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Brennan Gardens Egg Hunt

Gisa, Jon, Dielle, Alex, Brittany, Sophia, Eden, Max, Haruki, and Ian

16 April, 2017

The Brennan Gardens Commune hosts an Egg Hunt to celebrate the coming of Spring, planting, fertility, and booze.


OT06 - Brennan Gardens Commune

Brennan Gardens has been festooned with streamers and garlands of fresh flowers that decorate the buildings as well as the greenhouses. Picnic tables have been set up in the open central area and a buffet of all manner of cold dishes have been set up on one side, and warm on the other, those who live and work at the Gardens tending to the guests and helping to point out where all of the refreshments are located.

The pavilion has been set up for dancing and lively music played by some of the residents on old traditional instruments can be heard coming from that direction by the lake. The main building has been opened up in case of rain as a place of retreat for the guests in the event that the skies open up over the celebration.

Warm fires burn here and there to provide light when the sun begins to dip a little bit in the horizon, but for now there is still enough light for the hunt. Guests are encouraged to bring their own baskets or to borrow one from the pile stocked up near the greenhouses, and venture out onto the grounds, around the buildings, and in the fields in search for the eggs that have been hidden with their treasures inside.

Ian, himself, is dressed in a pair of comfortable jeans and a loose white shirt, helping out to direct guests and welcome them as they make their way onto the farm and into the festivities.

Haruki arrives alone, and he looks around, taking all of the sights with wonder in his eyes. "Wow," he breathes appreciatively. He looks around for any familiar faces, and starts to make his way towards the egg hunt.

Brittany's dressed for egg hunting, and that means she's sporting a good pair of sneakers, comfortable jeans, and a t-shirt with a large Easter Bunny on the front of it. There is a smile spread across her face as she makes her way in, "Ian!" She calls when she spots the host, moving to give him a quick hug in greeting before moving out of the way for other guests.

Sophia isn't one of the first people to arrive, and when she does she, too, is dressed comfortably. Jeans, a light-weight shirt, her hair pulled back. She has brought a basket, though it looks more flowery than eastery. Still, it's a basket and she heads for the field, though her pace is relaxed. She's not in any hurry and doesn't seem to worry about finding a lot of eggs. She does look toward Ian as she walks, but doesn't move to approach him. A small nod is offered if he looks her way, but nothing more.

Eden arrives wearing a light breezy summer dress in whites and light yellows, a smile coming to her lips as she takes in the sight of the gardens that have been set up for the hunt and party.

Jon and DL show up together, arguing companionably. "I think Willy Wonka was one of us, just a Knight of the Tongue. The Oompa-Loompas were hobs that he was employing, or he just dragged everyone into some serious dream states. But he had to have been Autumn. He wanted to remind people to follow the rules!" Clearly, she's denying some theory of Jon's, or at least making a counter-argument. "He was just putting hallucinogens in the chocolate."

Alex is wearing a rather nice pair of running sneakers to pair against sturdy and slightly worn jeans. Her t-shirt reads, "There's No Place Like" The girl walks with a long, easy stride that hints at her natural grace and speed while managing to remain casual. After a coupel of deep breaths blue eyes are surveying Alex's surroundings with some intensity, noting all of the new faces now entering. She approaches the egg hunt with a thoughtful smmile, humming softly to herself as she goes. Notably, Alex is wearing earbuds but they don't seem to have anything playing through them.

Max doesn't normally celebrate Easter in any way, shape, or form, but when she heard about the event she figured it might be fun. Especially since she figured some friends and familiar faces might show up. As she arrives, the enchanted mortal takes a quick glance around. Those bright blue eyes of hers spot a favored pair, lifting a hand to wave toward Jon and Dielle. However, when she spots Haruki, it's the other mortal that she makes her way over toward. "Hey! How's my favorite magician?" she greets him with a friendly smile once she's close enough. The young woman is dressed casually, zipped down hoodie with a t-shirt underneath, denim jeans, and sneakers, her hair worn down in loose curls, and her messenger bag hanging from her shoulders.

Haruki beams brightly at Max when she approaches. "Max. It's good to see you. How are you? I'm good! I've never done an Easter Egg hunt before. This is going to be fun." He's dressed very similar to her, hoodie, jeans, t-shirt, sneakers.

Ian returns the hug when Brittany comes over to him, sliding an arm around her waist and giving it a squeeze before giving a thumbs-up to her shirt. "Nice choice," he says with a grin. Noting Sophia, he dips his head to her just slightly when she looks in his direction as well. Aside from the celebration of Spring, there doesn't seem to be anything other than the fact that there is a hunt for eggs that might allude to Easter being what is being celebrated. The decorations all seem to allude to renewal, growth, spring, fertility, perhaps.

As people begin to gathe, Ian steps out into the middle near the food and lifts his voice for those around him to hear. There's a certain presence that the Gardener has in his garden, beyond that of the soothing call of his voice, and easily draws attention to himself. "Thank you all for coming today, to celebrate renewal, growth, and good fortune for the coming year. Come drink, dance, be merry, and take up one of the baskets that have been left out. All around the property, colored eggs have been left, each with someting inside for you to take home with you. Best of luck to you all, the Hunt may now begin!"

Jon was dressed like a total 'bro'. He had a crimson t-shirt withthe letters of his frat sctretched across his broad torso, relaxed jeans, and sneakers, ballcap on backwards and wrap-around sunglasses on walking with Dielle. "I dunno about Wonka but I agree, Grandpa Joe was a giant tool." He looked dispondant, sure, but there was the hint of a grin. "Right. So eggs. You're doin all teh grabbin Dee." Because those meat hands on teh Render? Even without the 3-d goggle vision look like they would crush anything delicate without a thought. To Ian after the announcement commented, "That's badass dude."

As soon as the go ahead for hunting down an egg happens, Brittany is off like she believes these eggs contain the secret of life. She's not the knock someone over sort, but she is the run around like a crazy child let loose in a candy store sort. Which might explain why she comes up with nothing right away, looking at all the too obvious places and probably running past half a dozen or more other places.

Sophia isn't off like a shot, but does continue where she's going, ambling along as she scans the ground, and people's faces. She's not hunting very hard, really, but she does smile a little as she watches the others hunting.

Alex would perhaps fare better if she didn't search so close to where the drinks have been laid out. SHe comes up with a cup and is sipping it as she scans her surroundings, ultimately finding nothing. The blonde lifts a hand then, waving at Max from her place by the table. Finally, a face she seems to recognize. "Hey," she calls in a cheerful tone. Then she is walking off to try to find an egg elsewhere. No prizes for the idle.

"I'm doing pretty well! How about yourself?" Max questions in return as she starts to hunt some eggs with the other mortal, a smile lingering on her lips. She searches high and low before she spots something from the corner of her eye. Momentarily straying from Haruki, she kneels over to grab an egg. Opening it, she finds some cool looking gradient shoelaces. "Ooh, awesome. I know just the perfect pair of sneakers to lace these onto," she says with a chuckle, showing her prize to Haruki.

Dielle grins at Jon and says, "You're on." She drops the subject, now that they're around people, and the pair start hunting. And finding jack-and-shit. "Hey, thanks for running this shindig, sir!" She's still not finding anything, probably because she's waving at the people she knows and is not really paying proper attention yet to the eggs.

