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Catching Up With Damion

"What do you mean you people?"


Etsy, Damion, Haruki, Ashe


Haruki comes to the Wayhouse to speak with Ashe and Damion wanders in. Etsy also wanders in at the right time!


The Wayhouse

It's still early in the day for some, but Ashe has been at the Wayhouse for most of the morning and the Monarch has been making breakfast it would appear. The smell of bacon hangs heavily in the air, sorry vegetarians! There's plates still settled on the counter and at the moment there's still a few people off in the other room and eating. Ashe herself is dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt with a ghost on it that says 'I'm just here for the boos' and she's doing dishes. She's definitely a weird one.

Haruki's a stranger to the wayhouse usually, but today, well he's trying his best to show up more. Even if it makes him anxious and scares him a little. The smell of bacon, unfortunately it makes him gag. Is there a window open he can stand near. He's looking visibly queasy. Dressed up nice though, he is here to see royalty.

Ashe's black eyes track over to Haruki when he moves into the kitchen and there's a curious look when he gags, "Uh oh." the Monarch states and then motions one of the others in the kitchen over to take over. Then she crosses over to sit Haruki down at a table by the window and open it, "You looked like you needed some fresh air, how're you doing, Haruki?" she asks him with that big stitched smile.

Haruki Takes a seat next to Ashe and smiles warmly at her. "You're nothing like I imagined. You're all the good of fairytale princesses, the kindness and compassion and caring. You're just wonderful, you know? I'm so glad you're Queen, though it must be a lot of work, and I hardly know you. I'm doing really good now, thankyou. How're you?" The words babble out nervously.

There's a knock at the front of the Wayhouse, then a seldom seen figure walks in. Damion is wearing suit that's not super fancy, but not casual either. Because yeah, royalty. Or he just felt like dressing up today. Black and gray pinstripe. He sniffs the air when he enters, finding it considerably less unpleasent than the mortalish magician. He follows it towards the kitchen, though he's diverted when he sees Haruki and Ashe sitting by a window. He makes his way over to them and inclines his head. "Good afternoon."

Ashe listens to Haruki for a moment and there's a bit of a chuckle to him and she reaches out to pat his cheek with cold hands, "Thank you, that's very sweet." she tells him. "And just because I'm the queen of the season of Fear doesn't mean I can't be caring and compassionate. I try to take good care of our mortal counterparts. You guys go through hell sometimes and I definitely don't want you to go through what we did." she motions around. "Also, calm down. None of us are going to eat you." she tells him. "I'm doing fine. Trying to get some more stuff looked into. Delegate things. Look into new threats. You? Are you going alright?" she asks.

When Damion comes in there's a wave to the big man, "Good afternoon." she states. "There's food if you'd like something." she tells him with a smile.

"Hi Damion," Haruki smiles bright and warm to see the Dragon. "It's good to see you." His own suit's red, but he has it dressed down, well without a tie or a top hat. He smiles at Ashe. His own cheek's warm. "Not like you people have been. We just see the reflections and the shadows. You've been through hell, and come out of it again. But, I'm glad you care for us as well as those like you. Everyone together, all stronger that way." He looks relieved when she says that. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Damion belatedly remembers that he should maybe show more respect to the Queen, and gives her a brief bow. "Thanks. Maybe in a while. So, how's that crown treating you so far? Getting heavy yet?" He returns the smile to Haruki. "Hey hon. Good to see you too." He raises a hand and runs it over his smooth scalp. "I've been pretty busy with mortal things lately. I should probably get more involved with the Freehold business again."

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Ashe watches Haruki and the Dragon for the moment and there's a smile. A bit of a nod as they exchange pleasantries. Ashe seems to be a laid back Monarch. Then she looks to Haruki, "What do you mean 'you people'?" she asks him. Straight faced. Then she laughs, "I'm just kidding." she tells him. "And working together means we lose less people. Exactly." she nods. "As for things for you to do. Let me know if there's anyone in the Freehold acting way out of character?" she asks of him.

Then there's a look to Damion and she stands and heads over to him, "Nice to meet you, Damion. I'm Ashe Whelan." she offers a hand in greeting. "And so far it's giving me a good run. We've got a few things that we need to get straightened out." she admits to that. "I think my husband has mentioned you as one of the Harvestmen on the roster recently. Is that correct?" she asks him.

