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Chupathingy: The Return!

"Wait. Someone made you?"


Alonso, Michelle, Omari, Gisa, ST


A night out at the Fair turns into a hunt!


R07 City Fairgrounds

Previously on Supernatural...

Wait. This is the real world. Not a TV show. Or is someone wearing flannel and looking ruggedly handsome in an Impala?

The Chupathingy incident had been the hot topic of discussion on more than a few of the local cryptid and other supernatural boards. Someone had to correct a few people and spell it as Chupacabra. Not to mention there were livestock that had been found with holes in the neck and in the stomach. It was all really weird. The last sighting had been out at the fairgrounds and given they were having a livestock show this evening this might be the prime time to catch the creature in the act.

Or snag some cotton candy.

The hunt. Omari reveled in it, and after hearing of what last transpired couldn't miss his chance to see it. The Beast's in a leather coat covering a white tank top, in jeans that could do with some ironing, and a pair of boots that were already covered in dirt. At his side is his ice wolf companion, although the red-eyed beast isn't as hale with the bandages on its hind leg. While Omari starts munching on a burger, his blue eyes going this way and that, Romulus is gnawing on the remnants of a turkey leg.

All the things that Gisa has going on in her life, and honestly, like, she's not all that up on cryptid gossip. She is, however, out to look at animals with Alonso. Not so much with the hunting, much more with the 'going out with the fiance.' They're even -- gasp, shock, surprise -- holding hands in public. Her other hand is occupied with a burger (no cheese), and she looks actually almost content.

Michelle is wandering around the livestock area, considering the alpacas. She's thoughtful, topaz eyes on one white baby animal that's contentedly lying there while the rest of the alpacas prance and play.

Alonso is rambling at Gisa in some variety of foreign language, rather animatedly it must be said. It's not immediately apparent just what the topic of conversation is, but whatever it's about has Alonso's voice rising here and there, or growing low and grumbly. Sports, religion, and politics are potential culprits for what has him so decidedly wound up. A contrast to his more sedate walking partner. Only the prospect of horses calms him down, which may be why Gisa has hauled him out here in the first place.

Listening to Alonso complain animatedly in Catalan seems to be something of a daily thing for Gisa. In any case, she's quite content to listen to him, making noises every so often in either agreement or disagreement as appropriate. Whatever is coming from Alonso just... makes her happy to listen to, even if he is rather cross. Eventually, though, she interrupts him, or at least, when one of his screeds winds down, Gisa keeps him from going on to another one by saying something quietly to him in that same language. Well, mostly in that same language. The word chuppah is in the middle there, not that anyone but the pair is close enough to pick that single word out of a stream of rapidly-spoken Catalan.

Michelle eyes yarn. She doesn't knit, mind you, but she does know people who do. However, they have enough yarn. She smiles, compliments the owners on their beautiful animals, and then continues on her way, toward the goats. Playful pygmies and dangerous full-size goats are a lot less playful than the alpacas, although one is butting its head against a wooden pole repeatedly. In her smoky, musical voice, Michelle says, "Me too, little fella. Every darn day." And she watches it for a moment until it stops.

There's all kinds of livestock! There's a lot of horses here as a matter of fact. Some very beautiful breeds and colors. More than a few horse farms being around the area. A new one being moved in as they spoke. There's a few cattle farmers that are starting to move a few of their cows out for the night. Nothing really seems suspicious. Except that kid eating carrot sticks. What blasphemy is this?!

The others might not be seeing anything weird. But Golem is keeping a keener eye on things. That means that she keeps her eye on the cows and the man that goes down on of the side trails. She also sees the little hunched over creature that follows after them in the shadows.

The Beast and the wolf were content to enjoy their food until Michelle's voice intermittently taking their attention away from one of the many animals to be seen. They do turn their attention back to the animals eventually. When he takes his mouth off the bone, Romulus growls up a request for a honey bun and a bowl of water. Omari leaves the hedge beast for a moment, departing for food while looking over to the cattle farmers for a few moments.

Alonso's grumbling and ranting is drawn to a close by what Gisa has to say. That and the aforementioned horse that he's currently cooing at. He leans onto the fence for a few moments, then bobs his head twice. "So you're dead set on this whole marriage thing, despite the fact that it's a manifestation of bourgeois society intended to subordinate the needs of the feminine to the desires of the masculine, secure private property rights, and amass unearned wealth?" Alonso twirls a finger vaguely towards the woman in question. "You read all the books I suggested? And you STILL want to proceed with this?" He seems genuinely doubtful that this could possibly be the case.

