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Logan's Job

A Waykeeper comes to visit the Crown.


Logan, Helah Morgenstern.

7 September, 2017

Logan visits the Sun Queen to see what work she has for him. The topics? Samantha Whitaker and Glitch.



The tiny, gray wizened that is the Summer Queen is inside the Summer Court caverns, in a small off-shoot, which as been set up to be an office. It's absolutely spartan, with a desk, a few wooden chairs, and a series of lanterns burning for light. Helah is as she always is, dressed rather simply and modesty, in a long skirt and a plain blouse. This is 'office hours', as it were, so Logan is entirely free to come visit.

Logan is dressed more plainly himself -- at least, moreso than he would usually be to visit a monarch. He's wearing a plain but expensive blue sweater over a white collared shirt, plus nice slacks and dress shoes. Still, his light shines out and his smile does as well as he enters into the cavern, offering a small bow to Helah with one hand over his heart. He waits to be addressed before approaching the Queen, even though there is no throne or anything of the sort.

Helah doesn't look up. There's really no reaction to Logan's presence. Fact is, she likely heard him a long ways away, and knew he was coming. But for now? Well, she's scribbling down a few more notes. And then the pen goes down, and then she lifts her big eyes and sets them on Logan. There's a long, silent moment of consideration, before she makes a small gesture. "Logan," she says. "Have a seat. To what do I owe this visit?"

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Logan takes one of the wooden chairs, and as he does so, some of the shadow in his aura moves and changes, suppressing some of the light. It gives him a real chiarascuro effect. He smiles and continues, "Originally, I had hoped to speak to you regarding diplomatic missions to the Soundless. However, since then I have become a Waykeeper in toto, and realize this is no longer possible." He spreads out his hands, and some light reflects off the golden color of his skin. "I still thought it best if we met, so I might put myself in your service. I'm eager to be of use, particularly surrounding the Soundless issue."

"Hm," is Helah's response. Those dark, alien eyes just stare at Logan for a long, long moment. It might seem that's her only response. "Yes," she finally says. "I have been informed by Ms. an Nua that she and Ms. Winters are the only two suitable to be official diplomats," she says. There's a pause, then a wave of her hand. "Yet, Nathania has not come to see me, and November is busy with..." There's a clear, overt look of disapproval that shows on the Sun Queen's face. "...whatever it is she does." A pause. "So. You may not go to the Soundless," she concludes. "But I do have use for you."

Logan's smile broadens a touch at that, and some of the light sparkles a little more strongly around him. He nods in understanding, folding his manicured hands in his lap as he crosses his legs. "I'm glad to hear it, Your Majesty. What is it that I can do for you?" If there's any disappointment over the fact that he can't actually go to the Soundless, he certainly doesn't show it. Perhaps there is none.

"Quite simply... I haven't heard anything of Samantha Whitaker or Martin Bergman in months," Helah says, and she can't help the tiny little grunt that comes out. "The snake made a pledge with Pook, which I have honored, yet... seems to have gone underground. She is a Summer, I am told, so it's possible her own affairs have distracted her... but..." There's a scowl now. "Why make the pledge if she doesn't mean to be in Fort Brunsett?" she asks.

Although Logan's face is generally a pleasant mask, his blue eyes widen the slightest touch at this mention of Samantha Whitaker having gone underground. After all, Logan is one of a few who has had personal contact, such as it is, with Sam. "Yes," he agrees, nodding. "That seems quite suspicious. There's been no sightings of her in Fort Brunsett at all, during all this time?"

"Few and far between, and seemingly entirely mundane," Helah says, with a sigh. "Having dinner, shopping, just passing through..." She gives a slow shake of her head. "Could be she's attempting to prove she's well behaved?" she ventures forward. "I will, of course, not wager on any of these guesses being true. I'd much rather you find her. Find where she's been visiting."

Logan nods, not hesitating at all. "I think that's a very sound idea, Your Majesty. I seem to recall she lives in Burlington? Whatever's the case, I can track her. I can also ask my fellow Custodians for intel." He seems pleased with this mission, though he asks, "Should I engage with her, once I find her? Or would you prefer I just observe and report?"

"Do not attempt to follow her outside of the city," Helah warns, her look going entirely serious. "Do not engage her outside of the city," she adds. "Simply... find her. Engage with her as you would normally. Talk to her, remind her we're here, and aware she's here. You're no Winter, and I wouldn't expect you be spying on her. Be the friendly face of the Wayhouse," she says.

Logan nods again, folding his hands in his lap. Perfectly at ease, despite Helah's stern warning "Certainly," he says. "Understood. She's not bad company," he adds with a laugh. "I think we got along well enough."

"She's a snake, Logan," Helah says, that warning still in her tone. "Please do not forget that," she says. Then a pause. "Or, at the least, don't look so pleased with the idea of engaging with her." There's a small huff, then a pause. "Have you met with a man named Glitch?"

"Oh, I won't forget," Logan says pleasantly, raising his eyebrows. "Just because someone is pleasant company doesn't mean they're not vicious and sneaky." He tilts his head slightly as he looks at the monarch, his face moving back to a more neutral kind of smile. "I did meet Glitch, yes. Does he require Waykeeper services? Speaking of which, we've had quite a number of new arrivals in the city lately, so please expect me to continue making introductions."

"Yes, it is your job, so do please continue doing it," Helah says, with a dismissive wave. She reaches up to turn a page over, and then take her pen up again. "Glitch has requested an audience. What do I need to know?" she asks, as she looks up once more. "Is he a security risk? A special case?"

"I did not have a formal meeting with Glitch, admittedly, as he did not request one," Logan explains. "He doesn't strike me as a security risk, but I can't say for sure. If you'd like, I can set up a meeting with him first to make sure there are no major concerns before he meets with you."

"I've heard he's Nathania's husband?" Helah asks, though she's clearly unsure. "And if he's only now arriving, and she's been here for some time... it just feels off," she says. "So, talk to him again if you can. I'll also write Gisa," she says. There's a nod. "Anything else?"

Logan's brow furrows slightly. "That's quite strange," he agrees, and nods. "I will do so. Apart from the various introductions I'll make, I think that gives me plenty to work with for now." He seems quite pleased. Logan likes to keep busy. This Fairest likes to work.

"Very good, then," Helah says, with a nod. "Keep me updated," she says. There's a small nod. "God bless," she says. Then her eyes are back on her writing.

Logan stands, offering another bow, hand over heart. "Thank you, Your Majesty." Then he turns on his heel and walks swiftly away, though near the exit, could he be...whistling? He has a very pretty whistle.