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Brennan Gardens

The Brennan Gardens Commune is an operating farm consisting of fields which produce during the summer and fall harvest seasons and greenhouses which produce year round. The commune is inhabited and run by a hippie nature worshipping cult lead by Ian Brennan, the son of the late former leaders of Brennan Gardens. Peaceful folk, so far as anyone can tell, they supply produce to the local farmer's markets and businesses in the area and mostly keep to themselves. Still, there are townsfolk who are leery of them and will give them the side-eye. Rarely is there outright hostility, but reception is mixed.

Workers mainly come from within the commune -- people who have chosen to live there and work. Some migrant workers will work for a time and pass through. Those down on their luck seeking a little bit of solace in return for contributing with hard work will also find welcome.

OOC Note: The outdoor main areas are OK for public scenes, people visiting the commune, the greenhouses, etc. The Farm House is a private residence, however. This area is Ian's Hallowed Garden. Those who are friendly toward it, the earth, nature, and its inhabitants will find themselves feeling warmly welcome, to the point of wanting to return and gaining a bonus to rolls while here. Those who are opposed to the area, those in it, and nature, will find themselves feeling distinctly uncomfortable the entire time they are within its confines. Please contact Ian if there are to be shenanigans.

The Cult

Stuff about the cult and its beliefs go here.

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Owner: Ian Brennan
Location: Outer Tamarack - Greenfield and Orchard - OT06
Hours: Open 24 Hours
Hiring: Seasonal Workers
Office Staff
Spiritual Counselors
Cleaning Staff
Employees and Associates
IanBIcon.jpg Ian Brennan
Cult Leader
Spring Fairest
On Hiatus
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