"If you think for a seingle moment that you are going to argue me out of this under any circumstances, Alonso, you do not know me at all. Simply because Marx was stuck in a loveless bourgeois marriage and eternally dallied with women doesn't mean that his estimation of marriage is correct. It just means he had a terrible marriage," sighs Gisa after she puts the last bite of burger in her mouth. "Yes, I read all of them, it took me a very short period of time. You know how long it takes me to absorb new knowledge. So, yes, I am set on this. But if you do not actually want to get married, you don't need ethical arguments to get out of getting married." Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! "Just say you do not want to get married."

And then there's a hunched little creature hurrying away down by the cows. "... did you see that?" She drops his hand and changes direction. What a conversation.

"In a hypothetical scenario, of course I don't want to get married! This is a separate fact from whether I wish to spend my life with you, which I do. So why endure the yoke of the State to--" Alonso was winding up for another volley of anarchist gobbledygook, but Gisa is heading off in both a different literal direction and a figurative conversational one. It leaves the poor Spaniard looking a little defeated. "I was about to give you... eleven reasons not to involve the State in our relationship! Seven through Eleven were really quite good." Alonso trails after Gisa, exasperated. "I'm not even Jewish! What would the Rabbanut say?"

The lights are spaced out as the cows are herded back towards the barn where they are kept. The farmer goes to open the door to the barn and the light towards the back of the line of heifers starts to flicker on and off until it finally pops and dies down into darkness. There's just enough light for them to see one of the cows get spooked and kick...something.

It goes flying back /up/ the walkway. Towards the incoming Golem and Spaniard.

"I already agreed that we do not necessarily have to get legally married," answers Gisa over her shoulder as she follows down the pathway after the little creepy dude. "That is entirely separate from a religious marriage. Everything is owned in a communal trust now anyway, legal marriage was already conceded. And as far as what the Rabbinate has to say, have you paid much attention at the Shabbat services you've been at? Half the families at our Reform congregation are mixed!" One might even get the vague impression that the golem is a little upset, for all that her expression doesn't change. This argument has literally been going on since Rosh Hashanah, after all.

"... uh." And then Gisa's hands gain spikes between the knuckles as that little thing comes running at her.

Alonso is finally aware of this creature, what with it running towards them and all. It certainly puts the conversation in a new light. "Well, okay, then! I just thought you'd have preferred to wait until after my conversion." He says this while hiding behind the tiny golem. More or less. In that she is armed and he is, at the moment at least, not.

Little creepy dude finally finds his footing as he's been kicked by the cow and he turns in a staggered way to look up to see Gisa in all of her Golem glory...and she's going to smash him with a fist. There's a hiss from the creature and snaps his tiny jaws. He'd be really adorable....if he wasn't so damn ugly. He's clearly not of the human world. Who the hell knows where he came from really. There's a look between Golem and Spaniard and it takes this moment to decide to turn and run. Because it didn't have any face to save really!

To be totally honest, when given the option to deal with a tiny little homunculus and what just came out of Alonso's mouth? Gisa's head snaps back toward the Spaniard, and she says, to quote: "... your what?" And then she turns her head back toward the hissing ugly-ass homunculus -- and she gives chase. "If you are pulling my chains, Alonso Triste!" she calls, giving pursuit.

Idle message from Omari: I've been howling at the moon for 20s.

When Omari's returning with his hedge beast's sweet treats he finally gets a sight of something flying. It isn't until he spots Gisa popping spikes that he grows curious. However, he doesn't get much of a sight of it until it's already moving away, and he swears under his breath. He whistles for Romulus to follow, and isn't too far behind the others when he tries to follow.

Wendy I can flyyyyyyyyy!

"What kind of monster do you take me for?" Alonso questions Gisa as he chases after her and, by extension, that which she chases. This is the weirdest date ever. "Out of curiousity, what kind of monster do you take that for?"

There's a lot of grunting and hissing from Little Creepy Dude as he starts to pull away from the group. But there's no pulling away from Romulus. That icy pup snaps the chunky demonic looking little shit up in his jaws and trots back to a halfway point with it. "Someone get this monster to let me dooooowwwwwnnnnn!" it howls.

"I take you for a Catalonian," quips Gisa, as she pauses, watching the hedgebeast snap up the... little monster. "I have no idea what that is," she admits.

From Gisa's jeans pocket comes a tiny shrill voice: "YOU WILL NOT WIN, ALONSO! I CANNOT WIN AND I AM LITERALLY IN HER POCKET!"

