of bestowing madness. The Moonborn must roll Intelligence + Wyrd vs the target's Resolve + Wyrd to apply the same derangement to both Moonborn and target. If applicable, the target receives the more severe version of the derangement.The derangement fades at sunrise for Changelings, but lasts a full month for mortals.

High Wyrd Blessing

The Moonborn is more in touch with the ebb and flow of her madness, gaining greater skill at wielding its changeable power. When using Lunatic's Kiss on mortals, she can temporarily lessen its effects by touching her target, reducing the inflicted derangement's severity by one step for the remainder of the scene.

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