Haruki gazes over at Ian when he starts speaking, how can anyone not. He listens with interest as Ian speaks, and does as he's told, picking up a basket first though, to join in the hunting for eggs. There'll be time for the rest after. Off he dashes, after eggs, spotting one hidden away in the grass. He picks it up a sky-blue egg, peeks inside. "Oh! Dave will love this! It's a plant!" Actually it's a succulent in a tiny pot. Into his basket it goes, carefully positioned. As Max finds one that's purple, he says. "Oh, that's so pretty. What's inside?" he's curious and the shoelaces get an appreciative. "Oooh. Nice!" When Alex says hey in his general direction, he waves back, even though it's not meant for him.

Eden is off into the gardens herself, exploring and peering around, on her way over towards a section of flower beds where she crouches down to peer in amonbst the base of the flowers where she pulls out a purple egg, cracking it open and pulling out a sparkly pink bouncy ball!

Right....search more carefully. Brittany gets down on her knees and starts looking around, reaching behind plants, and under them, carefully. Eventually she comes up with a marbled violet egg, "Ha!" She exclaims, holding it above her head triumphantly before she starts to knee-walk further on for the next part in her search.

Ian gives a thumbs-up to Dielle when she calls out her thanks, grinning. He then finds himself a beer, grabbing a bottle from one of the colors, and finds himself a place to sit on top of one of the picnic tables. From there, he presides over the procedings, cheering on those who find eggs, and enouraging those who have not yet found any of their own. He doesn't hunt of course, since he helped hide them. That just wouldn't be sporting.

Sophia is really watching people as she is looking for eggs, and her lips twitch as she watches Brittany find an egg. It's only a minute later that she stops, cocking her head, then bends down to snag her own egg. She smiles and sets it in her basket before ignoring the eggs, for the moment at least, and heading back toward the drinks. She found an egg, the hunt was successful, right?!

Jon was looking and trying not to actually touch much. Hey with great power or... some such. IIt wasn't going great so far but he was having fun lifting Dielle up so she could look. "See, that Dave guy is getting an omelette. Look like ya mean it." He looked over to Eden's bouncy ball, which was cool, but said with a deadpan, "I think your egg got a lil overcooked there."

Now the search begins in earnest. Alex still sips her drink but she's heading out into the unknown now, moving away from the other party goers ain order to start checking every nook and cranny with a swift, methodical manner that suggests competency. Everyone else seems to have been right not to go this way, however, as so far the young woman is still coming up empty-handed. She frowns faintly, pursing her lips while she does, but only continues to look.

Eden flashes a little grin over towards Jon, "It seems so, though I've got a nice ball now, don't I?" She says, holding up the sparkly pink one for Jon to see. She is off to find a new egg now, a bright red one, inside she finds a green sparkly ball, "OOh, I've got a pair of balls now!" she says with a soft little laugh.

Haruki's good at this game, it seems for then he spots another egg, and he's dashing off in that direction to pull out a pastel orange egg from beneath a bush. He cracks it open to find a wind-up duck inside, which seems to delight him. "Quack! QUACK!!!" he says, but no time to play with it, there's more eggs to find. Into the basket. "Quack!" He darts off again, energy to burn, looking for eggs.

Dielle keeps looking and totally fails to find one. She's really good at that! "Pretty sure I mean it, Jon. How about you find one for me?"

It seems to be working well, this crawling around on the ground like an egg-happy fool. The first egg is held in one hand, and Brittany is searching with her second hand, looking under, around, above. Every thing she can think of, and she comes up with her second egg of the day, a green one. Lacking a basket, because that would have been forethought, she turns the hem of her t-shirt into a little pouch to tuck her hard won eggs into.

Maybe being tall was an advantage but Jon did a double take for a moment,when Dielle reached to look for an egg he noticed she ducked right past one. He reached over and peeked inside and snapped it shut quickly and just caaarefully dropped it in front of her. *thuff* A wry grin was given to Eden where he commented, "Hey too many or too few and you got a problem there. Two is good."

Alex doesn't even find her egg by llooking for it. She is sipping on her drink and turning back to get a snack whe n she steps on something and then starts to slide. A few stumbles later and she reaches down to pick it up. A moment later the girl is holding a potted plant. "I shall call you Eggplant. And you shall be mine and you shall be my eggplant," she states drily, balancing the plant on her palm in its little pot labeled "#8" in bold white. "Sadly you won't taste good with cheese but we can work on that."

Haruki's as much burning off energy than anything. He zooms around, leaping over things in his path, looking around. No eggs! But there's the drinks so he's heading over that way for a quick breather, searching the table for... well if there's hard cider he'll have that, and gulp some down. He looks to Ian. "This is so much fun! Thankyou." Smiling happily, eyes bright. "When will the dancing start?" He laughs as he overhears Alex, it's a gentle sound, not cruel. "That's a good name!"

Max returns to Haruki after getting a quick phone call or something! She smiles over at the other mortal as she finds another egg. "What else have you found? How are things with you and Dave?" she wonders with a curious smile. She walks along with him, though not too close to accidentally brush up against him.Then she glances over to Alex, smiling over to her as well. "Hey!"

Sophia makes her way to the drinks, grabbing something cold as she looks toward the pavillion as she sips, then looks over to the people still hunting eggs. Another smile curves her lips as she watches, and after a minute she glances toward the host, watching him, as subtlely as possible, just for a moment before she's looking back to the hunters.

"The dancing is already going on," Ian says as he nods toward the pavilion where the music is playing and some of the occupants of the commune are already taking a twirl around the octagonal dance floor created by the raised platform over by the water. "Feel free to join in whenever you like." He lifts his own bottle of beer to Haruiki in a salute. There is hard cider, and mulled cider, beer, and wine, juices and cans of soda for those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages.

Dielle is still looking and misses the one Jon drops in front of her, at first. This is a woman who is COMPLETELY clueless on what this entire event is supposed to be about, clearly. Then she sees the one Jon drops in front of her and looks up with a grin. She opens it and behold! Rainbow shoelaces! "Jon, these'll look /great/ in the sneaks you use for football practice!" she says. "It'll be like a favor for a knight or somethin'!" Hey, she's seen A Knight's Tale.

Brittany finds a third egg, and drops it into the pouch she's made of her shirt. Then she gets to her feet, reaching down to dust off her knees before wandering towards the picnic tables. Along the way she finds herself a bit of wine before she tosses herself down at the table he perches on, "That is exhausting work."

Haruki smiles. "I found a duck! And a plant! And a cider," the latter from the food table. As she asks about Dave, he smiles, perhaps too bright. "Good. I think. I don't know," he shrugs, there's some uncertainty there. He looks over where Ian points, and watches the dancers a moment and then another, as if he's trying to gather up some courage or something. He takes another mouthful of cider. "Silly question, I guess."

"Not a silly question," Ian says to Haruki with a smile. He then grins over at Brittany when she collapses at the picnic table nearby and he leans over to peer into her pouch to see if he can see what she got. "Did you get something good?" Golden eyes twinkle just a little bit. Then he looks back to Haruki and says, "Would you like to dance?"

"One pot, two pot. red pot, blue pot," Alex relates in a dry voice that somehow manages to verge on droll while remaining soft and understated. She now has a second plant perched on her palm and it, indeed, is in a blue pot to match the red pot of the first. She tosses back the last of her drink and then turns slightly to look over toward Max. "So far so good. Find anything fun...?" There'sa winning smile to accompany that question, white teeth providing a sharp contrast to the red and blue of the flower pots, the pink of the girl's shirt, her blonde hair, and brown skin. Alex is actually pretty colourful, as it happens.

