Jasper Alexander

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(Mien) Lucky of Summer


  • Changeling: Never heard of em, you lost man?

  • Entitlement: Guild of the Sacred Journey: Need a Delivery?

  • Freehold: He's will be part of it, just need to sort it out.

  • Happy go Lucky: He's an easy come easy go kind of sort, impish at times, but don't get him bristly, he's Summer for a reason

  • Luck & Portents: yeaaahhhh bruh, he's one of those sorts, safer to play the odds when you know the outcome.

Little Black Book of the Lost

Motley Group ************
Person Stuff

LingLings General ****************
Person Stuff

Others ****************
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Lucky's Stats
Sphere: Changeling
Tier: Tier5
Mantle: Summer 5
Seeming: Fairest
Kiths : Gameplayer/TrueFriend
Entitlement : Guild of the Sacred Journey
Motley : None, Looking
Wyrd: Lower on the spectrum
Call me the Breeze
(Born Mask)Jasper Lekay Alexander.


  • Smuggler: He might know a few or how to move things for the right price.
  • Alexander Family: Hopefully! Details coming!
  • Criminal Records: Details coming!
  • Job: 50% saleman, 50%odd jobs, 300% hustle.

Alexander Family ***************
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Others ****************
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Lucky's Stats
Full Name: Jasper Lekay Alexander
P&DoB: Local, 1980
Ethnicity: Caucasian
HT, Build: 5'11", Lean
Hair&Eyes: Blonde, Blue
Current Job: Salesman
Education: Community College
Criminal Record: *TBD*
The Goods



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