Helah Morgenstern

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Helah Morgenstern
On Game As: Flatirons
Played By: Yara Pilartz
Concept: Soft Spoken Firebrand
Date of Birth:
Apparent Age: 20s
Occupation: Church Secretary
Virtue: Chaste
Vice: Skeptical

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Miner Saltborn
Court: Sun
Keeper: Milk and Honey

“There is no difference between Knowledge and Temperance; for he who knows what is good and embraces it, who knows what is bad and avoids it, is learned and temperate. But they who know very well what ought to done, and yet do quite otherwise, are ignorant and stupid.”
– Socrates


      Helah has served Fate's Harvest from it's inception, and all the while, very little has changed about the woman. She considers herself a bastion of stability in a sea of choas. She envisions herself the thwart against the darkness, which she believes will undo the Freehold. To say the very least, she is not terribly fun at parties.

RP Hooks

  • Church - Helah works at one of the local churches, and though she tends to rarely reference God, it is clear to many that she believes rather thoroughly in the idyllic virtues of the Great Awakening.
  • Teetotaler - Drugs, sex, alcohol, all of it is a sign of a wicked lifestyle, and a waste of humanity's creativity and energy.
  • Queen - Helah was chosen by the Wyrd in the beginning of Summer 2017.


  • Scandalous Gossip - Rumors are things people might hear around town about your character.
  • Juicy Rumor - It doesn't even need to be true.


  • Mr. Pook - I respect my old friend, but that the Sun will follow the Spring tells me I must take a different path.
  • Ms. Ryan - Unfocused.
  • Mr. O - Someone who can understand the value of caution, thoughtfulness, and discretion.

Information and Roleplay

Helah Morgenstern is played by Flatirons and is active in the Fate's Harvest Freehold.

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  • (2017.03.20)
Spring Crowning 2017
  • (2017.07.01)
Sun Queen - July Court 2017
  • (2017.09.07)
Logan's Job
  • (2017.09.13)
September Court 2017