Jon blinked at Dielle get so geeked and may have been intending them for her, you know,. to match th e 80 colours in her hair. Still though he shrugged and said "If they're long enough sure. I'm bankin on you runnin of with em anyways." He looked to Alex and Haruki and chuckled, "Hey a thing found her. That's cool." He upnodded to them while DIelle was going and was apparently the lord of high hanging fruit today. He peeked inside and though he had ARF (Asshole resting face) there was a wider grin, "Aww wbadass. Green Play-dough. fuck-YAAAAS. I used to lvoe this shit growin up. Perfect for ruining pool tables and garbage disposals." He paused and sad to Dielle, "Don't ask. If you're nice to me I'll let you smoosh it." Eyebrows wiggled and he held out a fist to Max, "Sup lady. How goes it?"

Eden likewise slips off and finds a third egg hidden about the field, coming up with a pair of rainbow sneaker shoe laces with a slight grin before she moves back to find the wine as well, "So, what good stuff have you found?" she asks, looking over towards Brittany, "And the party the other night was fun, I look forward to seeing the next one you host!"

Dielle giggles at Jon and says, "Baller!" She may have picked a thing or two up from him. "Hey, Max! How's the egg-hunt treating you?" She's not having a lot of luck, herself, but it's ok. Jon is. She shoulderbumps him, on the off chance that some luck will rub off.

"It looks like..." Brittany pulls out the eggs, cracking them open one at a time, "A dragonfly sponge thing, and a....cockroach." She then holds up a little tiny succulant, "And a plant of my very own. But I don't think it'll have flowers." She lines up the eggs, and the items on the table before she offers Haruki a smile, "Hi. I don't think we've met. I'm Brittany." She offers, then laughs at Eden's question, "I found a few good things..wine, a plant, and some bugs."

"I got some green play-doh too!" Max replies to Jon with a wide grin, lifting up her most recently found egg to show the content inside. The fist is declined because she doesn't do the touching thing, though she does offer the frozen man an apologetic look. "Egg hunt is going good. I've found a bunch of cool things so far. How about you guys?" she asks in return, her bright blue eyes looking between her friends with a friendly smile.

"Hello," Haruki smiles at Brittany. "I'm Haruki. It's a pleasure to meet you." He nods at Ian, a little uncertainly. "I'd love to. I love dancing." he admits. He glances over to where the egg-hunting's going on, then back to watching the dancing.

"I got a pink and a green bouncy ball." Eden says with a laugh, "And some rainbow shoe laces, Nothing as nice as some wine though! But, I'm sure there is plenty to drink at the party here, anyway." She says, flashing a smile towards Haruki as well, "Lovely to see you again, how have you been?"

"I got some candy eggs," Sophia says to those around her. And she seems content with her prize, popping one in her mouth as she finds a place to sit down and observe. She seems to really like observing today.

"Well, I did find the wine over there with the rest of the drinks." Brittany admits, gesturing to where she got the wine from, then she offers Haruki a quick smile, "You as well." But candy! She glances at Sophia, "There are eggs with candy in them? Oh man...I should look some more for those."

Dielle is listening to people around her, but finally, she spots one and picks it up, carefully, as if it's a treasure. "Finally found one, Jon!" she says. Then she looks inside and giggles. "We've got a baby tentacle monster!" It's a succulent. She sounds utterly delighted.

Jon kept poking around shrugging to Max, "Hunt's good. School is shit but it's school. Weirdly goin sort of alright though. Break right now so sorta just enjoying it while it lasts." The meat-monster glanced over to the baby tentacle-thing and blinked sayign drily, "Well they definiately get that from my side of the fmaily. Sorry, kiddo." He reached over and cracked a bit of a grin and showed Max and then Dielle. Purple sparkle play-dough. "Ya know weirdly it's the stupid little shit that makes me happy. Dee, you'll want this one. Has glitter."

Sophia nods to Brittany and offers a candy egg out to the woman and smiles. "There are. Here, have one. Give you a little extra incentive for finding more eggs," she says. "Though I'll admit, I kind of wish I'd found one with a plant in it."

Ian smiles over at Haruki and says, "Keep hunting. There will be time for dancing when the eggs are gone. Then, you owe me at least one dance before the night is over." He takes another sip from his beer and says to Sophia, "There are plenty still out there and the night is young. I'm sure you might find one if you keep looking a little longer."

Brittany reaches over to accept the candy egg, grinning, "Yeah? Plants are pretty wonderful things..." She glances at Ian when he mentions that there are plenty more out there, "Yeah...you could find one still! And I might find myself one with candy in it."

Dielle grins at Jon and says, "I'll share my plant!" Then she almost stumbles over an apricot colored one and picks it up. Inside is a teeny terrarium with a cactus in, that looks like an alien. "Oh, holy crap, Jon, check this one out!" She holds it up and shows it off, all excited. "All the pets!"

Alex straightens with her newest acquistion in ahnd. She turns toward Max as the query goes out about interesting things. Her two plants are now joined by a jar of play-doh, which Alex is deftly shaping with one hand into a third orange plant. "I'm collecting differently coloured plants," she notes then, still smiling brightly as she does. "SO far so good! This is pretty cool. Better than finding candy... except for the, um. Square multi-coloured fruity ones. Um..." ALex is frowning as she searches for a word. It isn't forthcoming.

Sophia grins at Brittany and lifts a hand to lightly tug at one of the vines in her hair. "I'm sort of biased, but I agree." her head tilts. "Maybe we could work together, see if we can find you candy, and me a plant?" she asks before she glances to Ian. "I might, yes." There's a small, almost awkward pause as she gets to her feet. "I wouldn't mind a few minutes," she tells him. "Later," she adds as she starts back hunting.

Haruki smiles back at Brittany. He nods at Ian. "Maybe I'll ask for one for every egg I find," he says with a hint of a smile. He looks around, rather laid back, and the second time in a row doesn't seem to find anything. The cider's drained, and placed down, and the hunting's all sort of mellow now.

Jon looked around seeing bupkis right now and looked at teh plant but made no attentpt to touch it. "Aww that thing is cool. You'll have to put it like... nowhere near me. I'm like death to plants but we can do a thing with that one window." Hearing Sophia he looked up and said "She wants chocolate and a plant?" He glanced to Dielle and pointed to Dielle noting simply, "Plantless lady over there. I mean not that there ain't plants all over the fuckin place but I think she wants one in an egg."

Brittany laughs, "Maybe!" she agrees, finishing off her wine before she gets to her feet, pointing to her prizes, "Guard those." She is telling anyone that is within earshot to watch over her bugs and plant, then she's drifting back out to search for more eggs.

Dielle finds a cobalt egg, and sticks it in her pocket for the moment. Then she holds up the alien terrarium that she's got and says, "Hey, you wanted a plant. You want this tiny cactus? It believes in you!" to Sophia. "Tiny cacti always believe in you!"

Eden slips away to go searching for more eggs, cracking her latest discovery open and finding an assortment of peeps hidden inside, of all colors with a little grin, "Something I can eat, finally!"

Sophia bends to pick up an egg when Dielle approaches and she glances up, then grins. "A cactus? I'm happy to have a cactus, yes." She straightens and peeks inside her egg, laughing, then offering it out. "Want to trade? I got candy again. Chocolate. I'm doomed to find sweet stuff, it seems."

Who is at the Easter event? The golem is at the Easter event. Gisa has apparently wandered toward the gathering of people, and in the process of doing so, almost steps on an indigo-colored egg. The broad-shouldered woman crouches slowly, picking up the egg, and comes up holding it. She slowly squints at it, her forehead wrinkling up slightly, and asks herself just above a whisper, "What goyische silliness is this?" It pops open in her hand, revealing a small succulent in a pot marked #14, and she breathes quietly, "Oh." Small delight.