Haruki's eyes go wide with horror as Ashe asks the question, but then when she says she's kidding he laughs it off, relaxing. "Yes. Is Max okay?" he asks. "I think I saw something? And I'm worried about her. Haven't seen her though." He looks curious. "Acting out of character? How so? Um... I'll look for it though." He is surprised when she mentions a husband. "Who's your husband?"

Damion takes the hand and shakes. "Yeah. I joined the same time as Rorschach. I don't know who your husband is, though." He glances down at Haruki, raising a brow, then looks at her again. "Out of character, huh?" Then he look sback to the Queen. "If there's anything I can help with, let me know."

Ashe gives Haruki a wink he looks horrified, he was a bit gullible, but she'd gut anyone that hurt him for sure. Then there's a frown that pulls every stitch along with it, "Max is...not okay." she shakes her head. Which sends a bat scurrying out of her hair to grip the top of her head. "She doesn't have any memory of us. So if you knew her, please reach out to her." she tells Haruki. "Byron is my husband. We got married on the Autumnal Equinox. Didn't tell anyone just in case." she muses. "Can't really celebrate when one of you have a crown stuck to your head for three months." she grins.

Then back to Damion, "The Captain of the Harvestmen. Big Gargoyle." she tells him. "Well, since the Crown changed, your pledge lapsed, so probably good to get you repledged so you can keep fighting the good fight with us. You good with that, Damion?" she asks him as she looks to him. " Damion raises a bare brow. "Captain of the Harvestmen? I thought he stepped down from that?" As for Max...does he know her? Maybe, but he can't remember right offhand. Apparently it doesn't make a big difference now. The tall boxer leans on the back of a chair, thinking. "Mmm. Yeah, I'm good with that. Is there anything else going on right now I should know about?"

Haruki smiles at Ashe. "Oh. That's lovely, and romantic. A wedding just for you." He nods. "I'm going to see out Max then and make sure she's cared for and loved and looked after. And see if I can help. I wanted to ask if there was any way I could protect against fairy magics. And the way it squirms into my head?" To Damion he says. "Paige is gone so I guess Byron took charge again?"

"He stepped down due to some personal reasons. Paige took over and then immediately vanished. The active Lieutenants asked for Byron to be reinstated. I talked to him at length about it before it was done." Ashe explains to Damion. "There was no favoritism in the decision. I did not want him to retake it unless he was sure. But, it is what majority wanted." she admits. "There is a hob army that is making regular attacks in the hedge. Against small hob villages, the market and the looptrod. There are enhanced briarwolves that among their soldiers, very nasty things. Get with Lieutenant Dielle for more on them." she tells Damion.

Then Ashe nods to that, "Some other things to look out for, dreams, if any mortals you are close to start complaining of weirdness, contact a Watcher or dream specialist and have them checked. There's a Gentry called the Game Master that is fucking with the dreams of Freeholders and non." she states.

"I hope Paige is okay," Haruki says. "I hadn't heard from her in a while. She was... is a good friend of mine." He nods at Ashe. "You know of Green? And Cerise? And I think maybe Franklyn doesn't look like she's been sleeping well either." He keeps his voice really low when he mentions those names. "Etsy came to speak to me about dreams but I didn't have much to say. Is that the same Gentry that tried to abduct Glitch?"

Damion nods to Paige. "I haven't seen Paige in a while, yeah. But I haven't seen anybody in a while. So I didn't think much of it. I liked Byron well enough, so no complaints here." He straightens up. "Hobs, Briarwolves and a Gentry messing with people dreams. Sounds like busy times. But I'm sure we'll pull through.

"I hope she is to, Haruki. I truly do." Ashe nods to that as she looks to the magician with a smile. There's a quirk of an eyebrow when he mentions the names Green and Cerise. Names filed into the memory bank. Franklyn. Aha. More names. "I don't think any of them are sworn to the Freehold...are they ensorcelled?" she asks him. "And Glitch came to the Harvestmen meeting the other night but did not stay long. We need to track him down and speak with him for sure." she nods to this.

Then there's a nod to Damion, "We will, yes. We'll rally and make it through all of the issues just fine. We just need to make sure everyone is pulling their weight. We're a community when it all comes down to it and one person can't do all of the work by themselves." she states with a smile.

