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The Lost Pantheon

The Lost Pantheon

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Changelings that believe themselves gods. Each member connects with/represents a particular divine archetype, from the ancient God of the Hunt/Fertility Goddess to Bloody Mary.

  • Titles: Ancient (also Daemon, Totem or other similar titles)
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 6, Mantle (Any) 4, Clarity no higher than 6


There is no one single initiation rite. It's rare that one member initiates another. Instead, most feel the call in their dreams are and guided by their own Wyrd onto this path.


There's no single mien change for members. Instead they become more of whatever they are, far more dramatically inhuman and godly than their Wyrd score alone would account for.


There is no real 'type' of changeling who joins this order. Some are arrogant, some are struggling to hold onto their Clarity, while others simply feel that they are divine or should be worshipped.


There is little organization. When there are multiple Ancients in one area, they deal with each other as their natures demand.

OOC Organization

To ensure up to date information, this page uses DPL to automatically grab the names, aspects and sobriquets of the entitlement's members.

To be sure you display correctly, please add the following to the list of template details on your character page:

| entitlement-title=YOUR ASPECT
| entitlement-rank=YOUR SOBRIQUET

Your "aspect" is the type of god you are, be it Trickster, Death, Time, Love, In-Betweens, etc.

Your "sobriquet" is a nickname, something you are called. 'Bob the Storm God' isn't a very glorified name. 'Roaring Thunder' would be much more impressive!


Primordial Incarnation Perception based penalties based on Clarity are reversed, instead becoming bonuses. These are also added to Wyrd for purposes of determining longevity.

Glamour may also be distilled out of the worship of mortals, though this requires showing their true form to unensorcelled mortals.

HR - To make the above worth doing, the Ancient has more control over his own Mask, but risks accidental revelations of his godly being by exercising it. By spending 3 Glamour and 1 Willpower, he may drop the Mask on command, but for the next 24 hours, must roll Resolve + Composure when feeling any strong passions. On failure, any unensorcelled mortals catch a brief glimpse of some part of the deity's Mien.

They also receive a +2 bonus to attack, defy or engage in aggression against the Gentry, their powers or their minions.


Name Aspect Sobriquet
November-icon.jpg November an Nua Trickster Hidden Thought, Shining Word
ZillahG.jpg Zillah Logan Lost and Forgotten Things The Keeper of Forgotten Things. Patron Saint Of Girls Who Wander By Mistake.
Boudreau1.jpg Phillipe Boudreau Gambling The God of Gamblers
ErebosIcon.jpg Francis Right Darkness, Death, Terror The Unknown
MarcusA4.jpg Marcus Alexander Nothingness The Unknown

Entitlement Logs

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