Brittany eagerly gets back to hunting, this time finding a brown egg that she cracks open right away, "I got a dino!" She calls, holding up a t-rex for Sophia to see. No plant, and no candy. But then she's back to looking for more things, once more using her shirt as a pouch.

Dielle passes the cactus to Sophia and shakes her head. "I'm good. I keep find...wait a sec. Let me see something." She pulls out the cobalt egg. Inside is a tiny green plastic triceratops. "Ooooo, Jon! I think this one is for you!" She looks back at Sophia with a grin and says, "Jon and me keep finding things. I can share!" Then she bounces back to Jon to offer him the tiny dino.

Haruki sets about the egg hunting in more earnest now. Oh look, another egg, he stoops down to pick it and drops it into his basket, and off he sets to dig up more. At the declaration a dino was found he calls out. "That's awesome!"

Sophia glances over to Brittany and grins. "She doesn't want this chocolate bunny, do you want it?" she offers before she smiles to Dielle, taking the cactus. "I'm kind of sort of maybe hunting with her, but four sets of eyes are better than two," she points out. "I'm Sophia, by the way," she offers.

"Ooh cool a little terrarium. I wonder if I could put a little bug in it," Max wonders as she holds up a lightbulb with some sand and teeny tiny plants in it. Then she glances toward Alex with a smile. "Square color candies? I'm not much of a candy eater," she says with a chuckle.

A this point Alex is constructing a garden, containing plants and also her play-doh succulent cactus. The y are proud things, happy to be displayed in the girl's hand as best she can manage. Frowning thoughtfully she returns to searching in earnest. To Max she replies, "Yeah. Square.... Chewy... Nevermind. A terrarium sounds cool. What kind of bug would you keep? I kind of wnat scorpions, actually. I think." Scowling, ALex shakes her head. The plant count is up to three and an imitation. She forges onward!

Haruki finds yet another egg, he peeks inside it and then bursts out laughing. Whatever was inside seems to amuse him a lot. He puts it into his basket. That makes four eggs.

"Starburst!" Brittany offers in regargs to the square candy question, then she nods for Sophia, "I'll take any candy you want to trade for anything." She finds herself another egg, blue, "Another dino!" She calls, perhaps she can put them in with her plant.

Dielle looks back at Sophia. "I'm Dielle. The big guy is Jon." She shoves the triceratops in her pocket and picks up another egg, to find a yellow pterodactyl. She brightens up. "Jon, find a few more dinosurs, we can recreate a Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal!" She waves at Gisa, when she sees the woman. "Hey, Gisa! How y'all doin'?"

Sophia offers the chocolate out to Birttany. "And I'll give all my candy for all the plants," she says with a quick grin as she continues hunting. She bends to pick up another egg, then cocks her head at the contents. "Anyone need an inflatable ball? It has flowers on it but isn't actual flowers," she calls. Dielle's movie reference has her looking confused but she doesn't lose the smile. "Nice to meet you both."

Jon upnodded to Sophia and said "Suuuup. Well I am now officially not getting anything done on my paper this weekend." He produced a palm sized inflatable beachball: orange with white dots. "I found new entertainment. Insert ball joke here I'm too damned lazy to do it right now." And to Gisa he waved ehr over. "Oh shit, cool plant. You can set up play dates for it with Dee's and... Sophia right? She found one too."

Haruki finds no eggs, he keeps on looking, on his lonesome. His initial enthusiasm seems to be fading just a bit.

Eden finds a little terrarium pendant on a chain in her most recent egg, slipping it around her neck, "Ooh, look what I found! A lovely little necklace!"

Sophia smiles and nods to Jon. "Sophia. And here, have this ball. You can have two of them. And you can't have just one, they must always come in pairs," she says, smile going impish for a moment as she offers the ball to him. But alas, no more eggs, with candy or anything else. Yet.

A few steps toward Dielle, and Gisa almost kicks another egg, this one magenta. Crouching again -- the golem moves with the inevitability of a continent, not exactly slow but never-ceasing -- she picks it up, and it pops open in her grip. "Hello, Dielle." She pulls out a small necklace with a tiny terrarium hanging from it; the terrarium is decorated with a purple crystal. "I have not hunted eggs before. I saw pictures." Her accent is soft and almost musical, for all that there's little inflection in her tone. "What is the point?"

"All the plants?" Brittany looks thoughtful for a moment before she nods, "All the new ones I find." She agrees, accepting the chocolate and adding it to her pile before she starts to search more. This time a pink and green egg is found, checked and added to the mix, "Play-doh."

Haruki finds another egg, this one a pretty marbled pink. He's now got five eggs in his basket now. A sky blue one, a pastel orange, a crimson, a pastel green, and a marbled pink. Just the one succulent amongst the other prizes. He inspects them all thoughtfully, before continuing the hunt.

Dielle waves at Sofia. "Nice ta meet you, too!' she says in her Southern accent. She turns to grin at Gisa, and says, "I don't have the slightest clue! Jon, why do people do this? Because it's fun?" She darts out and picks up a mint-green egg and opens it. It's got another plant, which she puts in the basket. This one looks almost cobwebby around a spiral. "Oh man, this one's great, too! Jon, it's another pet!"

Max strays from the Changelings, again wandering over toward Haruki with a smile. She's got a small collection of eggs and things carried with her, an enthusiastic smile on her face. "Hey! What have you found so far? I got a few cute little things. Not sure where I'll put them but I'm sure John won't mind me cluttering up the place a bit," she says with a chuckle.

Back to the search. Nothing will stop Alex from doing her mighty exploration of the demesnes. She has set up her garden nearby on the ground where it's at the base ofa tree and otu of the walkways. She keeps her eyes on this while she is shifting about in the grass and eventually comes up with an egg. This time as the blonde works she sings to herself.

"I'd like to be under the sea in an Octopus' garden in the shade. He'd let us in, knows where we've been in his Octopus' garden in the shade.

A play-doh Octopus becomes the mascot of Alex's growing garden.

Sophia smiles and nods to Brittany. "That's absolutely fair," she agrees. She brightens and reaches down to grab an egg, then looks a little baffled when she finds...shoelaces? Yes, those are definitely shoelaces. But she looks down to her shoes and ponders, before sticking them in her basket. These she's keeping.

Nada mucho as he comes up with nothing because he was looking where Alex already hit up. Wiley that one. He paused and looked to Gisa "It's an American tradition taht dates back to teh Thirteen hundreds where the tradition was to see who could sugar one another's kids up more and send them home. It was a passive aggressive revenge on neighbours and family members where in the child that found the most candy won and the parents lost. It's also at teh same time a test for temperence and patience upon teh parents to endure them and if your children survived to the following day without you turning them out of your house? You were thought of with wisdome and respect by all others in teh village." My GOD his deadpan was amazing. And completely 100 not even possible given that timeline. He blinked at Gisa and summed up "It's the satisfaction of finding things and getting stuff."

"Deal." Brittany replies, picking up a blue-grey egg, "Oh! Another dino." She has three dino's now, of different types. This one and the egg itself are added to her shirt-pouch as she keeps digging around for more eggs to find.

Haruki smiles at Max, so grateful when she approaches, and then he stoops down to pick up another egg he just spotted. He opens it up, to find another succulent inside. He smiles. "I've two plants for Dave. And a wind up duck, and some other things. Are you staying with John? I didn't realise you two were... He's nice, and kind. What about you, what've you found?"

Max laughs and quickly shakes her head. "We're not anything but friends. I don't really... date," she tells Haruki simply. "When I was still living in a hotel, he heard that I was going to start apartment hunting and offered his place. And I trust him enough, so, I figured why not," she explains with a light smile. "I got some little terrariums, some play-doh that's all glittery, this little butterfly thing... This has definitely turned out more fun than I thought it'd be," she says, chuckling some.

