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Broadback Kith

References: CtL 102, WM 62
Theme: Beasts of Burden

Kith Blessings

Passive Blessing: Burden Bearer

Broadbacks take encumbrance penalties at a rate of -1 for every 50 extra pounds (instead of 25) over base weight allowance for carrying items farther than a yard or for extended periods of time.

Active Blessing: Stoic Forbearance

Broadbacks may spend a Glamour to gain +2 to all rolls involving Stamina for one scene OR +2 to all rolls involving Resolve for one scene, excluding breaking point or degradation rolls. Only one of these bonuses may be activated per scene.

High Wyrd Blessing

At Wyrd 7, the bonus provided by the active blessing increases from +2 to +4.

Example Frailties

Cannot eat meat, repelled by recitation of wedding vows, must aid those who ask for help by name, repelled by the corpse of an affinity animal, suffer greater injuries from spurs, cannot resist sexual advances made by a white-haired person.

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