"Thank you, Herbert." And then the golem's head swivels, her eyeflames flickering in Omari's direction, chin tipped up.

Romulus' honeybun is stashed away in Omari's pocket, and there's a brief grin for the hedge beast as he's found their quary. "One, you call him a monster again and he might eat ya. He has a sweet tooth, but he's known to make exceptions. Two, why in the fuck are you eating cows when you can just steal burgers. It's not even that har- I mean what you out here doing," his last hastily corrected as he straightens up.

"You say that like it's a bad thing," Alonso chides Gisa as he skids to a halt behind her, cracking a grin quite against his idiom when Herbert weighs in. "Perhaps we should take our guest away from the locals, here, and have a more particular detailed conversation than might otherwise be allowed." He does the creature the courtesy of lifting his hat politely from his head. "I am Alonso. Forgive us your present circumstaces, but we felt it the best way to get your attention so that we could have a conversation." He plops his hat back down again and gestures the way along, that-a-way.

Little Creepy Dude. He will be remembered as this forever now. He just goes kinda limp in the mouth of the icy pup. "Go ahead." he states to Omari. "Just have him eat me." he sighs. "And I like my meat fresh. Not ruined. Savages." he shudders. Because he's one to talk about savages? "If someone can get me back to my graveyard I won't be a bother no more. I got out and I've been up to some shenanigans I'm not supposed to be. Anyone wanna take me back?" he looks to the gathered.

"I say it's like a fact. You are the dread Catalonian," sighs Gisa, as she watches the creature hanging from the hedgebeast's mouth. Gisa doesn't introduce herself, mind you, but she does say: "If all you want is to go back to where you're supposed to be, then we can help you."

"DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LIE TO HER SHE WILL KNOW AND SHE IS MIGHTY!!!" screeches the tiny voice from in Gisa's pocket. Apparently Herbert has decided to be mouthy from the security of Gisa's pocket.

Omari nods to Alonso request, and motions for Romulus to move further away as the talking continues. "Is your graveyard somewhere in the Hedge, or are you talking about here?" he asks when they're far enough away. "Because you really look like you don't belong out here, much less eating up people's beef like a farm's your buffet."

"My brain's good, but not that good. I'm model 1.0 and there's not any others. So when I get out I tend to wander off and get into trouble. It's why there's a silly monster story. I'm not a monster. Or well...I guess I am." Little Creepy Dude smiles, sharp teeth all gleaming. "I get mixed up with all the concrete and things." he frowns. Then he looks off into the distance. "I'm a Homunculus...homunculi." he tells them. "Don't think we're very successful in this day and age." he states. "My place is Shady Acres. It's not in the town proper. It's a bit outside." he tells them.

"Homounculus?" queries Omari. "Wait. Fuck. You were made." He lets a laugh slip out, although this gets a growl from Romulus. "Ain't that some shit. Well, my weird friend, who or what made you, and why are you just going out and about like this? The cows in the graveyard not good, or just wanted to explore?"

A side glance at Alonso, and then Gisa raises a hand, scratching at her cheek. Ceramic fingers on ceramic cheek go squeak squeak squeak. "I see." A homunculus is made, much like a golem, after all. "Who made you?"

Little Creepy Dude is still hanging out of Romulus' mouth. As dignified as you can be in that situation. "Dad is going blind in his old age. He sometimes doesn't get the door all the way shut and well...I get the urge to go out and can't find my way home." he frowns. "His name is Charles Masterson. He's the owner of the place. His kids leave him to his devices. Know he's a bit eccentric and all." he explains. "He's pushing 90. When he dies I'll be sealed up for good with him." he tells them.

Omari crosses his arms over his chest, eyeing up the thing while it explains things. "Eccentric don't really explain magical things like this, but this is a strange as world." He sighs, pinching at the bridge of his nose before dropping his hands to his side. "Drop 'em, Romulus." The hedge best does as instructed after a few second of defiance, grumbling, "I still wanna eat him." "Here's the deal," Omari adds after a brief stare at the wolf. "We take you home, you don't get out again. At all. Either that or you need to learn how to fucking do shit in secret."

There's a brief look of sympathy for the other construct. Gisa is a golem, after all, and a homonculus is another construct. A glance at Alonso, and then Gisa says to the Catalonian (never again to be referred to as a Spaniard, eesh): "This conversation is not over," before she nods agreement with Omari. "We have more important things to do than clean up after you. So don't." This to Little Creepy Dude, before away they all go to deliver him home.