Elementals, especially goylomim, are extremely straightforward creatures. Jon's deadpan and snark just end up confusing Gisa, such that she doesn't know where to start with how much that doesn't make sense. At first, she says 'buh?' softly, trying to fit her extremely logical brain around the idea that there are American traditions that old, when he finishes off with the serious answer. "Oh. Well. I have some things." The golem crouches again, and picks up a blue egg. "See?" She waves a little bit at Sofia, since she was talking to Dielle. "Some of these are pretty."

Sophia grins at Brittany and keeps hunting, but doesn't find anything, not quite yet. But now she seems fixed on finding more. "I can't imagine how long it took to fill then hide all these. Not to mention finding all the little things. Plants would be easy but the rest..."

Dielle manages to keep a complete deadpan at Jon's words. She's pretty sure he's full of shit, but...there's the possibility. Instead, she finds a blue egg of her own and opens it. "Start callin' me plant lady," she tells Jon, as she shows him a tiny succulent in a jar. That goes in the borrowed basket as well, and she says to Gisa, in a whisper, "Might wanna ask someone else. He's about to break into a shit-eating grin any second."

"Oh hey. I guess this guy could hang out in a terrarium," Alex observes as he withdraws a wind-up bee toy from an egg. SHe gamely winds it up, setting the thing on her left palm. It inches along andeventually falls of into thegrass. "Noted," Alex laughs softly, shaking her head. Then she is considering one of he other eggs. "Oh, right. This one is- a mouse. Hmm!" she doesn't bother winding this one up just yet.

"You don't?" Haruki says. "Well it's still nice to have platonic friends too. Friends are important. That was really kind of him. Hote living gets tiresome after a while. I know it has for me, but everything's so pricy around here. I thought it'd be cheaper, being in the middle of nowhere, but it's kinda expensive." He smiles. "It is a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the dancing. Do you dance?" He spots another egg which he stoops to pick up as well. Shoelaces inside. He adds it to the rest.

"It's a Spring fertility celebration," Ian tells Gisa. "Celebrating the birth of new things, the new shoots coming up from the sleeping winter soil, new creatures being born. The eggs are a symbol, finding them is lucky, and the little things found inside? Well, that is just for fun. May your year be fruitful, in whatever form that fruit may take." He still sits upon his picnic table perch, overseeing the festivities, watching as people scramble about gathering eggs. He trades off his empty beer bottle for one of cider, switching it up.

Sophia glances back to Ian when he explains the egg hunt. And a few seconds after. Then it's back to fruitless hunting. "See, if I call you plant lady, what will people call me?" she asks Dielle with a quick smile, her gaze on the ground rather than the people.

Max grins widely when she spots another egg. Stepping momentarily away from Haruki, she leans over to snatch it up from the ground. Opening it up, she chuckles as she sees what's inside. "So many plants! This is awesome though. These little things are cute," she comments as she makes her way back toward Haruki, briefly showing him her latest prize. "Yeah, I've got... issues with touching that kind of prevent me from dating," she vaguely explains. She gives a small shrug of her shoulders, obviously an issue that doesn't bother her too much. Or at least her expression says such. "I don't really dance either because of the same reason, but, it's fun to watch others sometimes."

Haruki nods at what Max says, looking sympathetic. "The plants are really cute. I like that one." He'll leave the subject of dating and touching and dancing.

More egg searching, and Brittany comes up with a rose red egg. When she opens it up she finds a necklace with a terrarium on it, glancing towards Sophia, "I found something you might want."

Dielle says to Sophia, just as deadpan as the guy she's with, "Do they call you plant lady? People call me all kindsa things, so I just got used to answering to anything from "Hey You" to my name." She grins, and peeks behind a plant and finds a fuschia egg. There's an inflatable beach ball in it, purple and flowered. "This makes me wanna go to another football game and start this thing off in the crowd."

When Ian speaks up, Gisa turns her head -- that same slow motion, inevitability is her watchword -- and focuses in on him. For those who can see her mien, the shin on her forehead glows more brightly for a moment, slowly flaring fiery orange, and then subsides to its usual continuous, dull sunrise-colored glow. "Ahum," she agrees with Ian, nodding slowly, once, twice. "I see. I understand the fun of searching for a thing that is hidden," she assures, well, someone. "I just did not quite understand -- the eggs." She looks at the green beach ball in her most recent egg, deflated and sad-looking at the moment, and then tucks that, and the necklace, into her satchel. For some reason, she puts the small cactus on top of her head, where it balances easily on her coppery hair. Goylomim, why do you do this? Is this a golem joke?

"And now Cthulhu descends upon the garden to be almost a squid but not quite," Aledx states firmly as the latest wind-up toy, a squid, is added to her collection. She's kneeling to ensure that everything is placed quite precisely but now the girl gets to her feet and takes a deep breath. Then Alex is turning tosurveyeverything around her. "At this rate my garden will overtake the world and then I am going to be out a job..." THen Alex looks up and notes the plant balanced on Gisa's head. A blink. "I love it. I should have thought of that." A big thumbs up from Alex, then.

Sophia brightens. "That's lovely and adorable," she tells Brittany. "He really put a /lot/ of thought into all this. And yes, you're right, it is something I'd like." She spots an egg and veers off to pick it up and peek inside. "Want some playdo in exchange? I've given you all the candy I've found," she says, grinning, before shifting that grin over to Dielle.

Eden makes her way back from egg hunting, finding her way towards where Ian is, "This is a nice party, I love the thoughtfullness in the prizes in the eggs." She says, "I look forward to the rest of the night!"

Jon had his ass in teh air and was digging under a shrub like he wa sfighting something for the egg. "It's ... stuck. wiat... okay it's official. I'm the lord of play-dough." Because now orange sparkle putty. There was the toss of the other tiny beach ball from Sophia which got a grin, "There will be no living with me after this. Sophia, I like you. You know the importance of muchos juevos. If you want putty i can trade silly putty." There was still music in the pavillion too and for now he seemed good enjoying the company. "Hey Ian, kudos man. This si totally more fun than when I do this at home and I'm looking for my keys."

"Do you and Dave go dancing a lot?" Max wonders with a small tilt of her head. Even if she can't exactly join the dating scene, she seems to like hearing about others' experiences. She stashes her eggs and prizes away into her bag carefully.

"Make sure to enjoy the food and drink as well, and some of the dancing down at the pavilion," Ian says when Eden comes over to where he's parked himself on top of the picnic table. He dips his head to her just a bit and says, "I had fun preparing them. I'm glad that people seem to be enjoying them." He lifts his bottle of cider in Jon's direction, grinning broadly. "Next time I can hide your keys in an egg if you'd like? It might hinder your commute but might make it more entertaining to find them."

Dielle is looking, but gets distracted. "Don't tell him, Ian, but it's 'cause I'm hiding his keys in the freezer!" She takes a momentary break to go get a drink, which for her, is just water. Then she comes back to start looking again. It's nice, hunting for something that doesn't hunt back!

Haruki shakes his head. "I don't think there's really anywhere we can dance around here. Not regularly. Just these sorts of gatherings. We've only been once, to that party John invited us to. But, Dave doesn't really like silliness like hunting eggs. It would have been nice if he'd come though. But I understand why he didn't. He's wonderful, isn't he?"

"Good." Brittany replies, glancing back towards Ian before she nods, "He really did." She agrees, then turns back to her hunt, this time coming up empty. Thus, she moves on to a new patch of the field to start searching.

