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(Mien) Tasia Wildfire of Summer


  • Changeling: A Summer Ogre Taken by Dread Commander Sof, she is all about the rumble tumble life, though rather than brooding or angry, she carries more of a playful, amused aggression. She could almost be a Spring Warrior but nope. Note: HATES privateers!

  • Entitlement: A Baroness of the Lesser Ones and a Chimera as well, she does a lot of dealing with Hobs. Socializing or negotiating when needed, intimidating or face pounding when needed. She is always up for helping others with hedge trips, harvesting, or such.She would be a Harvestman except for the military structure, and the name. :)

  • Freehold: Oathed in but otherwise bran sparkling new, trying to meet people, get involved, work on making a good name for herself.

  • Violent and Vigilant: A rogue; Reckless, aggressive, and undisciplined, excessively violent when riled up. Yet she is loyal, friendly, supportive, and one hell of a raucously , vivacious, and chaotic good time.

  • High Wyrd: Having become well more Fae than Human, she is developing themes over Human options. She tends to be quite good at the various 'things she does' and is Human enough to use them creatively, but has difficulty when faced with situations outside these boxes.

Tasia of Summer's Contacts

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Tasia Stats
Sphere: Changeling
Tier: Tier5(T4 current spent)
Seeming Mantle: Ogre, Summer 3
Kiths : Stonebones, Farwalker, Chimera
Entitlement : Baroness ot Lesser Ones
Motley : None, Looking
(Born Mask)Anastasia "Tasia" Alexander.


  • Performer: Hellgirl sings hard/bluesy rock and plays lead guitar at various dive bar/events. A live performer, she never records though people recording her and posting to youtube is a thing. Not a 'sellout' makes her freaking poor, just herself showing up in a crappy VW van, meeting up with whatever semi-random drummer, to play for food and a few twenties.

Wild Fire ….. Raise Hell ….. Missile ….. Get Up ….. Wicked Ones ….. Whisky Feaver
Gun in my Hand ….. After Midnight ….. Bang Bang Bang ….. Dark Nights ….. Down to the Bottem

  • Alexander Family: Originally a mousey, shy, sickly child, she returned from 4 years of prison a beautiful, outgoing, healthy, and strong person, much more fitting as an Alexander. The family knows she purposefully took the fall for her adult sister, plead guilty, and never changed her story. Rambunctious and vivacious, always up for having fun and getting up to no good with family.

  • Criminal History: At age 16, she was sentenced to 8 years for drug dealing, fleeing pursuit, resisting arrest, and assault on a police officer. Though after 4 years, half served in an adult facility, she was released on good behaviour, no parole.

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Anastasia Stats
Full Name: Anastasia Alexander
P&DoB: Local, 2000
Ethnicity: Russian/Mutt
HT, Build: 5'6 Slender-Curvy
Hair&Eyes: Rainbow, Amber
Current Job: Singer-Musician
Education: GED
Criminal Record: *Sigh*
(ManyMask1) Lita Thorn
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Lita Thorn's Contacts

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Lita Thorn
Full Name: Lita Thorn
HT, Build:
Current Job:
Criminal Record: None. Ha! So there!
Virtue Vice:
Theme Songs
Wreak Havoc

The Hated Enemy