Miller Family

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Miller Family

Potestas ex Honore


The Miller family is the quintessential faded small town royalty. They were the family which got the contract which began the mill which caused the town of Tamarack Falls to come into existence in the first place, but with the lumber industry lessened for ecological concerns, these days, the family is more known for hard work and their largely uncontested grasp on road maintenance contracts and hardware. They have more money than they need, thanks to investing well, but while the family isn't poor, it isn't rolling in dough, either. Children can get help going to community colleges, and there is enough that when machinery breaks down, it isn't a disaster to replace it.

Throughout their 'reign' the family has prided itself on good old fashioned values, conservative politics and, occasionally, downright stodgy attitudes. Change comes slowly, and is often a matter of metaphorically dragging a given member into this century kicking and screaming. Practical as they are, when a "new" idea becomes the norm, they will begrudgingly accept it, but no one would call them innovators.

While there are still disagreements in the older generations over whether their granddaughters should be allowed to wear trousers instead of skirts at Sunday services, no one can disagree about the family's firm loyalty to the land and everyone living in the Tam's high valley.

The family has many branches, and many Millers have left the area to make their fortunes in the larger world with varying degrees of success, but the core is here.


  • Fry - While the Fry family is regrettably open minded on topics the Millers would prefer stay more contained, no one can doubt their skills at managing and tending the land. The Millers and the Frys work closely together on fire and mountain rescues, both families long-accustomed to living off of the land and tracking game.


  • Utridge - In the past, Mr. Benjamin "Binks" Utridge canoodled shamelessly with not one, but two of the Miller women (Edith and Caroline), and the rift between the families remains. While they are often invited to similar events, the older generation, especially, uniformly disapproves of contact.


Town. In the beginning, they WERE the town. There is no significant Miller presence in the city.

  • Old Logging Mill - WR02 - The mill still operates, albeit on a far lesser scale, providing the town with quality lumber and providing the Millers with a way to give back to their home.
  • Miller Estate - WR02 - The old family home is still the center of family gatherings, expanded over the years to accommodate extended family. It's a rambling, but modest estate all things considered, its wealth mainly evident in its size and good construction. A number of smaller homes have been built in the vicinity, though there is no pressure to do so.


Name Influence Position
AbelMillerIcon.jpg Abel Miller ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ Family Head
LilyMillerIcon.jpg Lily Miller ⚫⚫⚫ Influential Party Girl
AnnaLukas1.jpg Anna Lukas New to the service of the family, consultant.
IconDefault.jpg Beatrice Miller Hard worker at the Lumbermill
Misty Miller-750x426.jpg Misty Miller Family
Uschi-portrait.jpg Ursula 'Uschi' Busch Forgotten One


Mechanical Bonuses
  • Skill: -1xp to purchase Drive
  • Skill: -1xp to purchase Survival
  • Merit: -2xp to purchase Allies: Miller Family
  • Merit: -2xp to purchase Contacts: Miller Family
  • Merit: -1xp to purchase Hardy
  • Merit: -1xp to purchase Hobbyist Clique (Volunteer Firefighters)
e.g. buying Drive 5 would net you a -5 discount, total, because you get -1 per dot.

When buying discounted stats with +xps, rather than being automatically added to your +sheet, a +myjob will be created for staff to review the discount and manually set the stat/spend for you.

+xps skill/survival to 4 for 16=Miller family discount


  • Common Professions - Middle-school teacher, lumberjack, lawyer, firefighter, police officer, park guide
  • Resources - While the Miller family itself could easily be estimated at Resources 4, individual members seldom get above Resources 2-3 these days. They just know how to save up for big purchases and pay loans.
  • Wanted Concepts
    • Police officers
    • Road maintenance
    • Family historians


  • Influence 5 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 4 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 3 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 2 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 1 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.



They don't like it. They're not comfortable with it, but they do know it exists. It's like having an embarrassing uncle who farts at fancy dinner parties; you don't talk about it, and you do your best to keep other people from talking about it all too. They know it's out there, and there have been the occasional Miller participants in such things, but by and large, family doesn't want to know what family is getting up to with chickens or salt circles on the full moon.

Other Families

  • Alexander - Some of them are worth more than others. Hard workers, if you can keep them working.
  • Desrochers - They're good people, but they haven't been quite the same since they swapped from cabinetry to brewing.
  • Fry - They know the land, and however liberal their other practices may be, we know we can trust them to come through in a pinch.
  • Garreau - A little poverty might do some of those eggheads good. They're not bad folks, but wealth lets them take too many shortcuts.
  • Lefevre - Leave them alone. They're part of the Falls, one of ours, but don't get in their way. We don't want mixed up in their business.
  • Utridge - Woman-stealing sons of greedy sows! We'll make damn SURE they never get elected.