Her eyeflames go off and then back on again, and she wanders away, with that slow, careful way of hers, from talking to the organizer once others come up to talk to him instead. Gisa almost steps on a bright pink egg, cranes down to reach for it, and then, straightening up again, opens it. The corners of her mouth pull up very slowly, and then she casually (for an Elemental) turns, and with perhaps-surprising accuracy, wings a purple, sparkly hi-bounce ball across the space between herself and the rainbow unicorn. BOING, the ball bounces directly off of Dielle's ass, and shoots off into the party.

Who did that? No one. Not a golem. This is certain. Goylomim do not do such silly things. Gisa did not throw a ball at Dielle's butt. Look, she's looking for another egg. It couldn't have been her.

Sophia grins at Jon. "Everyone should under the importance of muchoes juevos," she tells him before letting out a soft aha and grabbing an egg. "Who's collecting dinosaurs?" she asks, holding out an orange stegosaurus. Then she turns, considering, before she heads back, toward the drinks, then to Ian, murmuring quietly to him.

It could, however, be Alex who threw the ball at Dielle. She is looking about triumphantly from an approrpiatel ocation, having just set antiehr wind-up toy into place. The girl is scanning her surroundings intently and appears oblivious to what is happening. That could be an elaborae ploy, of curse. Though why a stranger would be hurling balls might be a good question to ask. Alex, meanwhile,continues her search.

"He's a pretty good guy. Definitely count your lucky stars that you have someone like that at your side and looking out for you." Max smirks at Haruki. "Even if he doesn't like silly egg hunting stuff," she says with a playful chuckle.

"I may go and find some of that dancing." Eden says with a nod of her head towards Ian, "And I tasted some of the food, it's quite good, compliments to your caterer."

Dielle finds an orange egg just as that ball bounces off her derriere. "OI!" she yells. She looks around and doesn't have a clue who did it. Was it Alex? Was it Jon? It was Jon, wasn't it. She snorts, sounding remarkably equine in the process. Rubbing her butt with her free hand and trying not to laugh, she says, "I'm collecting dinos, Sophia!" She opens the egg. "And flyin' frogs, too!"

"I have like...three, but I'm not collecting them." Brittany speaks up, lifting one of the dinos she's got tucked into her shirt. Then it is back to hunting for more eggs, and more prizes. So far, nothing.

Ian watches as Sophia approaches, studying her for a moment as she gets a drink and draws nearer. When she leans in to murmur something to him, he tilts his ear in her direction, a curious little smile curving his lips before he glances over toward her and he nods to whatever she says, murmuring back for a moment.

"I do," Haruki says softly to Max. "He's one of the nicest, kindest, most genuine guys I've ever met. And he's gorgeous. One guy shouldn't be all those things. I'm so glad he likes spending time with me. It's always magical when he's around." Talking of Dave has him oh so distracted, he's not finding any eggs at all. "He's just wonderful."

Jon looked at teh eggs and hrmmed and said "Dee, need to find an egg with blue sparkle playdough. Point me in a direction here. I wanna bring somethin back for Connor and Z. I think its ridiculous enough they'll get a kick out of it...or she'll find a way to weaponize it. One of the two. I mean win-win." His grey eyes looked over the group and watched some of the folks he met. Dee- yeah she was finding ht to play with. She was happy. Gisa? He just boggled. How does that tiny plant stay up there. "Gisa we should find tiny plant a tiny friend."

Sophia tosses the dino toward Dielle. "There ya go," she says with a smile. "Enjoy it." She looks back to Ian and a corner of her lips tilts up. "Just say when and I'll explain." But for the moment she steps away so she isn't monopolizing the host while she enjoys her drink and watches the egg-hunters.

Dielle looks at her frog, and says, "I think Connor needs this, personally." She shows Jon and then puts it back in the basket. She fails to catch the dino, but she picks it up and says, "Thanks, Sophia!" That goes with the others. "Try over there, Jon!" She blinks at Gisa and the plant, and then she chuckles. "Now /that/ is some good posture!" Then down she goes to look over there, herself.

The magic of having copper wire for hair, one must assume. Or amazing golem posure that allows her to crouch and stand up without dumping the plant off of her head. (Look no one threw a ball at Dielle, who even thinks that.) "Yes. How else can I be a ceramic plant pot without more plants." Ah, so that's the joke. Golem humor. She plants (har) one hand on her hip, tips her chin up at Jon.

Brittany is not giving up, it seems. She continues to search, and then finds a silver colored egg which has candy in it, "Wooo!" She exclaims, waving it above her head excitedly. Now that she's got the scent of candy, she keeps searching for a while longer.

Dielle keeps searching. Comes up empty. Turns around and sits on her tush for a few minutes, looking around at everyone and what they're finding. She sits like Ferdinand the Bull for a few moments, just quietly, smelling the flowers. Well, the grass, anyhow.

A quick text message had momentarily distracted Max, but she looks back up with a smile. "I'm glad you two have found some happiness together," she says sincerely. "Do you plan on showing off all your goodies and rubbing it in his face how much fun you had?" she playfully asks, a teasing grin tugging at her lips.

"You're welcome," Sophia calls to Dielle as she keeps watching people. "Did you find candy?" she calls to Brittany with a grin. "Now you can work on having a sugar rush after this!"

Brittany starts to crawl around again, checking beneath things once more, pausing when she finds a marbled green egg, glancing towards Sophia, "I did! Some chocolate eggs." She opens the newest egg, "And a wind up dog."

Jon was not finding the blue egg he knew -knew- was out there. The Iceman surveiled the area with a stern look and slowly arched an eyebrow at Alex's aim at DL with a faint grin, He had to ask her, "You ever do any sportsballing? Cause if so I got other things you can throw at her." He looked to the woman he walked in with, standing behind Alex and said, still with a straight face (how he does this is a msytery) "Take that fry thief." He was back there looking for eggs but the opportunity to be huge and fign looking helpless pointing at Dielle a to have Alex avenge him was too amusing to himself to pass up and, infact, handed the woman a tiny beachball as ammo.

Haruki smiles as he finds yet another succulent. He adds it to the pile. He shakes his head at Max. "I'd never do that. I'm going to give him everything. Well almost everything. I'm keeping the duck. And I'll tell him about how much fun it was, but to share, not to make him jealous. Happiness is... it's precious and wonderful and worth nurturing. I'd never want to make him unhappy."

"My plants have finally evolved to their ultimate form. Behold." Alex is now holding upa tiny terrarium. Its unusualshape is similar to a lightbulb on the legs of a white action figure, with a tiny plant already growing inside of it. This is being quietly stared at as thegirl walks abthrough the party now and over toward her stack of eggs. Finally Alex takes a deep breat and then carefully exhales. "I'm torn. How to add this to the garden in a way that will clearly express my artistry..." Then there's a voice behindher. Alex is entirely in the shadow of a man who likely trebles her mass. She looks... Up. Seventeen inches worth of up. Then she holds up the terrarium and states in he quiet, smooth voice, "If you were the victim of my fry theft then I offer this as a peace offering, o mighty giant."

With the small plant still balanced on her head, Gisa trundles slowly around the egg-hunt area, squinting now and again. She looks up and stretches one hand up to pluck from a taller bush a marbled green egg, which pops open in her hands and presents the golem with another tiny terrarium on a silver chain. "The eggs are trying to tell me something," the golem sighs, a big blacksmith's-bellows sound, and links the second terrarium necklace around her neck. Two small plants around her neck and one balanced on her head. "Chia Gisa."

