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Rocco Ramone Campbell
On Game As: Rocco
Played By: Joe Gilgun
Concept: Lost Rock God
Date of Birth: Feb 13, 1969
Apparent Age: late 20s
Occupation: Musician & Bartender
Virtue: Confident
Vice: Selfish

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Polychromatic Nightsinger
Court: Moon
Entitlement: The Charmed Circle
Keeper: Unknown

“You've got no place to hide. I'm feeling like a villain, got a hunger inside.
One look in my eyes and you're runnin' cause I'm coming, gonna eat you alive.”
– Ruelle


      Rocco Ramone hailed from a small place outside London. He was born in 1969 (YEAH BABY) and came of age right in time for the punk music scene to break big. His family took off for Ireland when he was barely in his double digits and he hated it. He turned to music as an outlet and picked up a guitar and started to play, but when he went to form a band, it turns out every bloke in his area played guitar, so he switched to bass. In his teens, he started and crashed-and-burned several bands until finding some small amount of local success that led to him moving back to London itself. Working as a bartender to make ends meet, he'd play on the side and fell in with a band that had just kicked out their bass player. This led to a tour that planted him in the bright lights of New York City where he decided to stay.

      After a few years there in the mid 80s, he climbed onto the Brooklyn Bridge and was seen falling. Reports said that he was high, drunk and probably suicidal and nobody ever found the body. Turns out, his tortured artist act had gotten the wrong kind of attention and he was Taken, forced to spend his life as a performer. His Keeper took the 'tortured artist' trope a little too seriously and he was fed every altering substance his little addict heart could desire as long as he kept playing. And oh did he embrace it. He reveled in it. He was a rock god, basking in the glory of it all, soaking up all the attention. Until he found himself replaced by the Next New Thing. Hey, the True Fae can be fickle things after all. In revolt, he lashed out and paid the penalties. Hey, any attention is better than none! Then it got old and he got the hell out of dodge. When you're the forgotten one, it's easy.


      He came out of the Hedge and found himself back in New York City, but it was no longer the city he knew. Before it was bright lights and gritty darkness. Now it was glassed over, full of neon and tourists. It was 2007 and he hated the hell out of it. But he found himself taken in by the local freehold and landed in the court of the Moon. He took on the name of Rocco Campbell, choosing the name from a can of soup. Finally he found his place. He had his tribe. And so he became a nomad of sorts, turning into a professional couch surfer. Somehow after a few years he even ended up Monarch, serving as the Moon King several times. With contacts made between his gigs as a bartender and a bass player, he became an in-demand studio player, also filling in for live shows that dried up the worse his behavior became. He wrote songs. Some became popular. But then he found a new love as a music producer under the name Vamplifier and has produced some of the biggest underground albums of the past few years. Genre didn't matter as long as it was dark and gritty. He missed the grunge phase and the industrial phase, but his music tends to remain firmly punk with just hints of electronica and techno and dubstep. For the right money he'd even produce some pop music. He came to town looking up his former motley-mate and friend Zillah and somehow got roped into sticking around and joining the Freehold at her request. A wanderer by nature, he hasn't made any attempt to establish roots and continues to couch-surf, though there are rumors he has some sort of plans involving November.



RP Hooks

Entitlement the charmed circle.png
  • Music Producer - He's a music producer under the name Vamplifier.
  • Rock God - Plays bass. Thinks punk is still cool.
  • Lost - omg so Lost.
  • Moon Court - He's the embodiment of the Court. Sorry, Suns.
  • Charmed Circle - He no longer wears the Moon crown, but in his former freehold he was the Moon Monarch for several years. As such, he's in the Circle.

Lost Info

There's no getting around it, Rocco is Wyrd 8 and has no qualms about letting it show. He's very much of the opinion that the Lost are god-like and to not live up to that means you're denying yourself.

His mantle is a living thing, tendrils of darkness and shadow that curl out and move around him, smoky yet at the same time the deepest darkest depths of black ever, but also hidden in the depths are motes and sparks of color. It's a living black opal and is entrancing to watch. He's a walking talking LSD trip. He is the self-described god of sex, drugs and rock & roll. What else do you expect from a polychromatic nightsinger with Wyrd 8 and Presence 5 and an ego the size of the east coast?

While mortals amuse him, he makes no attachments to them. (Sorry mortal alts!) He thinks they're no more than cattle, to be used and used up when necessary.

Also, don't ask about his Keeper. He won't talk about it.

What's that thing around his neck? Well it's a torc! It is The Gilded Torc, actually, and those who know enough about Entitlements would recognize it as such. Though he doesn't bring it out of his shirt often, just a good look at him shows he's of the Charmed Circle. Even if you don't know about it, any Lost would recognize him as being regal. He's the one that fellow Lost sometimes find themselves looking to for leadership in situations even if he is not the person who is supposed to be in charge. He just has that aura of a leader, like he expects to be obeyed and listened to, but also has something about him that clearly backs it up. Leadership is natural to him even if he doesn't always look the part. Of course, he is also egotistical and sometimes people like to argue with him for the sake of not wanting to agree with him of all people. (Just don't kiss his hand, you'll probably regret it even if you want to do it!)

Of course, as with any group that seems to have this much power at their fingertips, there are rumors. "The Torc is really a leash for his Keeper, who or whatever it was, and that's why he won't talk about it!" or "Of course he accepted it. I heard when the Circle comes a'calling, it's join them or die." or "The Circle is some sort of secret society that runs everything everywhere. Might wanna not be on his bad side, no telling what may happen!" or a number of other (possibly) crazy ideas. It's not often a region gets a Gilded King in their midst, let alone one that appears to be a slothful junkie punk rocker past his time, so who knows the real reason he's here, and it probably actually has little or nothing to do with Zillah being Moon Queen two years in a row...


(AKA The Good, The Bad and the Unwashed Masses)

  • Zee - Shadowskank and former roommate back in NYC. We are the very bestest of friends.
  • Rainbow - WOMAN! You vex me so. But I do so love those magic hands of yours.
  • My Bro The Devil - Welcome to the family. You hurt her, she better be begging for more.
  • Amity - Just because I bide my time does not mean I have forgotten your transgressions.
  • Gremlin Thing - What the hell is that thing? And to think, Rainbow jokes that I am too dirty for her liking.


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RUELLE - Monsters

We never shoot to stun
We're kings of the killing
We're out for blood
...We are monsters

MISSIO - Everybody Gets High

Once upon a time in a land far away
There lived a little boy and he drank all day
Take a sip, take a sip, take a sip
And I trip, and I trip, and I trip

TRANSVIOLET - Night Vision

I don't need night vision to see right into your soul
Supernatural lover move through me like a ghost
Get on your knees and praise me like you should
When it comes to being bad you're so good


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