"I don't know," Haruki says. "How do I tell? They're just, mortals. Is that what we are? Not Lost, mortal? But having dreams. Maybe? You protect people even if they're not sworn? Or do they not count? I'm just, I try not to poke at it."

"True enough. And I've said this before, anybody from the Freehold is free to stop by my gym. I'll give them a special rate." Damion reaches over and ruffles Haruki's hair. "He's always very worried about others feelings. As for what I can do to help the Freehold...honestly, I'm not very good at anything but hitting things. Hitting is something I'm willing to do though."

"It's not easy to tell." Ashe frowns just a little at that. "And it's...pretty dicey." she adds. "The Freehold pledge protects us from a bit more than those not sworn. But some people don't realize that and the uninitiated don't realize that." she admits. "I have no authority outside of the Freehold, does that make sense?" she asks him.

Then there's a look to Damion, "Hitting things is definitely going to be needed, so don't sell yourself short." she tells him. "Also, if you like bacon, there's plenty on the stove." she chuckles.

Haruki's hair is ruffled, and he gives Damion a look, but then he smiles, soft and warm. "That's not true." He says to Damion. "You are kind. You care for others and are self-sacrificing and you're so much more than just a guy who hits stuff." He shivers at a memory. "What part of yourself did you sell? What piece did you give away?" And then he shakes his head, those words being almost dreamlike. "No." He says more to himself. "Not real." He nods at Ashe. "Sort of, yes?" He grimaces a little as bacon is mentioned.

Damion sigh a little at Haruki. "It doesn't matter now. What's done is done." He says to Ashe, "Next time you're going to deal with some nasties, give me a call, yeah?" He smiles at her, then raises to his feet. "I might take you up on that. Bacon is always good." He turns to walk into the kitchen, presumably to make himself a plate.

"It's like a police officer having a jurisdiction. If they aren't in my jurisdiction I can't deal with them. If you've not sworn fealty to me. Or you've left the Freehold you're not beholden to our laws." Ashe explains to Haruki. Then there's a look to Damion and a nod, "I will do that. I will send a message to Dielle and Byron and well to let them know you've pledged again as well." she tells him.

Haruki nods at this. "Okay." He then looks at Damion, concerned. But he's gone quiet for now, thinking.

Haruki asks again. "How do I protect against the magics not in dreams? The ones where I'm around someone and they smell amazing and I want to do anything and everything for them. I'd do anything they tell me? Or when they cast their spells, can I do anything to protect myself against that? Or, well I suppose you probably wouldn't even want to tell a way to fight off that."

Ashe gives a look to that question and there's a bit of a frown and she sits quietly for a moment, "Now that, I do not know the answer to. I don't deal in magics that deal with emotional changes. Springs do. Maybe one will wander in. I would suggest maybe things that strengthen the mind (Indomitable)." she tells him. "Just practice really." she tells him. "Where are you experiencing it?" she asks him.

Haruki nods at this. "I tried asking a Spring but he didn't know. Maybe another one though. I'd like to have proper protections. I'd like my mind to be mine, well as much as it can be. It would be nice to be stronger there, in the head."

Returning from the kitchen with a plate, Damion munches on a strip of bacon. "Hmmm? Yeah, Autumns have nothing to do with emotions. Fear is...something else, apparently." Mnch mnch. "Good question though. Who HAS been messing with your mind, Haruki?" He settles back in his seat from earlier.

"I think any court has it's way of emotional manipulation, I just don't really mess with it much." Ashe offers. "I like going for that on my own." she smiles. "Maybe I can search through a few books and see if there's any charms or things we can find you as well." she tells him. Then there's a look to Haruki as Damion asks that question. Big black eyes staring. Like a sharks eyes. Likes a dolls eyes.

Maybe a Spring will wander in! Like this one. Etsy pushes the door open with one hand, followed by the mrbl, her faithful otter companion. Humming. She goes drifting off toward the kitchen and the smell of bacon without so much as a hello at first. Once there's a strip of bacon in her hand, though, and approximately four million others on a plate? Etsy comes humming back, doot doot doo. "Hellos, hellos, it is an Etsy, hellos Majesty," and a perfectly-executed curtsy for the Queen. She drifts lightly, her feet seeming to only barely touch the ground in her tatty silk slippers. Maybe someday people will notice the sea salt that scatters on the floor where she walks. But it does! "Hmm hmm. What is a question of Springs?"