"I was only teasing," Max assures Haruki, obviously not seriously wanting to mess up anyone's happiness, especially not someone she considered a friend. "You might be too nice for your own good," she playfully says, chuckling like she doesn't actually mean that. More nice people in the world would make it a better place!

Dielle is still coming up empty, but the constant bending does seem to be offering a target. "Jon, you know I can still hear you, right?" Her voice would be dangerous if it weren't for the laughter that she can't keep out of it.

Brittany searches around some more, but doesn't seem to find any more eggs. She gets back to her feet, dusting herself off before she starts looking around to see who might still be looking. There's a faint smile before she moves to dump her new finds next to her old ones, dusting her hands off before taking a seat at the table.

"No such thing," Haruki says with a smile. And there, he spots another egg, distracting him for a moment as he dashes off to grab it. He looks inside, and there's a funny beachball. In it goes with the rest to his basket. "Do you think 10 will be enough to stop and go dancing?" And then. "Not that I'm not having fun doing this. I am. Especially talking to you."

A whistle from Gisa, a sharp, air-blown-over-a-huge-bottle sound, and she gestures to Dielle, calling her over and pointing at a carrot orange colored egg not far from her foot. LOOK UNICORN YOU FIND THIS ONE. There's a black beetle that expands in water inside it, not that the golem knows this because she's still walking around being a Chia Gisa.

Jon blinked at Alex and knelt next to her (Still. hiding) A meaty finger (that to the sighted looked like frostbite hit him up a while ago and stuck), "Nah I meant Dielle. She's the fry thief. Hi. Jon. Nice to meet you. You hang out here and hunt the droppings of plastic chickens often?" So casual he was about that. The man either took everything seriously or absolutely nothing. Welcome to teh satire that is apparently Sunday. The greeting still seemed genuine enough. He paused and while down there found an egg behind the leg of a chair and cracked it open for a peek. he closed it and held it up in the air like techno-Viking triumphant. "I found Zeph her pressie." He held it out for Dielle to approve or disapprove of and revealed a mechanical wind up frog. "She'll liekly go all sid-toy-story on it maybe, but if so it only gets better." To the toy he sias sincerely (he was not sincere) "We have the power to rebuild you. Stronger. Faster. With 87 less gravity froggie."

"Rebuidling toys is trip. I used to do that all the time." ALex breathes a sigh of mock relief when Jon reassures her it was not her fry theft he was portesting. The terrarium joins the rest of hte garden but now the igrl ios rubbing her ahnds against her pants and reorienting upon the giant with a slown od of her head. She glances down at the charm bracelet on her left wrist beofore replying with, "Nice to meet you, Jon. My name's Alex. And I do it once a year, every year. Without fail. Thosep lastic chickens can be difficult to find sometimes so we save hunting their particular brand of prize-laden egg for holiday." She shrugs as she adds, "Beats needing a factory at least."

Chuckling, Max gives the other mortal a playful smirk to go along with her expression. "Do you think that ten is enough? Do you want more little goodies to gift to your beloved?" she questions with a grin. Another egg is found by her and she does a fist pump because it's chocolate! And who doesn't like chocolate? She immediately takes care of this goodie by unwrapping and eating it.

Ian stretches a bit where he sits, taking another swig from his cider and upon finishing the bottle, sets that off to the side and finally begins to push himself off the table and onto his feet. "I think, that if I sit on that table any longer, my butt is going to go numb. Time for dancing." He glances around to look for those to whom he'd promised one and says, "Who is egged out and would like to retreat to the pavilion?"

Sophia glances over to Ian. "I stopped hunting for them a while ago, but if you promised someone else first, I can wait. I'm enjoying watching people find eggs," she admits, smiling as she looks back to the hunters.

"I am." Brittany replies, getting to her feet, leaving all her goodies on the table except the plant that she found at the beginning. She wiggles the plant at Ian, "I want a dance before this is over." She then starts to drift towards the pavillion with her plant hugged close.

Dielle starts looking for Jon's play-doh in blue, and comes across a mauve egg. She opens it. It's another succulent! "I'm gonna have to name these things!" she says, delighted with the fractal looking thing. "I'll get them a tank! Like a little greenhouse!" She puts that one in her basket, too. "Jon, you're gonna have to help me name these things!" She sees the orange egg and picks it up, offering it to Gisa. "Hey, I'm findin' a bunch of plants, but I don't got any on my head. You find some, I'll pick 'em up for you, yeah?"

Ian extends a hand toward Sophia and says, "Well, I do owe at least one dance to Haruki, as I believe I promised him first. But he seems to still be busy with the eggs. So, if you'd do me the pleasure?" Then he points to Brittany and he says "You.. I will steal a dance from before this night is over as well." It seems he's more than content to dance with anyone who expresses interest, but for the first dance of the evening, he offers an arm to Sophia, letting the hunt continue on until all of the eggs are found.

Sophia smiles at Brittany. "I don't think I got your name," she says as she sets her basket and drink aside then takes Ian's arm. "If that's Haruki," and she nods to the man, "Then yes, he does seem to be enjoying himself. Then again, everyone does. You've done a good thing here tonight."

Haruki finds one last succulent, and then he hears those magic words. 'Dancing!' Never mind how far away he might be, his ears prick up, and he's off in that direction. "I'm going to dance!" He tells Max joyously, but but by the time he's over there, and grabbed himself a drink in the meantime, there's queue of sorts formed. He looks between the Sophia and Brittany. "Do you want to dance?" it's a hopeful invitation to Brittany. His basket's placed down somewhere he hopes it'll be safe.

"Oh! Brittany Garreau." She replies to Sophia, smiling at her, "Sorry, I totally thought that I had introduced myself, I'm so sorry." When Haruki arrives she smiles, "I'd love to." She sets her plant back down, holding her hand out towards Haruki, "Did you find the eggs you wanted?"

Jon picked up an egg and inside was his nemesis- no it wasn't the QB from Ohio State. It was a tiny glass ball with a teeny tiny plant in there, all of which he was certain hated frost and crushing. Caaaarefully he handed that to Dielle and said "K. Well if that's the cause Maude needs you to protect her from the six-six tall meat muppet." Ohay he didn't take himself seriously. That might be a relief for some. Still though tiny plant was cool and the golem got him to crack a grin by being. "Chia Gisa.... that's... awesome"

"Thank you," Gisa offers to Dielle, taking the orange egg from her and opening it. "It has a bug in it," she informs her fellow Dawn, in her usual monotone. "But this looks like a friend bug." She nods solemnly, her expression total deadpan. "I will keep looking for eggs. You can pick them up for me. I have to take care of my succulent. I am its guardian." Look goylomim gots to have a purpose...

Dielle finds a pastel-red egg, and stands up, taking the plant from Jon and putting it carefully in the basket. She giggles. "I think the bug needs to be your friend, I've got a different bug friend." She opens it up. "Oooo, wind-up snail. For Connor, maybe?" That goes in the basket.

Max doesn't mind when she gets ditched for dancing. In fact, she seems happy that Haruki is enjoying himself. Her bright-eyed gaze lingers on him for just a moment before he finds another group to hang out with. Then she glances around, spotting Gisa and friends. The enchanted mortal turns and makes her way back over to them, a friendly wave offered to the golem. "Hey! Enjoying yourself?" she asks with a grin.

"Yes," Haruki smiles at Brittany, taking the offered hand and stepping towards the pavillion. "Did you? Garreau? That's one of the local families, isn't it? With the theatre? I've been trying to get hold of the theatre owners, but no such luck."

The dancing, drinking, reveling, and egg finding continues into the evening until those counting the eggs that have been found reach the total of over one-hundred eggs. Until then, the party goes long into the night, and maybe even into the next morning for the hard-core revelers.

