Cat-22 Collective

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Cat-22 Collective
Workers Collective
Location: Cat-22 Collective - R06
Hiring: Almost Always
Owner: [[We Are the People]]

Cat-22 Collective

Get organizized! CAT-22 COLLECTIVE is a WORKER-OWNED & OPERATED...

☆   Cafe
★   Bakery
☆   Bar
★   Infoshop/Bookstore
☆   Gallery
★   Performance Space

Cat-22 was founded in 2017 by local author C.B. Alexander, but is owned and operated collectively by its workers. Cat-22 serves an all-vegetarian (with many vegan and gluten-free options) and mostly locally-sourced menu while supplying information on radical (primarily anarchist, communist, libertarian-socialist, and anti-capitalist) modes of thinking and living.

There are community spaces for art, readings, political gatherings, poetry slams and more. Also, a special Writer's Nook is provided for writers of any level passing through town in search of a place to stay and write (page or @mail C.B. for more details).

The entire upstairs area is reserved for any Lost, Ensorcelled or Enchanted, regardless of Freehold affiliation. Feel free to head up there and shoot the sh*t about matters too sensitive for the downstairs cafe.

The cafe leans strongly Luddite with a strict NO CELL PHONE, NO WI-FI, NO CREDIT CARD (cash or barter only) policy.

For an idea of what the menu's like (not to mention the concept -- this is a RL example of a collective cafe!), see here!

☆   ★   ☆   NOTE: The rules of Hospitality are in effect at CAT-22, as represented by this symbol. ☆   ★   ☆  


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C.B. - Most Grumpus
Does a lot of the yelling.


Mina - Barista
Dancing behind the counter.


Uschi - 'Cleaner'/Recycling Specialist
Look what the cat dragged in.


Elliot - Girl Friday
A smile for everyone.


Cerise - Generalist
Bringing her own unique OCD flair


Kiril Morozov - Jack of all trades
Quiet to the point of muteness, hard worker.


None right now, but sooooooooon!


  • Book Release Event - November 18, 2017 - +event/signup 213
    C.B. Alexander will be holding a reading and a book signing -- open to the general public -- at Cat-22 Collective for his new book, The Instigate, a 'literary dystopian sci-fi' novel to be released in November. There will be refreshments and an opportunity for Q&A from the audience, should there be enough interest. Given the man and locale involved, plot shenanigans or other assorted weirdnesses are likely to occur. Absolutely no cops will be harmed in the making of this +event...or will they?
  • Open Mic Night @ Cat-22 - August 12, 2017 - +event/signup 154
    Cat-22 Collective -- a cafe, bakery and bar -- is holding its first open mic night! Come on down, have some booze and/or coffee and a snack, and wow the crowd with your best poetry, song, spoken word piece, rant, interpretive dance, stand-up comedy routine, or whatever else you feel like sharing! Not the sharing type? Feel free to come and just watch and cheer/heckle!


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