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Ishmael Ravid
Court courtless.png
“What course am I to take?"
"Towards danger; but not too rashly, nor too straight.”
J.R.R Tolkien

  • Nutjob: To those of the mundane world and indeed many who are not Ishmael qualifies for the monicker. Eccentric would be the term if he had more money to his name, his attentions are always elsewhere and his actions motivated by things beyond the veil. He can be anywhere, doing anything, for any reason.
  • Dealmaker: A wandering vagrant of the Lost kind he has long survived under the aegis of pledges, a favour for the blessing of the Wyrd to make life easier. What do you need?
  • Lord Sage: A Lord Sage of the Unknown Reaches who wander in the world of spirits and shades Ishmael is forever bound to the realms beyond the mundane. Be it the reflections of the Shadow, the fatal realms of the Underworld or perhaps stranger places still. He sees them and lives in them, sometimes more than in his own flesh and blood.

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