"I do not know Connor," Gisa informs Dielle, because this is important news. "Yes, this bug is my friend." And that bug is put away in her bag, so the golem can later put it in water and let it expand, one guesses. One hand points toward a bubblegum pink egg, pointing it out so that Dielle can fetch it up for her, and once she has it? Oh look. Another little succulent to sit on the top of her head. She raises one hand to Max. "Yes." She is Chia Gisa, what could be better?

Dielle holds up her basket to Max and says, "I've got a TON of pets!" Ok, they're plants. She's a unicorn. It makes some weird kind of sense to her. "But the one in the glass bubble is Jon's. I get custody, anyway." She seems very excited about this.

Dielle also picks up the egg as pointed out and hands it to Gisa.

"We are!" Brittany agrees, following towards the pavilion, "I can try to contact them...I was hoping to start performing at the theater myself." She shrugs her shoulders a little, "But so far, nothing. If you give me your number before you leave, I'll do my best."

Alex is carefully retrieving her garden, packing it away with surprising care into her bag, wrapped firmly in a large hoodie that she is apparently carrying with her. Once it is carefully stowed she stretches slightly, taking a deep breath and turning to walk back toward where the various people are pairing off. Eventually she makes her way toward Max. She holds out the wind-up bee. "Hello, you. I still love the plant on your head. And you..." The bee is offered toward the brunette. "Want to go search up the rest of the eggs together? Or, you know, go blow the minds of everyone on the dance floor with our awesome moves."

Sophia laughs softly and shakes her head to Brittany. "I'm sure you did, I probably just missed it. And nice to meet you, Brittany. You two enjoy the dancing," she calls to her and Haruki. But she lets Ian lead her to the pavilion for now, for her own dancin'.

Winners and Egg Contents

A list of the winners and the contents of their eggs.


A sky blue colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #1.


A pastel orange colored egg that contains a wind-up duck.


A crimson colored egg that contains red and white gradient shoelaces.


A pastel green colored egg that contains a wind-up crab.


A marbled pink colored egg that contains a yellow butterfly that grows in water.


A violet colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #15.


A vermillion colored egg that contains orange and white gradient shoelaces.


A plum colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #18.


An avocado colored egg that contains a yellow inflatable beach ball with white spots.


A lavender colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #16.



A bright purple colored egg that contains a pink sparkly bouncing ball.


A bright red colored egg that contains a green sparkly bouncing ball.


An african violet colored egg that contains rainbow colored shoe laces.


A violet colored egg that contains multicolored peeps.


A brick red colored egg that contains a tiny terrarium necklace.


A marbiled indigo colored egg that contains a red fly that grows in water.



An amethyst colored egg that contains turquoise and white gradient shoelaces.


A marbled blue colored egg that contains an orange butterfly that grows in water.


A sunrise colored egg that contains a container of green glitter play dough.


A dark green colored egg that contains a teeny tiny terrarium in a lightbulb.


A soft pink colored egg that contains a teeny tiny terrarium cactus alien.


A dark teal colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #5.


A bright blue colored egg that contains a yellow sparkly bouncing ball.


A dove grey colored egg that contains easter color wrapped reese's peanut butter cups.


A purple colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #13.


A bright yellow colored egg that contains a wind-up turtle.



A marbled violet colored egg that contains a pink dragonfly that grows in water.


A green colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #11.


A marbled orange colored egg that contains a wind-up cockroach.


A sandy brown colored egg that contains a grey plastic tyrannosaurus rex.


A misty azure colored egg that contains a green plastic brontosaurus.


A pink and green dotted colored egg that contains a container of purple play dough.


A blue-grey colored egg that contains a brown plastic raptor.


A rose red colored egg that contains a tiny terrarium vial necklace.


A silver colored egg that contains brightly wrapped choclate eggs.


A marbled green colored egg that contains a wind-up dog.



A bronze colored egg that contains robin egg candies.


A blue and green striped colored egg that contains small chocolate bunnies.


An aqua colored egg that contains a blue inflatable beach ball with flowers.


A white colored egg that contains purple and white gradient shoelaces.


A green and yellow dotted colored egg that contains a container of red glitter play dough.


A lemon colored egg that contains a yellow and orange plastic stegosaurus.



An amaranth colored egg that contains green and white gradient shoelaces.


A yellow and lavender striped colored egg that contains a container of green play dough.


An autumn orange colored egg that contains a container of purple glitter play dough.


A tangerine colored egg that contains an orange inflatable beach ball with white spots.


A marbled purple colored egg that contains a green dragonfly that grows in water.


A white and orange dotted colored egg that contains a container of orange glitter play dough.


A sunset colored egg that contains a container of yellow glitter play dough.


A marbled red colored egg that contains a wind-up frog.


A gold colored egg that contains a tiny marimo moss ball terrrarium.


An amber colored egg that contains blue and white gradient shoelaces.


A red violet colored egg that contains a tiny necklace filled with seeds.


A blue and yellow striped colored egg that contains chocolate patterned eggs.


A pastel yellow colored egg that contains a wind-up dinosaur.



A red colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #8.


A yellow colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #10.


A yellow and orange striped colored egg that contains a container of orange play dough.


A marbled yellow colored egg that contains a wind-up mouse.


A bright aqua colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #6.


A yellow and green striped colored egg that contains a container of yellow play dough.


A pastel blue colored egg that contains a wind-up bee.


A pastel purple colored egg that contains a wind-up squid.


A peach colored egg that contains a teeny tiny terrarium round alien.


A pale sage colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #3.


An orange colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #9.


A blue and white striped colored egg that contains rainbow colored gummi bears.


A lime colored egg that contains a green and yellow plastic ankylosaur.


A bottle green colored egg that contains a red sparkly bouncing ball.


A grey colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #19.


A bright green colored egg that contains an orange sparkly bouncing ball.


A canary yellow colored egg that contains a yellow beetle that grows in water.



A dusty rose colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #4.


An apricot colored egg that contains a teeny tiny terrarium tall alien.


A cobalt colored egg that contains a green plastic triceratops.


A coffee bean colored egg that contains a red and yellow plastic pterodactyl.


A mint green colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #2.


A dusty blue colored egg that contains a teeny tiny terrarium in a small glass jar.


A fuchsia colored egg that contains a purple inflatable beach ball with flowers.


A bright orange colored egg that contains a stretchable flying frog.


A mauve colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #17.


A pastel red colored egg that contains a wind-up snail.


A night sky colored egg that contains a container of blue glitter play dough.


A blue and white dotted colored egg that contains a container of blue play dough.


A ruby colored egg that contains a yellow inflatable beach ball with smiley face.


An olive colored egg that contains a teeny tiny terrarium alien.


A blue colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #12.



An indigo colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #14.


A magenta colored egg that contains a tiny terrarium necklace with a purple crystal.


An arctic blue colored egg that contains a green inflatable beach ball with smiley face.


A bright pink colored egg that contains a purple sparkly bouncing ball.


A copper colored egg that contains a tiny terrarium necklace on a silver chain.


A carrot orange colored egg that contains a black beetle that grows in water.


A bubblegum pink colored egg that contains a tiny succulent plant marked pot #7.


A cadet blue colored egg that contains a wind-up purple bird.


An acid green colored egg that contains a container of pink glitter play dough.


A blue and pink striped colored egg that contains a container of red play dough.


A hunter green colored egg that contains a teeny tiny terrarium with pink sand.


A cerulean colored egg that contains multicolored jellybeans.


An almond colored egg that contains yellow and white gradient shoelaces.