"Goddesses," Haruki says. "Those who're so stunning they take your breath away and you'd do anything for them. And those who look for secrets and lies in black and white. And my ex, he smells amazing. I wish he didn't smell so good all of the time and loving him doesn't even make sense. Only when I'm around him, everything he says does so much. It's like I just feel everything more around um... Lost." He nods. "That would be good. I didn't know there were books about it." He smiles at Etsy. "Hello. Is there protections against mind magics?"

Damion looks towards the door when it opens, and smiles towards the mermaid. "Hello again, Etsy." He eats another strip of bacon, then listens to Haruki. He frowns a bit at the mention of his ex. "Is he still around? Wonderful." He leans back in his seat and sighs. "If he causes you trouble, let me know, alright?"

There's a bit of a tada hand motion when Etsy appears, "Look. A wild Spring appears." she chuckles as the woman walks over. There's a nod to her in greeting, "Good afternoon, Etsy." she states. There's a look to Haruki as she listens to him, "Hmm, Etsy here probably knows things to look out for and more. So I trust her on things." she nods to that.

"He was around for a bit," Haruki says. "He was being really nice, like when we first met. And he'd grown a beard, which is weird since it was like grass with flowers on his face, so he wasn't quite as handsome." He laughs at what Ashe says. "You play Pokemon?" As if he can't believe it.

"A hellos for you friend Damions and also friend Harukis," Etsy offers, settling down in a chair; the mrbl climbs up along side her and the two start picking up bits of bacon. "What are we trusting an Etsys on? I am knowing lots of things!"

Damion shakes his head at Haruki, "Yeah. That's how abusive relationships go on. The abuser convinces the abusee that they've changed, reminds them how things used to be, whatever. But it doesn't actually get better." He looks at Etsy. "Haruki wants to know how to keep really Wyrdy folks from influenceing him so easily."

Ashe takes this moment to take a few bites of the food on her plate and to feed Uvall a piece of bacon when he perches on top of her crown. Spoiled bat.

"Hello mrbl," Haruki greets, remembering about the otter and to be polite. He nods at Damion and is about to add more when... is that a bat? His ees go wide at Uvall.

"Well, it is having a depends on how it is doing an influences. Because some is just... just the fact of being very much Wyrdy. Like Calms? She cannot helps the effects of having on humans. And when last I saw a Calms and a Harukis in same place, Calms was just... trying to be niceness. Not pushings around. Admit, a bias has a mermaids, is Calm a motleymate. But am knowing, is a lonely Calms, because... natural ways of Calms at this point is what is." Etsy gnaws absently on their lower lip, offers the mrbl a bacon. The otter waves its tiny human-like hand at Haruki in greeting. "Only ways, is to become stronger in minds all arounds."

Damion nods to Etsy, "Yeah. He wasn't asking how to get them to stop. He was asking how to strengthen his mind against the effects. I don't know who this Calms is, mind. The most....Wyrdy person I've met so far is November." He smiles and glances at Haruki. "And Haruki is always being a niceness."

Haruki nods. "She was so nice and wonderful and I stopped thinking and just wanted to do everything she wanted and that was scary. It was like reality twisted to be centrered around her. But maybe it's better if I don't see the wyrd? Only I don't even know how to do that." He nods. "Stronger in mind. I'm not even sure. Is that like the mindfulness and meditation and things? Exercises for the brain as well as the body? Or becoming like a Vulcan?" He smiles back at Damion, all soft and warm and filled with affection there. "Oh Calm is even more than November, I think. Or maybe they're the same sense of power and beings and scary."

Damion grunts a little. "Those that are deeply in touch with the Wyrd can be a bit much to handle, yeah." He's not exactly low-Wyrd himself. But it's amazing the difference a few ranks and Sublime can make. "And some people seem to progress faster than others. I think I'm still pretty recognizeable, depsite all the changes." That may be a small bit of delusion on his part, who knows.

Ashe finishes off the rest of the food on her plate, it was cold, but it was food! Uvall gives Haruki a look and a little wave of his wing. Then Ashe is standing, "I'm going to go finish dishes and then I've got a few things to finish up for Autumn this evening. If anyone needs me, my phone is on and I won't be off in the hedge tonight. So I'll return calls and all of that tonight." she states with a smile.